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  1. Sir Sam

    2 door XJ owners

    A 2 door XJ is just a little less useable than a 4 door XJ. those long heavy doors sag, and those long doors are harder to open wide in parking lots.
  2. I have this and lots of other Dewalt stuff. A friend was an engineer there and I got a hookup on pricing, so I bought Monday thousands of dollars of Dewalt tools. I have the 60V line of stuff as well. Still regret not buying more when I could.
  3. I had an XJ that was stolen, involved in a police chase, shotup, t boned, and held as wrongful death evidence for 5 years before I bought it. named it “bullet” tow sheet said “reason for impound: homicide”
  4. Those are the “icon” wheels found on XJs and KJs. These particular dark face with machined lip are from a KJ renegade or Freedom edition.
  5. My MJ with brand new everything can still get warm when off-roading slowly. Best solution for that is a cooling fan override switch, just leave the cooling fan running all the time. additional cooling on the hood can be helpful.
  6. Fine so be it. This is the only forum I have encountered that has issues with the HTTP, though admittedly I'm not sure how I managed to grab the non secure link in the first place. I prefer to keep images hosted on my website. After all I've had my site around since before CC existed.
  7. EDIT: This forum software is phucking terrible. Pete get this fixed already. Not possible to copy and paste anything with an image tag. EDIT 2: JFC, if you post with http it strips the image tag out, post with https it leaves the image tag, Pete why is it configured this way? Have I said lately how happy I am with how these wheels turned out? Oh you sexy reflective beast: Surface rust:
  8. Weird. Just you two who have made the comment.
  9. Yes. I submitted everything last night. Now we see what happens on their end and how long it takes to get back to me.
  10. http://colorado4wheel.com/images/gp4s2/content/images/large/IMG_1346.jpg http://colorado4wheel.com/images/gp4s2/content/images/large/IMG_1347.jpg http://colorado4wheel.com/images/gp4s2/content/images/large/IMG_1348.jpg http://colorado4wheel.com/images/gp4s2/content/images/large/IMG_1349.jpg http://colorado4wheel.com/images/gp4s2/content/images/large/IMG_1350.jpg http://colorado4wheel.com/images/gp4s2/content/images/large/IMG_1351.jpg http://colorado4wheel.com/images/gp4s2/content/images/large/IMG_1352.jpg http://colorado4wheel.com/images/gp4s2/content/images/large/IMG_1357.jpg
  11. Ultimately I decided on the JCR DIY because it had better rear clearance than the DBO. This was after I bolted my draw tight hitch on and saw how low it hung. I wish I had a better license plate provision, but after some Moab wheeling I’m glad I have the rear clearance I do. The long rear end of the MJ needs everything it can get to stay up high.
  12. Have auto. No way in hell I’d go wheeling in the mountains without my parking brake.
  13. Doesn’t look terrible rusty on the underside of the cab is solid it would make a great 97+ swap starter.
  14. You can just buy new sheet metal Louvers in that same style. Don’t go hack up another rare old vehicle when you can buy new pressing louvers
  15. If it has no title consider it parts only unless you go through the very complicated process of getting a replacement title. that being said if you can get it cheap and then get a title for it you should be able to make pretty good bank of of flipping it. personally I would see how cheap I could get it, not spend a dime more on it untill I had a title, then do some work on it and resell a running land cruiser for a nice profit.
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