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  1. haha no, that was a typo. I mean a dozen WJs. I do see Jks on occasion, but they are usually really phucked up. I did see a rubicon recently. Someone snagged the rear before I could and the front was in a number of pieces.
  2. I think most of this is pretty much moot. Any day of the week there are a dozen JKs in the yards, and probably a few with the akebono brakes. I’m disappointed to hear the JK brakes seem to be a little sub par compared to WJ.
  3. ya I can get a measurement. I have an XJ d30 here with knuckles off and the Jk d44 here with knuckles off. I actually bought a new JK knuckle to complete my axle, I picked up an 8k mile JK d44 over ten years ago, but it was missing the knuckle, saw you can get aftermarket these days reasonably priced.
  4. I know. but look at the difference in size. is this something you have done and know works? Lots of people don’t swap the ball joints when doing the WJ swaps on XJs. Doesn’t mean it’s right.
  5. Not sure if swapping ball joints would get it to seat right though.
  6. Here is an XJ knuckle on. JK D44. The C is larger and the upper ball joint isn’t fully seated. https://colorado4wheel.com/images/1988_MJ/MJ221.jpg
  7. my JK knuckles don’t fit my XJ axles. if I remember I’ll take pic so show the difference. The JK Cs are larger than the XJ Cs. I’m also remembering that the JK axles won’t fit into XJ hubs, and vice versa long time back I mocked up WJ knuckle and WJ hub with a JK Moab. i think it needed some spacers I used washer for, maybe that’s where a JKS spacer would come in.
  8. Is the renix alternator internally voltage regulated or external? for newer Jeeps the ZJ alternator is some like 120 amps. I used a 160 amp alternator from a Durango, but it requires some grinding to clear, whereas the ZJ alternator seems to fit without issue. However the voltage regulator might give a compatibility issue, you can purchase external voltage regulators.
  9. I see them maybe a few times a year at the yards. It’s harder to find 99+ ones. Even harder to find 99+ ones for a 2door. then there are a bunch of low class people at the yards who rip door panels apart looking for aftermarket speakers they almost never find.
  10. Fairly rare. Keep in most most 97+ XJs were optioned nearly the same, without can’t variations. But you could get both base and sport with manual windows. but all of them had electric mirrors.
  11. I’m loving my all disk setup with the WJ big brakes. Even with my heavy load range E tired it stops very well. to the OP. I bought a set of stainless steel lines for a newer Cherokee, also grab a newer Cherokee brake booster and master cylinder and you are off to a good start on replacing the brake system. I had to modify and extend the Cherokee rear line to the back. I added a couple of extra bends to clear the MJ bump outs on the frame rail, and straighten the rear part a little and then run the last few feet of line myself. I bought stainless steel line to match the new
  12. Maybe 150 or so, there is some highway between trails so it seems like more based on odometer, but discounting some highway miles is reasonable in the estimate. I put about 1000 miles on it in one weekend.
  13. So then I went to Ouray for the holiday weekend: Had to do some clearancing on my dads CRD pinch seam: Then down to telluride and over to Ophir: And then the next day we ran to the top of black bear: Ive been leaving the rear camera on when driving the trails, here it is waiting in traffic for the temporary light on 550: Back at camp: The novelty of the 00 interior in an 88 has still not work off for me: Started on stickers: With tailgate down: Diesel ready for
  14. Ok so without the A pillar seal there is an incredible amount of wind noise that comes in. So I figured a way to use the newer seal without a ton of work, I grabbed a 4 foot peice of small aluminum angle. And then used double sided 3m foam tape to hold it in place. Initially I was going to rivet or screw it to the factory holes, but that didn't work out, and the 3m tape seems to do good. Ive known this was something else with the 97+ swap for years, and I'm honestly surprised by how simple it ended up being. And its sooooo much quieter with the seal in place. Measuring on my yellow
  15. Some late model vehicles have gentex mirrors with different options. From several Subaru’s I have gotten the mirrors with homelink, auto dim, compass, and outside temp. There is a higher level model that has map lights built in as well. I’m not sure what vehicle to get that from.
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