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  1. Sir Sam

    Factory front winch mount

    The ones I’ve had for 96 or 97 were both like that but had the bumper bracket welded to them. I think I need to dig them out and look at the holes to understand better. I’m thinking that I never realized these could be moved forward 4” for this hidden kit.
  2. Sir Sam

    Got my AC in my 300zxTT working!

    Back in the fall while I had the engine out I bought some used lines to replace the missing ones, cleaned, flushed, reflush, purgued, flushed the whole system, refilled with proper amount of oil, and vacuum check the system. It held vacuum as expected but since it was already getting cool out I put aside the AC work. AC lines held vacuum up until a month ago when I charged the system. Unfortunately after charging and getting the low pressure side hig enough the compressor did not kick on. I bypassed the relay(jumpered) and the compressor kicked on and I started getting some cool. So I had to break out the FSM for wiring and start figuring why the pressure switch wasn't causing the compressor to kick on. After digging around I found the pinouts needed and was able to verify I did not have wire continuity from the relay coil to the switch, but I did have continuity from the switch to the ECU sink/ground trigger. I ran a 12V jumper from the relay coil to the AC switch for testing, the AC system kicked on like it should so I verified a wire break between the relay and the switch. I also knew I had a wire break from the Intake Air Temperature(IAT) sensor which is behind the pass turn signal on the factory air inlet duct, both the supply and ground side wiring for this sensor had a break going up to the connectors by the fuse box, which is where the pressure switch wiring runs. (As a side note I installed a 2200 ohm resistor down at the ECU to trick it to read correct and turn off the CEL so I could pass an emissions test. So with at least 3 broken wires I figured it was likely they were cut in the same place. I spent quite a bit of time with my fluke wire toner and pulling around on the main wire harness: And got a rough idea where it might be, which was under the pass headlight. I started checking and pulling off tape and found this: Since under the pass headlight is a crappy place to work to solder I cut zip ties on the passenger harness and managed to get enough slack to pull it through into the engine bay: Then looking at it closer I found this: So I soldered them back together, and then heat shrunk over them, and double wrapped some with tape or a second later of heat shrink. With that done I put everything back together and test ran it, AC was making cold! Watching pressure at idle in driveway with redtek R12 replacement instead of R134a: Then I took it for a drive and noticed a repeating number on the odometer when I pulled back in the driveway. One thing I noticed is that the cooling fan doesn't cycle for this setup, even when its really hot. The ECU will turn on one fan relay when the engine gets warm, but I'm not sure what turns on the other relay. Both windings work and the fan turns on, for high or low, but without the fan running and crawling in traffic or sitting at a light there is not enough airflow to get proper cooling on the condenser. Not sure if thats the way its supposed to work or what should kick the fan on for AC cooling purposes. I could run a jumper from the clutch relay to one of the fan relays so that anytime the AC clutch is on a fan relay is on, which would keep some airflow all the time, but that seems unnecessary.
  3. Sir Sam

    Factory front winch mount

    Gave the 96- hooks to a buddy and the 97+ are buried in a box somewhere. The rugged ridge tow hooks are basically a copy of the factory tow hooks with the exception that the factory hooks had the bumper bracket welded to them, this meant the 96- and 97+ tow hooks were not interchangeable. When rugged ridge copied them they let the user reuse their factory bumper bracket with the copy of the original bolted to it. I don't think there is any added strength from the tow hooks bracket being welded to the bumper bracket. If you really cannot find a reference pic I will go digging around for them, but I think you can find decent pics of the rugged ridge or OEM around online.
  4. Sir Sam

    Factory front winch mount

    I had both 97 and 96 tow hook brackets side by side. Neither had a provision for forward mount. They had a 96 or 97 bumper bracket welded to the two hooks with extra support that run back along the frame. I have never seen OEM tow hooks/bumper bracket combos with a provision for mounting further forward.
  5. Sir Sam

    Factory front winch mount

    Reproducing the "factory" hidden winch isn't a bad idea, I'm just not sure of the market or if its the best design. Might be able to make better by just engineering new. FYI Boostwerks makes a hidden winch setup which is not trying to be a "factory" setup. http://www.boostwerksengineering.com/
  6. Sir Sam

    Station Wagons

    I agree, its someone going - "Ok, everything else is too expensive, oh look a wagon, I'll do that."
  7. Sir Sam

    CC PowWow friday June 15th in Castle Rock, CO

    Is anyone from the Loveland area going’s down? I need some parts from yelleah but haven’t been able to get by his place. Sounds like he is going and could hand them off to someone that might work out. Let me know, thanks.
  8. Sir Sam

    Junkyard Score!

    I like what I like without regard for what others think. If other people don’t like them it doesnt affect me.
  9. Sir Sam

    Junkyard Score!

  10. Sir Sam

    Junkyard Score!

  11. Sir Sam

    Junkyard Score!

    Scored a set of 5 TJ Moabs off on an XJ. I couldn't believe it, the Jeep had been in the yard at least 2 weeks and I got 5. Then I found an XJ Jeep freedom with the Ultrastars still on it, I took 2 of em and left the other 2 since I have 5-6 vehicles worth of them.
  12. Not sure who’s 7pm, but if you want something it’s probably 20% off a single order.
  13. Where are you getting your fuel? Only time I have ever heard pinging on an XJ the fuel came from the same station, at Cameroon AZ, and years apart. Ethanol has a higher octane than gas, so higher running blend ethanol fuels will help, but at the cost of lower MPG.
  14. Sir Sam

    Has a cc sticker. who is the owner?

    Saw the truck for sale but I missed the CC club sticker. Not anyone I recognize.