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  1. Sir Sam

    Buying a house...

    Ya.....replacing light bulbs, there are some problem tenants out there and there are some annoying tenants. I specifically called out in my lease that lightbulbs were the responsibility of the tenant. I also called out that they had to be replaced with equal quality/type if they were replaced. That being said most everything switched to non replaceable LEDs so it ought not to be a problem for a decade at least. I get to hear all sorts of crazy things that have happened to other landlords and use them to update my lease with some specifics, if you are ever looking for interesting reading land lots forums have some good stuff. I read this one a lot: https://www.reddit.com/r/Landlord/
  2. Sir Sam

    Buying a house...

    More regional thing, California its fairly common.
  3. Sir Sam

    Some video in ouray featuring my friends MJ:

    There are some more drone videos around ouray on my YouTube channel if you want to check them out. They are collected in a playlist.
  4. Kinda long, some of my first times flying the drone so the video is jerky/amateurish. https://youtu.be/f1Z8bqjpVfM
  5. Sir Sam

    Buying a house...

    Regardless of the semantics, on an FHA loan you are now stuck with the mortgage insurance for the life of the loan, I refinanced my FHA in Dec 2012 and I was excited because I was going to be able to drop the insurance because I hit 80% Loan to Value, only to find all FHA loans now require it for the life. My mortgage insurance is $73 a month, to do away with it I would have needed to go with a conventional loan with extra closing costs etc. I think I ran the math on the price difference and the payback would have been 4-5 years. Still, at the time it made sense for me. Lots of people have a very negative view of PMI/MPI, and I understand it. But I know people putting putting 20% down on $350k properties instead of 5% because they didn't want to pay insurance. That the difference between putting down 70k or 17.5k, or 52.5k. I get that you save the $100 a month, but I would rather keep the 52.5k in the bank. At those numbers I could buy a house and then lose a job for a year and still not be out of money, thats a pretty good safety net. Again, I have different thoughts and views. I purchased the house behind mine in Oct of 2016 to use as a rental. I bought it with 5% down(owner occupied financing) and spent the better part of a year working on it before renting it out(need to occupy for a year before using as dedicated rental per mortgage terms). Between the purchase price and how much I spent on improvements I think I cash wish I spent about 10-15% of the purchase price before I had it rented. Had I not chosen to upgrade the house I could have lived in it for a year and then found another house to purchase for 5% down and rented out my second house after a year of ownership. Some people do this, purchase a house with 5% down, live in it for 1-2 years, then purchase another with minimal down, you need to have the income to support two mortgages initially, but once you have 2 years of rental income on a property they will consider that part of your income and they won't consider that payment a liability against you for the next mortgage. Funny enough I could have rented it right away if I bought at 20% down, but I didn't have enough cash for that, it was actually cheaper for me to buy it with 5% down, live it in as my primary residence, and pay two mortgage payments PLUS all the money I spent on improvements. There's something to be said for putting down the minimum, you get to leverage your money to make more, and having cash on hand means more oppourtuinies are possible. When you have liquid assets you can do things, you cannot spend the money tied up in your house. If you are looking for just some general knowledge and to see what many other people are asking or trying to know I recommend: https://www.reddit.com/r/RealEstate/ Since I am now a landlord I also watch: https://www.reddit.com/r/Landlord/ Getting off a bit to the side: https://www.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/ Has lots of good general advice, but many different viewpoints and advice that works for some does not work for others......speaking of which, my advice works for me but may not be right for you. Goodluck. I closed on my first house 3 weeks after I turned 20 with the help/credit of my Dad, right away I was a landlord renting the unused rooms in my house while I was in college. Roomates paid most of my mortgage and I learned first hand how leverage can work for me. I don't plan to stop and my next purchase will be something I can rent on AirBnB in the mountains here.
  6. Wonder if its salvagable by head blasting the whole body or dipping the whole body? When cars catch fire they tend to burn hot enough to majorily distort the body, but since it was stuff around it burning it might have been better. If the unibody, cab, bed werent wavy if might make a great 97+ conversion.
  7. Sir Sam

    Good day at the junkyard for my KJ

    Charcoal was a 2002-2004 interior option, and was gone for 2005+. The grab handle came about for the 2004+ seats since the passenger seat had an occupancy sensor. If you want a charcoal grab handle it has to come from a 2004. That being said I do not know if the dash is different for where the handle attaches, and if you can even add it to a 2002/2003. I did learn something though, the 2002 KJs had a different radio bezel that has two power outlets and a ashtray/change holder, I am very much enjoying this extra features in my KJ.
  8. Sir Sam

    Jeep Wrangler Odometer Correction:

    Made a video showing how to correct the odometer on a 2002+ TJ Wrangler using a digiprog 3: https://youtu.be/6Xm6FOhB1qo
  9. Justin helped me finish the bumper welding yesterday. Just in time too. Took a video while welding one of the end caps: https://youtu.be/5BxyG-z_26E
  10. Sir Sam

    New toy, FLIR:

    Took some videos with my chickens:
  11. Sir Sam

    New toy, FLIR:

    Just playing around, any ideas?
  12. So I'm finally getting to the bumper part of this project. Got it bent, tacked, test fitted, and now onto the welding, have a friend over to help with the welding since my welder/me suck and I want it to be presentable.
  13. Sir Sam

    06 Liberty CRD

    You can just buy new gears...........