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Found 5 results

  1. Well on a trail ride, I got stuck between a rock, and a rock. Front tire pressed up on a rock, and one rear wheel pressed up on a rock. The wheel base was just perfect to get jammed up. Gave it some throttle (just off idle), and POP! Guy behind me heard it. Said after the pop, only one of my rear tires spun. I have a locker, so both should turn. I make some adjustments, and I'm able to drive out. At this point, I'm thinking something in the locker popped. But as I keep going, the tire stays in the axle housing, but still only one tire has power. I'm in the middle of this run, and dec
  2. Since I'll be re-locating perches for the SOA anyways, I've been looking into pointing the pinion up at the transfer case and having a CV driveshaft made. I know MJs don't need to do this in the name of drivetrain, I just want to get that big ol' diferential a little more out of the way. It shouldn't be a very steep "tilt" upwards, but I don't really want to find out that the pinion bearings are starving when I'm crusing down the highway... Thoughts?
  3. Hi Guys, I'm thinking about a Ozzie Locker for my 98' Chrysler 8.25 rear axle. Has anyone tried these? Any feedback ?
  4. I first want to thank you for this web site. The information I've found here is priceless. I couldn't be doing what I'm doing to my MJ without this site and everyone's guidance. I need guidance on my disc brake conversion for my '88 MJ. Its an 8.25 from a '98 Cherokee with disc brakes from a '94 Grand Cherokee...... In my pick and pulling of parts, I failed to get the vin number off the '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee donor. It never dawned on me to get that information...... Now I don't know what pads I can use for the back......... Whats with this "to Chassis Vin 358321" or "from Chass
  5. Hey all i found this under a jy mj , ive looked at pics of other axles and i can't tell which this is. If someone could educate me on this matter it may be worth picking up. Thanks!!
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