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  1. Thanks for all the tips. i have done some of the ground cleaning. Will separate the 101 connector and clean it tomorrow, no time now to cut and solder each wire. Started right up this morning, drove to the bank and back home about 8miles total, shut it off and it did start right back up. I'll let the temp outside get up to 100 and try this afternoon. It runs great when it starts. i'll do some of 54 tips tomorrow if i get the chance. Thanks for tips and suggestions. Paul
  2. Oh this is a 88 MJ with a 4.0 5sp
  3. HI MJ owners, For those who have replaced there Crank sensor. Does any one have a preference on brand/ quality, or do they seem to be pretty much all the same quality. My MJ starts fine when cold but after a few miles, runs great shut it off and trying to restart it just cranks-cranks-cranks with no start. Heat maybe, i am in southern new mexico and its in the 100's every day. My thought is the cps, its orig as far as i know. Any thoughts about this?? Thanks
  4. I have a full 4 piece set that I just had painted matte black and I don't need them for my new grille. I can look into shipping if you want

    1. tarmac2dirt


      Hi, not sure what you mean by 4pcs, is this the two metal parts upper and lower with the plastic side pieces? Not really needing all 4pcs. Where are you located and how much for the parts aside from what shipping will cost. Thanks

    2. Jeeper1093


      Top and bottom and the 2 sides that the marker lights go in. All with fresh paint for $100 plus shipping. I am in North Carolina

  5. Hello 500MJ, southwest 88001 New Mexico
  6. Jake and Elwood the blues brothers first movie sound track.
  7. Looking for the upper trim piece above the grill. Its the metal strip about an 1" wide and about 3+ feet long. Painted or chrome, hopefully rust free or a very good usable piece. If you have this or know of someone that has it and willing to sell it send me a message and will get back to you. Thanks guys, Paul
  8. Can some one tell me if there were more than 2 grill header designs between 1987 and 1996. When i painted my MJ last year i switched to a 91-96 style header wanting to put a chrome grill and H/L doors. Now i can't find H/L doors that fit. Bought new ones made by Crown, There crap and don't fit, drove 200 miles to a pick a part in Albuquerque found orig OEM H/L doors and they don't fit either All screw holes are 1/4" plus off. The header came off a 1992 cherokee its OEM and definitely not the same as my 88 header i took off. Is there another header design after 1991. I do not see any other choices from part retailers. Thanks Paul
  9. As noted in the title, does anyone here know of a plating shop that can restore the fender nameplate? Had my truck repainted earlier this year and want to put the badges back on, only if i can get them restored/ plated. Thanks Paul
  10. Finally showing you guys my MJ. Pretty much stock engine but i have changed to 703 injectors and a 60mm TB. Canyon 15x8 wheels 30 9.50 tires. It is rust free with the exception of not knowing how the floor pans look, havn't pulled the carpet yet. Here in the dry NM desert hardly any thing rust. Have plans to do interior carpet work and weatherstrip this winter. Had it painted the orig color early this year, Dark Baltic Blue Metallic.
  11. This may be something I will also do. I am curious as to why you guys move the canister other than cleaning up the engine bay. I do get fuel smell some times in the cab, I guess it comes from the canister? Thanks
  12. Been looking at many mirror replacements and none seem to have even a decent quality. Had a thought of someone that may have a 3d printer and can reproduce the mount that tend to break. The pic shows the gray piece that always breaks and then makes the mirror a piece of scrap. Would a 3d printer be able to make a part like this and make the OEM mirrors usable again. Just having some thought rather than buy the Taiwan or china made junk. Its hard to find good OEM mirrors at a salvage yard or even on here. Thanks Paul
  13. Truck is a 1988 and the dome lights are not working either. The driver side dome light is taken out ( the hot new mexico sun disintegrated the plastic), but the passenger side is there but not working. Memory was working even with the d/s dome light removed. MJ was at the body shop for 6 months getting a new paint job but don't see how that should have effected the lights. iI will double check the dome fuse and run a test light across the dome light wires. Thanks for helping me out
  14. It is the factory radio, aftermarket is going in later in this year. Would be nice to have the memory working though. I have gone through some of @minuit post maybe I missed something I'll go back and keep looking. Thanks
  15. Just put in all new fusses trying to get back the radio memory. Having to set stations every time I cycle the ignition on/off the turns off and all memory is lost. I thought it was the ETR fuse but is the memory part of the radio internals. I just very annoying setting the radio. Thanks Paul
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