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  1. Started firing it a little last night, just doing practice stuff to get used to the workflow: https://youtu.be/dEVkhPI4SSU
  2. For sure I will be making some videos to review it once I get a little more into it. Water table arrived today, finally! Got the table installed and the gantry adjusted for height, should be good to run material now!. And as it turns out.....the water table is made from stainless, pretty thin stainless, but thats fine, keeps the cost down.
  3. Checked baggage fees might make it not such a great deal.
  4. Ok so the plasma cutter arrived over a month ago, the table/CNC arrived on the 8th of March, and the water table it supposed to be here tomorrow. I got back from Korea Saturday night so today (Sunday) I got to cleaning up the garage some and got Britt to come help assemble the table. We got the table setup minus slats/waterbed, and did a little test, jogged the machine around, set the Zero in the middle of the table, and then ran some code from a tutorial on how to make a bottle opener. https://youtu.be/T5d6P3VEVXo https://youtu.be/_v0a_kH-BU8 I am planning to build a shelf on the lower legs using some nutserts and angle iron to make the frame, and then putting the plasma cutter, extra air tank, and 5 gal bucket for drain valve to empty into on it, as well as cord hangers and such. That way all the equipment to run it hangs out on it, and I can wheel it into the corner to minimize the footprint, and then pull it out and hook it up when I want to use it.
  5. Pete, I saw a 05+ KJ renegade on my way to the airport yesterday, and also saw a CRD JK on my last workday in Korea.
  6. And tonight a saw a young woman wearing an Jeep shirt.......and it had the old school amc logo on it i have no idea why she would be wearing the shirt, but maybe amc with a Jeep is now cool in Korea? wish I could have gotten a pic for you guys.
  7. Pete, what year dakota? Whatever year it is.....itll bolt up to the CRD.........
  8. Yup, I'm looking forward to playing with it and learning, lots of ideas, things to make. Its 2x2 so the size is a little limited, but fine for tons of stuff I can make and use. I bought their water table to go with it, and I got their 45A plasma cutter which they say can cut up to 1/2". My Air compressor is a little undersized for the max CFM the plasma calls for. I have not used fusion 360, I do have ProE but have not used it for any CNC programming before, only design. I'll have some learning to do, I've designed in CAD before but never got to generate the CNC program before.
  9. http://www.langmuirsystems.com/crossfire Small enough I can find space in the garage for it, big enough I can make use of it for a ton of stuff. 4-6 week lead time, I gotta get everything else in the garage read now.
  10. Wow, Damn. RIP Don.
  11. I like first and last the best.
  12. Ya.....replacing light bulbs, there are some problem tenants out there and there are some annoying tenants. I specifically called out in my lease that lightbulbs were the responsibility of the tenant. I also called out that they had to be replaced with equal quality/type if they were replaced. That being said most everything switched to non replaceable LEDs so it ought not to be a problem for a decade at least. I get to hear all sorts of crazy things that have happened to other landlords and use them to update my lease with some specifics, if you are ever looking for interesting reading land lots forums have some good stuff. I read this one a lot: https://www.reddit.com/r/Landlord/
  13. More regional thing, California its fairly common.
  14. There are some more drone videos around ouray on my YouTube channel if you want to check them out. They are collected in a playlist.
  15. Kinda long, some of my first times flying the drone so the video is jerky/amateurish. https://youtu.be/f1Z8bqjpVfM
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