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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, So I am now working on the rear axle of the truck. Doing the brakes and while at it, I am fixing a seal leak on the passenger side from the stub shafts. I took them out last night and I am having a hard time locating the correct parts for the stub axles. I need the bearings, inner and outer seals for it. I have a DANA 35C non C Clip Version. Could anyone provide me with some help? I think I found the correct bearings for it here: http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/BCA0/A9.oap?pt=03337&ppt=C0362 However, I still can't locate the seals. This axle uses
  2. So when I was welding on my homemade"truss" some how or another a bead ended up in the vent hole in my HP dana 30. The shop that put 4.10s in it noticed that and told me to put a pressure control valve mounted backwards on the diff cover so that the pressure can escape because it's a live axle. How would I go about doing this the best way? Or what should I do? Thanks
  3. I am about to order parts to regear my Dana 44, I have a mechanic who is going to do the install for about $250, i just need the parts the D44 is getting an open carrier because i bought an Aussie locker a several months back.. i want to use it... and i think the hole for the cross shaft roll pin was damaged causing the roll pin to come out and destroy my diff.... before i place an order does everything look correct. do i need to add anything? Dana 44 P/N - from rockauto.com USA20115 - $87.79 - Standard Open Carrier Case spline, 3.73 & down, bare. This case includes carri
  4. Building a front d44 for my '89 MJ, narrowing a '79 Ford hp44 to Waggy width. While I'm narrowing it, I can run the pinion up while maintaining proper caster. Anybody have pinion angle recommendations for 6"-6.5" front coils?
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