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  1. It’s been a while, so here is an update. This past November we sold the family business, I was out of work for six months till I was hired at Best Buy as the Microsoft Expert. Starting to get caught up on my bills again. But most importantly a new Jeeper will be in the family this February! We are super excited as are our families!
  2. I have a bearcat 880 CB I plan to install just had a couple questions before I get started. Where did you find the best antenna location? I’m currently thinking I’ll mount it to my toolbox or the the truck bed near the cab. I read an article that suggested placing the antenna on he driver’s side vs in the center. What are your thoughts? For the cable I think I’ll use RG8x cable. Would you suggest a different cable and why if so? What is the outside diameter of the standard connector fitting? I’m looking at blue sea systems clam grommet to provide a waterproof seal for the cable to pass into the cab. As for the antenna I’m looking at the firestik 5’. They seem to have a good range and are very durable. Would a antenna Spring be suggested? Thanks for you input and suggestions!
  3. All right time for another update now that Tapatalk is working again! I completely removed the dash and will be replacing the in dash harness. The heater core has been replaced and the ac evaporator core has been cleaned. After I figure out what I’m going to do with the radio I’ll be reinstalling everything soon. The new shifter cable for the aw4 has also been routed in the cab. It apparently is run through the fire wall to he right of where he master clutch cylinder is located. Between the clutch and aw4 shifter cable: the bottom is the hood release cable and the top in used hole I believe is for the cruise control harness. Still to come: Replace the exhaust manifold Replace the engine harness Swap the AX15 for the AW4 Swap input gears between the NP231 and NP242 so I can keep the NP242. Rout transmission radiator lines And probably a few other things I can’t remember right off.
  4. Well y’all are on top of things, I can login with Tapatalk now lol
  5. Just a update I got from Tapatalk support. Hey said there should be a new Tapatalk plug-in available. Below is the response I received this morning. “Hi Jeff, We released an update last week. Any forum owner updating to the latest version of IP board also needs to update the Tapatalk plugin. Once they update the plugin, login will work again. Chris Tapatalk Support”
  6. Thanks for all the input, when i decide what route I'm taking ill report back.
  7. While the MJ is torn apart one of the things i am looking to replace is the rubber grommet for the radio antenna cable. The existing grommet shrank and poped out.... thus confirming the leak when it rains. Where could i get a replacement grommet or a new antenna cable assembly with the rubber grommet?
  8. Lots of progress the past couple days. removed the dash, air box, clutch master cylinder, brake booster. swapped the Manual harness for the Auto harness. Lower dash removed by Blue88Comanche, on Flickr Upper dash removed by Blue88Comanche, on Flickr Air Box by Blue88Comanche, on Flickr Passenger side foot well by Blue88Comanche, on Flickr Brake and Clutch petal assembly removed by Blue88Comanche, on Flickr engine bay by Blue88Comanche, on Flickr M/T Harness Full by Blue88Comanche, on Flickr
  9. I finally got around to picking up the “new” transmission from Jimmy. I still have a few things I need to get from him later but this is a start. Now I can begin my AX-15 to AW-4 swap I started removing the dash and petals today More to come soon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I still have my AX-15, it needs to be rebuilt but if you have an AW4 you would like to trade I’m interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Didn’t see it till just now. Unfortunately the Jeep with the transmission I was going after was sent to the crusher ahead of schedule. And a bell housing swap wouldn’t work for me as I was going from an ax-15 to the aw4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Cre8tive beat me to it. But also if you have a facebook account, be sure to follow his page “nickintimefilms”. You can message him to set up a pre-order.. currently he sells out in the preorder stage, and does not usually have many for a public sale. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Ours does not allow sawzall but they do allow rotary cutters. Torches are banned for good reason. But if they are worried about fire wouldn’t the sawzall be the best bet? Idk their logic but we will be returning with a dremel Friday. I talked to the guy up front and he said they won’t be clearing the row the jeep is on till next week. So if I can’t get it Friday then I’m just not meant to have it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Both my and the junkyard AX-15s are bad. I was wondering if there was any worth spending $80 to get the external slave tranny even tho it wasn’t working. Side note, where can I find these warrantied transmissions for $200? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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