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Found 14 results

  1. So I was browsing the interwebs for Comanche's as we all do and I found this blue 89 4.0 manual with a visor, and it is very sad as the condition of the truck now reflects bad events having happened to it. at least the cab corners and rockers look salvageable to save another Comanche but i honestly couldn't imagine this as not a parts truck https://www.copart.com/lot/45346291/clean-title-1989-jeep-comanche-pioneer-tn-memphis
  2. Please help, I've got engine oil in clutch reservoir (?) I recently became a proud owner of a 4WD 89 Comanche 4.0 paired to a Peugeot transmission, but the previous owner lost the clutch while delivering it to my house, making clutch-less shifts. We added fluid to the master cylinder reservoir, pumped the clutch, and the fluid turned black. Now the clutch has some pressure, but quickly loses it as it drips from where the rear main seal would be. The seller mentioned that the rear-main seal was most likely bad, and it explained the oil leak that I saw when I test drove it. The master cylin
  3. 89' Jeep Comanche 2WD, automatic transmission with Overdrive, cold A/C, Does 22-23 MPG, comes with original factory topper, in good condition, owned by a gentle old man. Please call 785 201 5284 for any questions.
  4. I have been putting this off for a long time but have a lot of free time today so I'll go ahead and post this up. I got my truck in the summer of 2011. She is a 1989 Comanche Pioneer,4.0, 2wd, d35, auto on the column, with about 280000 miles on it. I really am just guessing about that mileage because the guy I bought it from at a pseudo car lot, really it was just a garage with cars out front, said the gauge cluster had been replaced and it actually had 140k miles on it rather than the near 240k the clock was showing. I was inclined to believe him because it ran very well, but then
  5. So last July I bought a house and as an incentive he was going to include his broken down 89 Comanche.(I was going to buy it regardless but I like small trucks always like the 4.0) Anyways what I got is a 89 2WD 4.0 Manual truck. I would like to get it up and running first and then maybe do a 4WD conversion and keep it a stick. I might do a slight 2-4 inch raise seeing as it'll be a trail/dump runner so need to keep it street legal. I have a little automotive experience but not much in the ways of axels/transmissions and such. I did it get where I can drive it. Had to replace bad starter and
  6. Hello friends. Jess here from Placerville, CA. I've been lurking around here for several years and have been so grateful to have such a fantastic resource. You guys rock! I can only hope to one day return the favor and give useful advice to someone in need. I don't have the technical knowledge many of you have and this certainly won't be the end-all AX15 swap thread but I figured I share my experience and if it helped someone out, awesome! First of all, there is a lot of posts about the AX15 - If you can't find what you need here on CC there is a lot of other AX15 swap threads out there, I
  7. Alright so I just got a 89 Comanche 4.0 5spd 2wd. been working on getting everything going so I can get it on the road and on to being my DD. Wasn't running when I got it and Cruiser54s tips helped tremendously in getting it going, so thank you for that. I'm now on to getting all the lights to work. The person that had it before did an AX15 swap but did not bother to wire up the reverse switch. so i'm needing a little help with the wire colors and locations to get it going. I've tried searching around to find the right diagram but seem to be getting conflicting answers. when I probe the connec
  8. I was wondering which fuel pump, and filter to get for my 1989 Jeep Comanche 4.0l i6. I was looking at some on rock auto but wasn't sure which one would fit and be good to go rather then having to modify any wires. Thanks for the help!
  9. pic updates 4/17/14 New http://comancheclub.com/topic/41707-my-89-comanche-project/?p=434564 2/16/14 http://comancheclub.com/topic/41707-my-89-comanche-project/?p=426058 2/14/14 http://comancheclub.com/topic/41707-my-89-comanche-project/?p=425645 1/25/14 http://comancheclub.com/topic/41707-my-89-comanche-project/?do=findComment&comment=422431 I've had this jeep since I was young. It used to run really great but over time and lack of TLC it became a driveway ornament for 6 plus years. Its been sometime since I originally meant to make this post because I was waiting for the email v
  10. I was on this forum before, my e-mail site was closed, so I started over. >> ron@nw-offroad.com I know my MJ is UGLY, but I'm a "real off-road'er" dents and paint don't make it GO. Naches Washington > > 4th of July Naches Washington > Waterfall Brown's Camp Oregon > > > Over the top > Canopener Oregon > > > > slippery rocks > > Made It > Coming Down - Rocky Uphill > > > > > It just goes every-where I point it.! Ron
  11. Hey guys I have a 2wd long box 4.0 with the poopy peugot 5 spd, I want to convert to 4wd , I have a donor 89 4x4 4.0l with the crappy tranny as well. Just wondering if the trans case from the 4x4 will bolt onto the 2wd?
  12. Hey Hey guys I am back after an absence of a couple years. I have found another Comanche, in much better condition than my current one, that is being used to hold down 4 patches of dirt under its tires haha. Any ways this one will be mine as of tmrw! Plans in the works/pipe dreams are to swap in a 4wd system, a new back bumper, new front bumper, lights, some stereo equip, lights, random tweaking of stuff lol. For the 4wd swap I will have to check out what my tranny is and compatibility issues and model and what I will have to get for the swap. After the 4wd is in I want to put
  13. go out to start my red jeep keep cranking it no start. check for fuel, spark and compression. have fuel, spark is weak, and low compression 1 ,2,3.having the coil and ICM check out tomarrow, but beside that what could be my issue? :hmm: 125K on the moter.
  14. Hey guys, I am finishing up a engine & transmission swap with a 87 i6 with a 2wd aw4 that went into into an 89 lwb mj that originally had a ba10. I can see that my old driveshaft is too long to use now. The Aw4 is longer than the ba10. Can anyone tell me the difference in length between lwb automatic aw4 and lwb manual ba10 driveshafts? :hmm: :dunno: :hmm: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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