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Found 5 results

  1. Starting this post way late as I’ve owned the truck for 2 years almost and have done a lot to it already. So far I’ve done an engine swap (OEM motor blew #1&2 pistons out the block), new clutch, 4.5 inch lift, light bars, custom center console, window tint, paint, front and rear bumpers, ‘97 Cherokee mirrors, front and rear LED pods, rock lights, exhaust, LED front lights, converting everything to LED, clear turn signals and side markers. I still have a lot left in store for this rig such as a new 4.0l HO that I’m building with a voodoo cam (262/268), Dana 44 or Ford 9inch rear axle swap, and regear both axles to 3.73’s with ARB lockers, cromeolly axles, an 8 inch lift, slip yoke eliminator and longer drive shafts, bigger tires, custom rock sliders and fender flares, paint, new rear glass, front driver seat, new dash, floor pans, white face gauges. Not doing anything too too crazy as it will be a daily driver for a minute but any advice y’all got on parts or easiest and cheapest way to do it but still quality let me know thanks!!
  2. Hey All, Picked up my 6th Comanche this weekend. This one is an 86 2.5l, manual trans (unsure if 4 or 5 speed - disassembled at the moment). Floors are gone, but the rest is mostly rust free. I'd love to save it and put it back on the road, but the PO decided to start taking things apart before it was abandoned, and a lot of it is now missing. Also no title, so this one will most likely be a parts donor and the bed will become my new trailer. This truck does have D30/35 combo with 4.10 gears, which brings me to the question in the title. My (brown) 88 has stock D30/35 with 3.55 gears, and I'd like to swap in the 4.10's. Would you swap the entire axles and gamble (or spend the money) on new brakes/bearings/seals? Or just swap the pinions and carriers? Any cautions or advise you can offer on the swap? Thanks in advance for the input! (Obligatory Jeep pics)
  3. I have a dana 35 rear end right now and i am currently redoing all my brake lines after this past winter the negative 30 days were cold enough to burst my brake line. i figure since I'm going through all this work i might aswell convert my rear brake drums to disk brakes. I know some of the grand cherokees later came with rear disk brakes i just want to know what all do i need to grab from the grand cherokee at a junk yard to convert them I'll end up buying brand new calipers and rotors and pads from the store but i still need all the mounting hardware. any suggestions or advice from anyone who has done this?
  4. Hey all i found this under a jy mj , ive looked at pics of other axles and i can't tell which this is. If someone could educate me on this matter it may be worth picking up. Thanks!!
  5. I am in dire need to replace my rear axle. I just moved to the South Texas Area and upon arrival I was greeted with shreaded spider gears in the dif. So as my MJ was my daily driver, I need to get her fixed! If anyone in my area has a Dana 35 Axle for sale, I will come a running! Here is the current specs off the plate on the pumpkin...... or if you happen to have a better solution (other then junk yard) please let me know. the plate reads 53004770 3.08 605324-1 Thanks guys!
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