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  1. So just got my ac recharged only to find it is coming from the defroster. Followed a diagram showing the vacuum line that connects to the ac control only to find it broken and pushed in behind the the firewall. So after checking some more I found out that the dash has to be removed to fix the line that goes through the firewall. So as the title says does Any one have pics, videos or links on how to remove the dash on pre 96 xjs?
  2. @Minuit ok thats what I wanted to know since the door locks share the same plug as with the windows.
  3. So hi new here, so I have a 91 xj and I'm planning on doing a power to manual windows conversion. But i also have power locks, so my question is will I be able to unlock and lock the doors like normal just with out the power function? Or do I need to also do a power lock to manul lock to? Any information would be helpful since I can't find any info on what happens when someone does power to manual windows while also having power locks?
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