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  1. rokinn

    wake up call

    Good to hear there was no damage. I'm still shoveling snow a week+ after our storm. 22 inches. Dug out the Comanche yesterday. If I may, here is a recommendation. A buddy's Dr. told him to take as much of this as he could afford for his heart condition. It comes with a dispenser cup. I take a full cup everyday. It's on sale every other month for about $8 less per bottle. https://www.costco.com/qunol-liquid-coq10-100-mg.%2c-30.4-ounces.product.100375487.html Take care and good health.
  2. You can also check out CARS Power Steering in Denver. I had mine rebuilt and the worm gear swapped out to a ZJ (faster ratio but not sure what it is). He reduced the pressure in my pump also. $150.00 for all, IIRC. Remans are kind of a crap shoot from what I was able to gather.
  3. Not to be contrary but I use that same paint code from Dupli-color (a Chrysler color) from any auto parts store that carries it. If your store doesn't carry it they can likely order it. It is an extremely good match to the point I can't tell the difference from original paint. I recommend using a high quality clear coat from a paint supply store in addition however. I'm told the cheap one's tend to turn yellow over time. The places I have used it still look good after several years here in the Colorado sun.
  4. Pretty sure it's called a Cabover camper.
  5. Check to make sure the mount holes for the track bar on the axle end are not wallowed out. If they are you can have a washer welded to the forward side of the attachment pretty easily. I believe it's a metric size but don't quote me. 10.9 hardness shouldn't be hard to find. Make sure the frame side is cranked down well also. That side can get wallowed out as well. You should be able to crank it to spec or close to even if it is wallowed. You may need to add another nut below the castle nut to get the castle nut up to cotter pin level. You can take the TB off and check it for damping resistance (bushing inspection included) to make sure you're not buying one unnecessarily while the anchor points being crapped out are the real problem. Not that replacing it isn't a bad idea. Check the u-joints on the drive shaft also. They may be adding a heavy shimmy into the death wobble effect.
  6. "Punched out the studs and used 1/4-20 bolts." Did the same on mine (stainless). I used a gel type super glue to hold the bolts in place for mounting. The glue held plenty adequately to screw the nylock nuts onto the bolts also. Removal may be a different story but that's a problem for another day.
  7. Pete, sorry I missed you. I expect we were Jeeps passing in the night (day actually) on I25 on Sunday. Maybe next time! Hope the trip is going well. Is that Martin's or Martain's on highway 34 between Loveland and Greeley? Can't seem to find it on google. I see a yard on that highway but not sure if that is the one. I'd love to check it out sometime just for grins. Hope your trip is going well is enjoyable.
  8. The campground in CO City looks pretty good. I'll see how things shape up for us. In any case have a great trip! Keep on Jeepin' on!
  9. I suspected that may well be the timing for that. I'll just have to think about you while I'm basking in some hot springs in the San Luis Valley. I'm likely going to miss the Pow Wow too. We leave on Sunday the 8th. I thought about doing the Phantom Canyon run on Saturday but I'll be towing a camper and it doesn't care for wash boards very much. Doubt I'd be able to convince my leading lady to go early and spend the night in Pueblo but perhaps! What is the situation there as far as room for campers and such?
  10. What days are you planning on doing that?
  11. rokinn

    '74 Triumph

    And this was the pre seatbelt era as well. Don't think I owned or drove one (with one exception) that had seat belts in it until the latter half of the 70's. Babies in boxes...we usually just stuffed a pillow into the top of the box. You know, in case there was a roll over or something like that.
  12. rokinn

    '74 Triumph

    Nope, no roll bar! Who can say? Suit cases on luggage rack, rolled in sand, perfect angle on creek bed, going slow at that point, hand of the Lord??? No injuries though beyond a couple of minor cuts from broken glass. Lessons: have a roll bar in a convertible sports car and don't let anyone drive who's only experience is driving a VW bug. Jerking the wheel while taking off shirt because the car is drifting a bit and then slamming on the brakes = bad idea.
  13. rokinn

    '74 Triumph

    More so than you might imagine! We were on our way to Nebraska just after dawn. I woke to the car doing 360's down I 80, we went off the road and through a barb wire fence which took possession of the soft top, we rolled once and landed upright in a dry creek bed. Had it towed to Laramie where I had an army buddy living. We had to bend the windshield frame back up to its original position. My buddy had a back window out of a 55 Chevy which we tied and taped in place for a make shift windshield. It stuck out about a foot on either side of the car. Taped the headlights back in and taped and tied the doors shut. Drove it back to Oregon. We were quite the sight and got a great many stares. Must not have been seen by any cops and I think I insisted on doing the driving from then on. Advertised it as, Only Rolled Once, and sold it for a $100 bucks. I occasionally have dreams at night that I still have the car.
  14. rokinn

    '74 Triumph

    Had a 66 Triumph Spitfire I purchased between postings of Okinawa and Ft. Campbell KY in 1970. Loved the car. My foreign auto repair class in college after, rebuilt the heads and I had many a memorable trip along the Oregon coast among others until my brother-in-law rolled it with me in it. Finicky but I still really enjoyed the car.
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