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  1. Hello Everyone. I'm fairly new here and I have been lurking about for a couple of years since owning my Comanche and did not sign up until recently. Most of every part replaced is junkyard OEM or NOS from the dealership I work at. At last here is Little Red. She is a 1988 2.5L 5-speed Pioneer Comanche. Built 11/15/1987 and she left the factory bare minimum as a Pioneer trim. She started with an idiot light cluster and white trailer like rims but came with floor mats with matching dash mat, mud flaps and a tailgate liner. Since owning her I have done some upgrades such as a 5/6th gauge cluster, various factory lights add-ons, clock, headlight warning buzzer, sentinel headlamp module, hood insulation, AMC jeep nameplates, 2.5Litre nameplate, and a NOS hard plastic valve cover. I changed the rims to the star "Jeep" engraved rims from the trailer looking rims. The only non factory thing added is an LED under hood light strip. Year 1: Upon acquiring her I did basic repairs and fluid changes to bring her back to life. Fuel pump was dead and had to replace that and various other tune up pieces to get her going again. My father redid the door panels and headliner. After I got her running, brown coolant started showing up and could not figure out why. Before the Jeep rims I repainted the white rims to a black color so they didn't look awful. Took me a couple of years to hunt down a set of 5. Year 2: Figured out the cause of the brown coolant being a blown head gasket and changed that in the summer. Surprisingly the head gasket was 30 years old and I'm surprised is lasted as long as it did before it gave out. Sadly due to pressed time I did not have the head rebuilt until this year. A few months after changing the head gasket I changed the motor mounts and due to a bad drive shaft causing awful vibrations I destroyed the AX-5 transmission. Had to replace everything from the bellhousing to the driveshaft. Lesson learned, never underestimate the 2.5L. After that I learned to seat the pilot bushing all the way into the flywheel. Year 3: Early this year I changed the water pump out and the window seals replaced. In march I replaced the oil pan gasket and repainted it as well, cleaned up the engine and engine bay. Had the head rebuilt and upgraded to a leather steering wheel recently. Also replaced the 8 slot grille with the 10 slot variant and replaced upper radiator hose. End goal is complete restoration with some other additions. Sorry about that. Just three years of summarizing. I will upload more pictures from early on as I find them.
  2. Hello Club Members, I'm probably doing the build sheet a bit backwards since I just finished my initial restore, but I took lots of pics to walk you through my journey. I will start at the beginning and walk you through each area of focus and then continue to post as I make updates. I have wanted a Comanche since high school so this was a fun restore for me. Let me know if you have any questions I can help you out with.
  3. Hey Guys! I'm down in South Florida, just snagged a 88' Comanche Pioneer for cheap last week! I'm super excited, I'm a big fan of Comanche's. Can't wait for the journey. 88 Comanche Pioneer -2wd Aw4 (doesn't catch in drive, gotta start on 1st) -Floor pan rust (both sides) -Toolbox -Headliner needs work -Dash cracked -Orignal rims -Back window seal leak I'm excited to get to work honestly. I'm taking baby steps and doing it right. Gonna restore, weld, drill and paint my way into a restored Comanche!
  4. Hey forum-goers! Welcome to my build post. I recently bought my first jeep, truck, and project vehicle... And let me tell you I am very happy with it. The details will come after a short little intro. This picture --> is my first with the truck. I am from Washington, DC, and grew up around all the little ricer cars. My first (and still my daily) car was/is a 1997 Acura Integra GS-R. The little thing is awesome, crisp, smooth, and best of all, fast (just like a jeep!.... wait). For 18 year old me, I got a steal on it and I love(d) it. But part of me always wanted a jeep. My first car almost was a 1994 YJ. So close. Ever since then, 2-3 years later, I've wanted a jeep. This project started officially June 5, 2019, sitting in my college class and finding the Facebook Marketplace post for less than a mile from me a "1988 Jeep Comanche Regular Cab".... In the heart of Washington, DC. I mean, to get the truck out of the guys yard we were blocking traffic on a major commuter road! Insanely cool and convenient find. So, the details that you're waiting for, along with pictures, if I can figure out how that works... - Its a 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer short bed. - I believe it originally had the straight 6cyl 4.0l, but it now has a newer and rebuilt 6cyl 4.0l, unknown mileage (maybe around 140k?) - 4 wheel drive - 97+ converted. - Still unsure of many details, but this will be updated as I dig deeper and deeper into the project. These pictures are how I was introduced to the truck, taken the day I bought her. The truck is literally starting from ground zero. The frame is claimed to have 0 rust. I have not thoroughly inspected this yet, but so far it certainly seems that way. The guy I bought it from found it on a farm. It had been sitting in the barn, unused, for at least 10 years. You can see the farm use tags on it, and the rear bumper is bent down, so I certainly believe this is definitely the history of it. It came from the little town of Onancock, Virginia, according to the title. The previous owner (PO) had tore the ENTIRE truck apart piece to piece, and painted the interior of the engine bay and primed the outer panels, and even rhino lined the bottom. Currently most of the hard work has been completed in the engine bay, but I still need to once over everything. The engine distributor was replaced/converted to coil rail. These are all the details I can think of to start out with. Stay tuned for all the updates! I hope to update this as much as possible, with all the details I can, along with pictures and video!
