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  1. Ive had several as rental vehicles, overall they are nice, but the engine needs to be revved the F out of it to get it to move, its surprisingly lacking in torque, and the suspension is super springy. Like you hit the brakes and get motion sickness from all the bobbing and weaving it does......but maybe that makes it ride smoother?
  2. Nice! I bought mine about 2.5 years ago when they only had the smaller table available. I bought the XL kit for it sometime in 2020, and then finally installed it this summer, and still have not used it. For as expensive as it was I sure haven’t used it much, other projects keep taking me away from making wall art and such with it. I did reverse engineer a bracket for KJ renegade foglights……shortly before my KJ got totaled. I’ve got a couple of key ring holders drawn up, I just haven’t productionized them yet, made a few test runs to get my settings dailed in, but didn’t end up figuring the best method to remove the dross and bend the holder fingers, I have a press and a sand blaster now, so those might help for production. I think I’m going to get a brake/shear kit for my press which should help with making 3D parts from flat panel drawings.
  3. Sir Sam

    Classic SUVs

    You forgot this:
  4. Ya this will be a flip, other than yellow there is not much about it that makes me want to keep it. the CRD has a tune on it, which is fine down on the plains at 5k feet, but at my cabinet around 11k feet it’s a little rich, so it makes some smoke.
  5. I realized today that I have way way too many projects, so adding another doesn't really matter when you are this far into project debt. So I bought a 1972 CJ5 that has a new fiberglass body and paint, but not much else done to it. Has original AMC 5.0 V8 Wee bit of diesel smoke: And back at my cabin for now:
  6. Sir Sam


    I have an arrival date, nov 3 to the port of Tacoma!
  7. Sir Sam

    Overland MJs

    I got a couple of these on sale last summer. They work great for camping.
  8. Sir Sam


    Thanks, with some lift and a few add ons it’s gonna be pretty sweet.
  9. Sir Sam


    Japan. You can find LHD ones from China. Also it’s from China. These are quality little work vehicles that just run and work. Sort of like a 4L xj/MJ.
  10. Sir Sam


    I’ve been eyeing these for awhile, so after a disappointing trip checking out kubotas, I decide to buy a mini truck. Then I bought two. I bought a 1993 Subaru Sambar 4wd with 34,000 km and a 1995 Honda Acty with 35,000 km. Besides some basic maintenance like timing belts first thing planned is lift and bigger tires. One of them will get a plow. I’ll be doing a video series on importing and fixing up these trucks.
  11. that’s exactly what I did for my MJ bed trailer, I even got brake backing plates that use parking brakes hookup so I can have a hand brake on the tongue I can set to keep it front rolling around on me.
  12. Oh man funny timing. I just spent most of my last weekend adding a 7 pin connector to the MJ and wiring up the MJ trailer. if you already have a working 4 pin setup then it’s a fairly easy matter to hookup a 7 pin. I used one meant for a Jeep that had both 7 pin and 4 pin on it. https://www.amazon.com/your-orders/pop?ref=ppx_yo2_mob_b_pop__np_7_pp&orderId=111-2039599-6284223&lineItemId=mjpkrwlupnmvsny&shipmentId=DtDwqjfkj&packageId=1&asin=B000CMHVF8 you will need to run a wire to the front for the electric brake controller, a 12v wire to your battery, a reverse wire. I had a helluva time since I have XJ style lights and needed to make a combiner for the brake and turn, you shouldn’t have that issue with stock lights.
  13. Anyone find a new replacement that was cheap/easy to order online? realized I’ve got a pretty messed up drivers side tail wiring, looks like someone has spliced in some other 1157 bulb sockets, which do not fit in the MJ tails in the slightest, I’ve got some 3157 that I think I can get to work for me, but it’s just kinda mismatched. I’ve been looking for some new 1157 sockets online but not finding anything that looks like they will fit an MJ.
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