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  1. Normal: bailing wire and zip ties. Upgrade: hog rings and bigger zip ties.
  2. 2018-Mahindra-Roxo 2020 Mahindra ROXOR
  3. Changli AWD $1,988 F-150_Lightning
  4. Honda-Acty Toyota Mega Cruiser
  5. Jeep_Rat


    Hey Pete, bring me a beer.
  6. QK Pickup $1,859 Diesel one-cylinder 25 horsepower, 4WD and hydraulic truck bed
  7. Wet paint on cement board of dormer for super secret mancave stairwell. Bonus: Ghost Cat trying to climb out the window to escape the devil (Pete).
  8. Rivian R1T All-electric base model $70,000 Quad-motor powertrain, 0-60 mph in 3 secs. Towing capacity up to 11,000 lbs and wading depth 3+ ft.
  9. Carpender work today on mancave secret entrance.
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