  5. I have a 1988 Comanche pioneer that I just bought and when I turned the wheel all the way to the right I heard a pop/click sound and then my steering wheel had a little bit of play but my tires weren’t moving. I had to pry the sway bar off of the track bar in order to have motion in my steering wheel again and be able to move the wheels. I’m wondering what the previous owner did, but more so how I can fix it. Hopefully the pictures explain it better than I did. Thank you for the help first picture is before and second two are after I turn all the way to the right. Last one is upside down but a panned out view of the front end.
  6. My latest acquisition. I’ll get it in the registry once I get the interior emptied. It’s an 88 Pioneer, 4.0, 5 speed (AX-15 swapped in), D30 and D35, looks to have a 3 inch lift. The only rust that I’ve found on the truck is in the floors. It needs front fenders, which I have, a header panel, which I have, and doors, one of which I will need to source. It came with most of the needed parts to swap to a grey interior from a tan one (not sure I will), grey MJ bucket seats, and of course, a sportbar, which will find its way into the my blue truck, and a bunch of misc parts. What’s the plan for the truck? I do not know, as of now, the first step is to make it fun and drive, then I will probably start replacing the damaged body panels. This truck is honestly nicer than my blue truck was when I first got it, but pictures make it look nicer than it really is.
  7. I've owned this truck for a couple years now, but never got around to posting, so here goes... This is Amelia, my 1988 SWB 4WD Pioneer. I picked her up in Tiger, GA with no visible rot and only minor surface rust. She had around 130k miles on the original 4.0 and BA10/5, and appeared to have sat under a tree for a while. Something special about this truck (that I found out months later) is that the original Vehicle Building Order page was still stuck to the inside of the driver's door panel. 30 years in Georgia humidity somehow weren't able to destroy it, and it's a special piece of this truck's history. Since purchasing, I've already changed, updated, and fixed a bunch of things, and will post some backdated updates as I have time. My goal is to restore to a factory-level, with small upgrades that I would have ordered if I bought this truck new off the line. In the meantime, I've enjoyed driving her around, playing in the garage, and researching what I'm planning to do.
  8. Ok I don't know if I am posting in the right area but here is the history. 88 Comanche Pioneer short bed, all stock. 150 AMC married to an AX5. Dana 35 rear end 2WD. Interior/exterior in good condition. Clean under the hood and under-body, no rust. Sat in the woods for 10 years. New brakes, hoses, belt, air filter, exhaust. Changed oil right off the bat; idled at least 50 miles during initial diagnostics while running marvel in oil, fuel and a few drops in cylinders. Then filled fuel tank, changed oil twice and new filter. Engine sounds great except uneven idle. No oil on driveway ... Horrible death wobble at 45, yet to rule out tires. New concentric bearing on ax5. Not the right hub/ knuckle on 2wd front end, rotor on that side shot, the inside brake pad had to be cut to fit and the new rotor was not a match. Rotated drive shaft 180 and new u-joints to no effect. So either tires and or bushings. Overheating; pump is OK so thermostat next. Also no external or internal leaks of oil or coolant. Also big issue with oil sumping into air filter but baffle in v-cover is OK. Think air leakage is causing a bumping effect due to rotten grommet. Update: New thermostat; still overheats without boil over, I know the oil is getting too hot because lifters start to flatten and get mechanical noise, using 10w-30, in process of checking oil pressure... Looking for a breather/oil separator that will fit to replace the direct air filter hose connector but cannot seem to find one. Thanks and keep truckin!
  9. VixJeep


    This Comanche is located in a salvage yard in Memphis that I visited today. It is at Warford Auto Parts. I can't guarantee that last digit of the VIN. The pic I took just wasn't clear enough. When I get to my other computer, I'll post a picture of it. It is a red Pioneer, sliding back glass, looks like a 60/40 bench seat with headrests. decal on door was gone, but I saw something in a sticker under the hood about complying with 1988 ..........whatever, so maybe an 88.
