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  1. Get the autozone alternator, lifetime warantee, and around here autozone keeps one in stock.
  2. Pete the fuel filter is a good place to start, but I would really recommend the cummins in tank lift pump and modified OEM wiring harness. Aint nothing like a clean OEM install other than using OEM parts and making it like it should have been from the factory. You need cummins lift pump and some wires to add your your existing harness.
  3. The autel I posted will read, trend, and save live data from all the sensors, including all 3 or 4 wheel speed sensors. It also reads from all the little modules like the ocm, rain sensor, etc.
  4. This one works well for all the modules on the CRD: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0090B7M2O/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 My $50 harbor frieght unit also works fine on the CRD. My $20 wifi code reader also works fine.
  5. Sir Sam

    New Project(s):

    Got Ruby emissions tested and plated, loaded an 811 stage one tune, and reinstalled the stock wheels for the ~3000 or so highway miles it will see between CO to CA to CO. Got a few pics before I took the big wheels off. Next time it is back in CO I will work on the pinch seams since they eat into the tires, and hopefully get a few other things like the rock rails installed, LED foglights added, steering wheel radio buttons, and roof rack cross bars.
  6. pete you need a better code reader I think, even basic ones will work, I use a wifi one with my iphone.
  7. Deleting abs from a CRD is possible and requires the DTC table to be modified to delete the abs code. Pete, seems like a guessing game without reading any codes. Are you sure you are having no air in fuel issues?
  8. Sir Sam


    Been there done that too:
  9. Sir Sam

    Cruise Control on 2001 Jeep Cherokee

    99 should be the correct year cutoff, also if you get the wrong ones the cruise light won’t turn on. It’s possible the left switch is good but the right switch is bad, check that you can measure resistance through the right switch and that the resistance changes when you press the buttons. Verify that you can read resistance through the plug to the left switch and that resistance changes when you press on off. I don't have the resistance values offhand but you can see the resistor color codes on the back of the switch as well. You might have somehow gotten a 98 right switch, not likely but possible.
  10. Sir Sam

    New Project(s):

    I think down an oil return hole to the oil pan. Nowhere I can see, the grooves cast into the oil pan mean it will stay there until someone pulls the pan. The pickup tube has a screen strainer so its so it’s not like they will ever get sucked into the oil pump. Ill drain the oil and see if anything comes out, but I sort of doubt it will.
  11. Sir Sam

    New Project(s):

    Ok, so the plural of these projects is this one I picked up from this thread: Its about 10 hours each way, I left work at 3:30 pm on thursday, took friday off, and got back at 9pm friday evening. Got about 25mpg on the way out, about 16-17 on the way back, not bad considering I was towing at 75mph. Lots of corn, going further north there are sunflowers, soy, potatoes, wheat, grass.......most of my drive was not on interstate, and actually fairly interesting considering where I was driving. Pheasant SD: Getting a sandwich: More sunflowers: Home: Got parts on saturday at a local junkyard, intercooler was just full of oil, and had some stress leaks: This was after draining a quart or so, and rinsing with a gallon of gasoline, I let it sit overnight with the inlet down to drain more, think I finally got the bulk of it out: Got it back together enough for now: "they circled the problem....lolz am i right?" After that I got back into working on the red one, I got a spring compressor setup and got the old keeper out. Turns out half the keeper was missing and the other half split in half, making 1/4s. I replaced it with 2 spare keepers and a spring retainer. The grooves in the valve for the keeper looked perfect, so I don't feel the need to replace the valve. It was made out of a random bit of strap steel that had previously been my VW van alternator bracket!
  12. Sir Sam

    Name that. . . . toyota?

    If you can buy it, drag it out of the field, and advertise it nationally you will likely find someone who wants it as a project. They are pretty rare, and a restorable body is worth something to someone. If its a super duper rusty POS then likely won’t have much value except for parts, maybe $1000? Missing a bunch of glass ETC will drive down the value quick.
  13. Sir Sam

    New Project(s):

    I got the rockers off and head cleaned up a bit, looks like on #2 cylinder, which was the problem cylinder, there is a valve that is missing a keeper. I can see one keeper, but the keeper cap isn't sitting right and the top of the valve has worn. I need to make some sort leverage bar with a U shaped end to compress the spring so I can get the keeper out. If the valve end looks good where the keeper rings are I can replace the keeper(s) and cap with spares I have here. It the valve end looks damaged I will need to pull the head to replace the valve.
  14. Sir Sam

    New Project(s):

    Krusty these are the rock rails I have, another guy local to me has a set very similar that i think were made by rock lizard. I don't really have any good photos of them installed since I took them off of a jeep I was flipping, but they interfered with the plastic cladded on the rockers it seems like: With it removed there are some little holes the plastic clips went into. Overall I think its nicer without the plastic cladding like the 02-04 had.
  15. Sir Sam

    Picking up a new hobby I've always wanted to learn!

    I have an arc welder, I'm so @#$%ing over it. I think I'm going to go drop a grand and get a good welder for a change. The newer hobarts look good, and come with a gun for aluminum welding.