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  1. mjben

    Tow Hooks

    If it's only what's pictured, you're missing 3 brackets...
  2. mjben

    1987 2.5 power steering.

    My 87 2.5 reservoir was also on the radiator brace...
  3. I'm guessing somewhere along the lines, someone replaced those 4 bolts with standard hardware. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they should have a smaller diameter head from the factory. Save from the occasional odd-ball replaced bolt, I've always been able to get at them pretty easily with an 8mm ratcheting wrench... FWIW...
  4. mjben

    Who would've thought...

    Fusible links? Under the relay cover?
  5. mjben

    wire connector ends

    Dorman Motormite 85483
  6. mjben

    headliner from a cherokee?

    This was done using the headliner from a 99 Cherokee. Not perfect, But for the ~$30 invested, I'm happy! It was a bit tricky to get it to fit right, and I had to get creative to fill in the hole for the overhead console, but with some ingenuity it can be done! :thumbsup:
  7. mjben

    NW VA - 97+ manual window door panels

    Perfect! PM me the details when you have them, along with your paypal info for payment! I'll also need your return address for the label... Thanks! -Ben
  8. mjben

    NW VA - 97+ manual window door panels

    Also, do you happen to have the window crank handles?
  9. mjben

    NW VA - 97+ manual window door panels

    Sounds good. Another option... I have a UPS account through work, and just did a rough estimate. A 36x24x12 box weighing 20 lbs. shipped from (guessing here) 22601, would run me around $40. If you'd be willing, get them all boxed up and send me exact dimensions and weight, and I can e-mail you a prepaid shipping label.
  10. mjben

    NW VA - 97+ manual window door panels

    Awesome! Just let me know!
  11. mjben

    NW VA - 97+ manual window door panels

    Would you be willing to ship? If so, price to 80525?
  12. I do have one from a 90 Eliminator, 4.0 aw4 4x4 SHORT BED with the BLACK gauges. Not sure if they are the same or not. Maybe someone else will chime in?
  13. That, I do not have any spares of at the moment... I could grab you one next time I'm at the yard. Would probably be looking around $20 shipped...