  10. --Visit profile for picture-- 1992 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 1J7FJ26S0NL163889 Purchase: 3 NOV 2015 I6/ 4WD/ 5 speed 225,560 miles
  11. Tye87


    http://i.imgur.com/YUL2nam.jpg 1987 Comanche Pioneer Middle Georgia area Short wheel base, 2wd Newer 6 cyl engine with 4 speed automatic in floor Metallic Brown with tan interior ( bucket seats upgrade) Just painted runs great and drives great. Lots of new parts
  12. Hey all thanks for letting me join your group of misfits. Got my 88 Manche Pioneer on a trade, was in better shape than my 87 Manche so I sold it, and my parts Cherokee. So now here I am digging into Big Red. Live in Gig Harbor, WA. That's it for now.
  13. 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4.0 auto 4x4 long bed 244,500 miles. I’ve been driving it daily and rescued it from a guy that never did anything with it. It fired right up after sitting for over a year and the body and unibody are in great shape. I couldn’t pass it up. It has a high pinion Dana 30 front, Dana 35 rear, 231, aw4
  14. Ive got my hands on a couple of comanches thats are 4wd what parts do i need to do a 4wd conversion on my 88 jeep comanche 4.0 v6 pioneer 2wd, thanks again guys for yalls feedback, can't wait to post the project on here ! Its a 5 speed transmission on original axles so i believe its the dana 35
  15. Looking for any leads on some bucket seats for my baby, '89 MJ Pioneer. Thanks!
  16. Hey all!! I've been on the boards for a while but I've never done a "build" thread. I mean, what I do is nothing spectacular like some of you guys, some of you have some real talent! This isn't my first MJ but I do plan on keeping this one. My first MJ was an '88 SWB truck that I had dreams of grandeur about and my plans were endless. I got so far on the plans then they kinda fell away as life moved on. I still have the truck and one of these days I will breath new life into it. My second MJ was an '89 LWB and I just wasn't enthused about it so I sold it to a fellow Jeeper. A few years pass by and then along came this SWB and I love it. I know it's only a 2wd but considering what I drove before this, '97 Saturn SW1, I mean come on, this is like the coolest thing ever!! Once again, I have big plans for it and in this stage of my life I should be able to complete them. Here it is in all it's glory.
  17. Hi everyone, I was going to update my pics today when I realized that I never posted any. That has led to a search through phones and old files, and I posted a few from 2015 and 2016. More coming. I bought my Comanche new on December 17, 1987, and it was my first new vehicle. It is older than two of my three kids, and a part of the family now. Although it still needs paint and interior done, I have made great strides toward getting it back in good running order. I'll run through some of the things I've done toward that goal a little later on. My finished Comanche should look almost exactly as it came off the showroom floor, with the exception of the hockey stick stripes. No lift, no mudders, no winch, just a fully restored beauty.
  18. Hello everyone! I'm new here. I'm an owner of a 88 Jeep Comanche Pioneer with 73k miles. I inherited this vehicle from my late father who spent a lot of time getting the vehicle roadworthy again. I'm a little mechanically inclined, so I'm working on it bit by bit and learning as I go, since I've received this vehicle, I've replaced the leaking fuel injectors with better ones, I think avoiding a fire while driving it is a priority lol. My next thing to do is replacing the clutch master cylinder since I realized it's leaking on the fuse box! Luckily the damage wasn't to bad, I just cleaned it and changed 2 damaged fuses, works just fine now. I will be posting my progress with repairs over time. More pictures to come soon!
  19. Saw this 91 Comanche for sale near me and I'm pretty tempted to buy it. Seems a little high and the rust/odo (estimates at 67k) worries me, but seems like a pretty nice rig otherwise and 4x4s go for a premium up here. Price has dropped to $6500 with room to barter. What do you all think? http://jeepcomancheforsale.com/1991-pioneer-ax15np231d44-anchorage-ak/
  20. Hey everyone, I finally decided to create a profile. I've been checking out the MJOTM every now and then but I just decided to create a build thread of my own. I've done a lot of work to my jeep and still have a lot to do. I figure I'll start off with a little backstory, then go through my build from the beginning. I plan on picking at this and updating the thread when I have free time. I'll post whatever pictures I have but unfortunately I didn't take very many. I never think about taking pictures until I'm done something . Anyway I have some long stories. Here's the backstory: It's a Pioneer, 4x4, 4.0L, long bed. I've known this Jeep my whole life as it used to belong to my uncle. My uncle's father (married in uncle) bought it brand new in '87. Now this guy did not baby this truck! It's been rolled over on 2 or 3 occasions and it was used to pull a 5th wheel trailer! My uncle inherited it before I was born (I'm 22 btw) and drove it daily. Luckily my uncle took better care of it and even had it repainted. And it was still in excellent shape. Now when I started driving I started bothering him to sell it to me because I always liked the look of it. I'm not a big fan of trucks, or Jeeps, but Comanche's are different, you just don't see them every day. Here she is the first day I owned it. At ~230xxx km and 95% rust free, 100% stock. This was April 2016. You can skip this paragraph. I got it in the mind of my uncle that I wanted it and he liked the idea of keeping it in the family, he offered it to me for $2500 but then gave it to my cousin's fiance free because she needed a vehicle. This c*nt beat the hell out of it, kept it dirty, and neglected it, I was not pleased. I bugged her every time I saw her that I wanted it. Well, after 3 years she decided to get a newer vehicle. So I offered her $500 for it! She accepted the offer! Glad she didn't know the value! The first thing I did was put on some 31" tires I found for $100. Not long after I had to stash the Comanche away. You see, I was living with my parents, I already owned 2 cars and they were not happy when I brought this home. We have limited parking space so I had to put it away for a few months. Stay tuned as the built really takes off from here.
