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  1. Yeah I thought about 1 tons but Id need new wheels and I think itd be cheaper for me to just do a 44. Probably going to wait till the swap meet here in WA in Puyallup on march 10 and find a dana 44
  2. I want to run 37s and yeah I know all that but still want a 44
  3. yeah i've kinda been tossing around that idea but would cost more money that i don't have haha!
  4. So looking for a front dana 44 for my comanche now. Got some questions and wanting some advice. First of all, but rigs will have a dana 44 with my bolt pattern and driver drop and same width? I know theyre rare but just trying to do my homework. Now, I got a buddy selling fully built mathcing dana 44s with RCVs, lockers, 4.56s, and trussed and set up for a 3 link for 3,000$. Do yall think I should just go with that? I just don't need a rear 44 because I have a ford 8.8 already and I also don't want to just go and drop 3,000$ right now. Thanks yall!
  5. Haven't posted on here for a long time. Kinda of sad, I used to do so much to my comanche. Now I got some new stuff lined up though. Buying a PSC hydro set up when I get my tax return and now looking for a front dana 44. I want a selectable locker and 37s by august. Going to completely re do my suspension in the next few months. Long arms, maybe front coil overs, we shall see. Just starting to research but I am excited to get back into it again.
  6. So I've been neglecting my comanche awhile and need to do some steering upgrades and first i want to do a pump. What upgrades can I do? Ive seen the 01 grand Cherokee 4.7 upgrade. Anyone have any details on that? Once I get my tax return I'm getting a PSC box and hydro assist set up but right now just want to do a pump upgrade. Thanks yall I got a 1987 with the renix 4.0
  7. Wanting to do the Durango steering box upgrade. My stock box is giving out here after 250,000 miles. What year Durango box should I go buy, I want new, and what else will I need? Thanks y’all. Haven’t posted on here in forever!
  8. No it’s a savage arms 30-06 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hung some pegboard in my shop today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Broke two different vacuum lines doing my water pump. What are these for? One of them kills the motor during hard braking so I plugged it off and now I have no problems. Should I replace these lines or just cap them off and don’t worry about it? One of them goes into the back of the air boxes and the other I’m not sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I just wasn't sure if theyd weep before theyre dead or when theyre dead
  12. Ya ive done that, and its the water pump weeping
  13. That is exactly what mine looks like. Literally the exact thing
  14. Just noticed some of my posts dissappered, like my very first update to this thread. Its to bad because I had good pics of it when I got it.
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