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  1. Someone please do this with a Comanche! Ok not really... 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Is it just me, or does it look like it's been "repaired" in the middle? Definitely doesn't look $499.95 nice. (or right)
  3. Got mine this afternoon. Awesome!!! Thanks Pete!
  4. I have reached out to him on FB. Excellent response and customer service as stated. Highly recommend him and his products. Trying changing color now. I forgot it even did that! It must be an RGB LED not an incandescent bulb. I've got it on white now, (was green to match everything else) we'll see what happens! Thanks all for the responses!
  5. I've searched around a bit to no avail. Does anyone know if there is a replaceable bulb in the R.E.M.? Mine has started to intermittently have no backlight to the gauges. I can still (barely) see the readouts, but the actual backlight comes and goes...
  6. mjben


    Just realized I have not posted this one here yet! 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer - AKA "PB&J" 4.0l / AW4 / NP231 / D30 / D35 (for now - in the process of putting together disc brakes on an MJ D44) / LWB Current Location: Fort Collins, Colorado Status: In the rotation as a daily/bad weather snow beater (We don't use salt around here...) Notes: Has front and fuel tank skids, Honey/Tan interior, cloth/vinyl bench, vinyl pocketed door cards with hockey stick arm rests. 3 pane rear slider window. Leather wrapped 3 spoke wheel
  7. Realistic: Get something like this, pry it back straight, and unscrew it like normal. Unrealistic: Tack weld a link of chain to the head, and use a tow strap through the passenger window connected to another Comanche to yank that sucker out loose tooth style. Epic: Leave it, paint that bad boy gold, and clearance the a-pillar trim so that it can be seen and enjoyed for years to come. It is ComancheClub famous at this point after all!
  8. For a DIY/driveway type, I've been pretty happy with Mothers CMX. Can usually be had at the auto parts stores. Not as thick, and doesn't last as long as the "real" stuff, but it's WAY cheaper and easier to apply. The bottle says you can "layer" it for more/longer lasting protection. I just slap a new coat on every 3 months or so, and the water still beads off nicely, even before the new coat. Has been a godsend for cleaning the brake dust off the Brembos on the TH...
  9. Damn. I want it. Anyone in Oklahoma want to grab it for me and hold it for a bit/possibly ship?
  10. I agree. The bars look narrow... But if it is, it must come with the gasket too otherwise you'd see the exposed glass edge in the pics.
  11. If you're willing to sell, and Mini is out, I'll be driving through in 3 weeks and could pick it up. VERY interested!
  12. I drive to northern WI every year for Christmas, so in my case, I'd just pick it up. I'd think shipping an assembled bar would be a bit pricy. Of course I'd LOVE to have one assembled, AND including mounting plates/hardware for the $500, but... A DIY kit sounds like a better option in the long run.
  13. I'd be willing to spend ~$500 on a LWB one...
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