  21. Finally getting around to starting this process. Picked up my second Jeep last summer (2016), MJ Pioneer, I-6, Manual, 4x4, Short Box. Mechanically in great shape. Some rust, of course, minor dents and dings, interior is pretty rough. I've wanted a great truck, so I will make this one great. Here is where I started from:
  22. FNG here, call me Grumpy. My MJ is NOT pretty. It has led a tough life. Got her off the 'net for $400 . It was sitting under a tree in a self store, with a flat tire, and windows open. The bed was full of some ladies treasures, leaves, and a foot of water. No water in cab, because driver side floorboard was rusted away. Got her home, cleaned her up, had the flat fixed(rusty rim) bled the clutch - and have been running her ever since. Pulled the manifolds and trued them, new fel-pro gaskets. New vacuum tree, new valve cover gaskets. New waterpump, made a new piece to adjust the belt (the little block with threads and a hole at 90*). Hoses, belts etc .E brake cable, Made a boot for the Pukegeot from a glove..... Moved to Texas last year, and she made inspection. Cleared 2 1/3 acres with her, hauled a yard of gravel a couple times. Recently replaced ALL the relays. The Bosh style relays are easy, but the starter relay most sell is worthless. Found a Standard brand that is made like the origional. Clutch finally went out, had the front hitch installed while it was there (Just Jeeps in Austin). Gas tank is leaking so just ordered a tank,pump, and straps fro JCW they had the right Bosh pump. When I finally get a new 'puter I will be able to post pics.
  23. Hi Everyone, This is my 1st post. I picked up this Comanche a little over a month ago(My first!). It is a 88 2wd/lwb Pioneer 4.0/Aw4. 222k on the clock. The original owner purchased it in Missouri. Lived there for a few years before moving to Florida. Then recently made its way to Michigan to his granddaughter here. When once she realized the amount of work needed. She sold it to the shop she took it too. And I purchased it from them. It still has most of it's original window sticker. it is 100% rust free. It has been repainted at some point. The AW4 was rebuilt about 18k miles ago. The shop I bought it from redid the top end due to a bad HG. all new Cooling system. Still the closed-loop. full tune-up. What I've done: replaced the self-destructing balancer, Timing set, TPS, Starter, Starter relay, Cables, re-freshed grounds. added a ground to the core support from the battery, and I left the body to engine ground strap. but added with it a cable from the body to a intake heat shield bolt. Now here is the issue, which has been present since before I purchased it...It starts just fine when it has sat for several hours(overnight, or while I'm at work. Once it is warm. It struggles to start. It will start cranking strong, then it will slow down like the battery is almost dead, and then pick back up, slow down etc. Sometimes it will start while doing this. Or it may take me a couple tries until it lights off. Then sometimes it will fire up with no issues. But that is very rare. I checked the timing, seems to be where it should be. Battery was load tested and passed. The Alt. charges as it should...14.4v. I jumpered the ballast resistor, no difference. Fuel pressure is at 30-31psi w/ vac. 37-38 w/out vac. the vac line to reg. does smell of fuel, but is not damp. I also disconnected the A/C Clutch and no change. When it happens. There is a large voltage drop when it slows. I've noted with my volt meter on the batt. It will drop to 9v, even 8v when it slows, then voltage will come back up to over 10v when it speeds back up. I've even tried hooking a jump box to it, and still happens. I feel that it is some sort of "Heat Soak" Issue. A buddy mentioned possibly the coil. It does appear to be original. I've lurked on this site and have checked countless others. And haven't seen anyone else having a similar problem. I'll post/link my youtube video so you all can see for yourself what I'm dealing with. https://youtu.be/fAZT_wsADR0 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fAZT_wsADR0"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  24. 1988 4x4 Comanche 2.5L AW4 Near/below brake booster/master cylinder On engine harness near throttle body Or zip tie them or of the way and forget about them??
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