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Found 8 results

  1. well I bought an 87' metric ton mj. 4 liter i6 312k miles and the 4 speed auto(might swap for a stick later). Literally no rust. It has a tiny bit of surface rust on the tailgate and the hood. I got it for 2k it needs a lot of work such as a new bench seat, figuring out why the taillights and tail turn signals don't work (fuse?) I need to give it a good cleaning. I need to name it to I'm getting some like rough and tough girl vibes from it(if anyone has any suggestions lemme know) it also needs a new grill( the dude I bought it from gave a mint one to me)
  2. Saw this 91 Comanche for sale near me and I'm pretty tempted to buy it. Seems a little high and the rust/odo (estimates at 67k) worries me, but seems like a pretty nice rig otherwise and 4x4s go for a premium up here. Price has dropped to $6500 with room to barter. What do you all think? http://jeepcomancheforsale.com/1991-pioneer-ax15np231d44-anchorage-ak/
  3. So I got rid of the street comanche a few months back as you all are aware of. I sold my immaculate XJ as well the other day, for this. Its a 1990 Comanche pioneer, it has the metric tonne package. Its got a locked D44 rear and d30 front with chromolys and geared to 4:10. It is dark blue, it's got custom metalcloak TJ long arms up front with there 6" coils. SOA in rear and all around a 5-6 inch lift. Now the major stuff: Built LM7 5.3 from a 2005 silverado with just under or around 400HP. A built 700R4 and a new/rebuilt NP241 T-Case. All the swap was done using Novak adapt parts and painless harnesses. It still needs some work, its not 100% done or perfect. But here we go on round 2 of an MJ for me.
  4. Well guys, I've added yet another Jeep to the fleet... 1988 Jeep Comanche SporTruck short-bed, 5-speed (Peugeot with ~260k.. eek!), 2WD with a DANA 44 and SUNROOF! Guy I bought it from said it's overheating and he's replaced the water pump, thermostat and flushed the radiator... He thinks the head gasket is blown or cracked head... Thing is, there's no water in the oil and it's not blowing steam out of the exhaust... I think he didn't burp the closed cooling system correctly when he changed out the reservoir. Oh well, it's mine now and I've already obtained a spare 4.0 from a '97 XJ with 140k miles.
  5. Does anyone have the P/N for a slightly longer (1/4" would be great) wheel stud for the D44? Just walking into the parts store and asking tends to produce blank stares.
  6. Can these be converted to disks like the wagoneer d44's can? Like this guide using chevy truck disks? http://www.jeeps-offroad.com/forum.php?page=d44-brakes
  7. I am about to order parts to regear my Dana 44, I have a mechanic who is going to do the install for about $250, i just need the parts the D44 is getting an open carrier because i bought an Aussie locker a several months back.. i want to use it... and i think the hole for the cross shaft roll pin was damaged causing the roll pin to come out and destroy my diff.... before i place an order does everything look correct. do i need to add anything? Dana 44 P/N - from rockauto.com USA20115 - $87.79 - Standard Open Carrier Case spline, 3.73 & down, bare. This case includes carrier Shims, roll pin, ring Gear bolts and a cover gasket. ZGD44354 - $125.79 - Ring & Pinion Gear Set w/ 3.54 ratio from 4wd.com (clickable link or use the spoiler) Dana 44 master rebuild kit - $118.99 Total cost: $332.57 I am keeping the 3.54 ratio because i can't swing the cost to regear the front and rear to 4.10 Thanks
  8. Hey all i found this under a jy mj , ive looked at pics of other axles and i can't tell which this is. If someone could educate me on this matter it may be worth picking up. Thanks!!
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