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  1. I haven't had a short bed for a couple years now, and I'm getting tired of looking at it in my back yard. All mounting hardware intact - it clamps to the bed rails, so no drilling! 2 holes cut for access to tie downs near tailgate, otherwise no holes/damage. NO TAILGATE PIECE Asking $150 Pick up in Fort Collins, CO. Not reasonable to ship.
  2. I'm looking for a good condition long bed topper. Would prefer fiberglass, and at least close to cab level. Would rather not travel much further that a couple hours from Fort Collins. Would really love a LWB Wildernest if anyone's looking to part ways with one.
  3. ^This. There's actually a good chance they have an alternative to the "leather" wheel, as VEGAN is becoming a popular word in new car dealers these days... https://www.peta.org/living/humane-home/vegan-car-interior-options/ (I'm not affiliated with PETA or vegans. )
  4. And I'm well aware the D35 is not worth spending much on. If I had an 8.8 laying around it'd already be in it!
  5. Thanks for the input. I was leaning toward swapping entire assemblies, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an easier solution. I've set up gears before, but always new parts. It's a pain for sure. Was (wishfully) thinking maybe the housings would be close enough for a drop in type swap. I'm assuming the differences you speak of are more casting tolerances than anything? Just curious...
  6. Hey All, Picked up my 6th Comanche this weekend. This one is an 86 2.5l, manual trans (unsure if 4 or 5 speed - disassembled at the moment). Floors are gone, but the rest is mostly rust free. I'd love to save it and put it back on the road, but the PO decided to start taking things apart before it was abandoned, and a lot of it is now missing. Also no title, so this one will most likely be a parts donor and the bed will become my new trailer. This truck does have D30/35 combo with 4.10 gears, which brings me to the question in the title. My (brown) 88 has stock D30/35 with 3.55 gears, and I'd like to swap in the 4.10's. Would you swap the entire axles and gamble (or spend the money) on new brakes/bearings/seals? Or just swap the pinions and carriers? Any cautions or advise you can offer on the swap? Thanks in advance for the input! (Obligatory Jeep pics)
  7. Parts hunting is my career. The only modified/restored/customized vehicles I'll ever be interested in is the ones done out of passion, not profit. Car shows are good examples of this. I'll walk past the store bought big money builds, and gravitate more toward the low budget, enjoy the hobby type builds.
  8. You didn't say cheap... https://www.camarocentral.com/1982_1986_Air_Cleaner_Assembly_5_0_Liter_H_O_p/air-1984.htm
  9. I call mine PB&J. Second one I've owned in this color, third I've seen in person.
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  11. (not mine) https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1985-1992-Jeep-Comanche-pickup-bedside-R725/323798393770?hash=item4b63e363aa:g:pO8AAOSwyMRczxTZ
  12. Any chance this is still available?
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