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  1. Updating this first post with updated info and what's been done vs what still needs to be done. Purchased in North GA, but appears to have been driven all over the country. A PO of this traveled all over and camped in the back. That's what I understand a lot of the rust to be from. I had planned on a restomod fairly quickly but I ended up moving cross-country and funds weren't quite as available anymore. So it's been a slow crawl, but progress nonetheless. So let's get what's in this thread out of the way with also mentioning the plan still taking place. Done: Lots of little things I can't even remember with a lot of just cleaning it up a bit and mechanical maintenance 4.5" Rough Country Lift Rough Country Upgraded Steering '98 Cherokee axle w/ 3.55s (Stock was 3.07) Sourced Turbines & 31" Tires 1.5" Spacers in the rear Swapped in an MJ Rear Axle with 3.55s instead of regearing Replaced Driver Floor Converted to Open Cooling 1 Kilmat Layer (Should do another as I have more leftover) Jeep Cables Upgrade AX15 Swap Azzy's Shift Linkage Replaced Topper Seals and Build a Camping Setup 97+ Header Panel WJ Brake Booster To-Do: Complete the 97+ Clip (Eventually a full swap) Bumpers - Front & Rear Re-Gear to 4.10s LOTS of bodywork lol New Leaf Springs I'm happy with driving it as my primary vs my 2012 WK2. Just love the overall experience and the fact that I can take it anywhere. It's still not pretty, but sure is fun!
  2. New proud 2nd owner of an '89 MJ SWB with 25k miles on the clock (25k?!? Unbelievable, I know). Truck is running perfectly and I'm looking into lifting the rig 3" in front and 2" in the rear using coil spacers and drop shackles. Has anyone tried using XJ drop shackles on the MJ leaf spring mounts? There doesn't seem to be any affordable options offered *specifically* for the MJ, so I'm having to piece meal parts. I found this kit in the amazon forest and want to know if I'll have any issues. (yes I'm already planning the trackbar relocation) All advice is appreciated! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IMOM5N6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AA4645M9FHJV2&psc=1
  3. Hi there, I am officially starting a build thread for my 1987 SWB 2.5l 2wd. I already have a donor cherokee for the 4wd and will be putting in wj controll arms but am stuck on what to do lift wise. Since its a 2wd I think I'll be getting my driveshaft cut down as the cherokee one won't fit (correct me if I'm wrong). My original plan was to try a 2" shackle lift in the back and put 3" lift blocks in the front with plans to go more extreme in the future. But I don't want to get another driveshaft made in the future, so I'm thinking it might be the time to put the bigger lift on now (I'm thinking around 4-5 inches). I want it to ride comfortably on the highway and be soft on the trail so I'm hesitant to put in stuff like helper leafs. I'm in school so this is a budget build, but I have the time to do a nice job if that's what it takes. What are your opinions?
  4. So today I took and made a bastard back AAL for my MJ. I took oil a set of 3in XJ lift springs and my set of stock MJ springs to make this happen. The XJ lift springs had the same arch as the MJ springs, so I think this could be done with 2 sets of MJ springs as well. 1. Take 3rd leaf from top off XJ lift springs 2. Cut end off 1/4 of an inch inside (closer to the center) of the spring from the bracket that holds all of the springs together. (U-shaped braket near ends of spring) 3. Remove centering pin nut. (pin that goes in to hole in spring perch on axle) 4. Remove overload spring on MJ leaf pack. 5. Put cut XJ spring and Overload spring on. Overload on the bottom, XJ spring on top of that. 6. Put centering pin but back on (pin that goes in to hole in spring perch on axle). You should be able to reuse your stock one safely. 7. Reattach spring plates and u-bolts. This is needs to be done with the truck up in the air. Also, I found this made the ride better and the truck feels way more stable. I already had 3in lift springs in the front to make it sit level. I wanted some rake, so I did this. It is kinda hard to see inmpucs, but... Before: After:
  5. I used the search function and didn't find the answer, so here goes. Ordered a 3" spring pack from Hells Creek suspension. Staying Spring Under Axle. What height front lift would work to be level or slightly raked towards the front still? My go-to place for my XJ suspensions is DPG offroad and Dirk's awesome 3.5" OME kit. https://dpgoffroad.com/product/3-5-hd-ultimate-xj-old-man-emu-hybrid-kit/ Will this sit too high in front or should I go down to his 2.5" front kit? Plan is 31" tires and Napier fender flares. Jeep will be daily driver, with mild desert overlanding and camping use. My TJ is for the rocks! Any help is appreciated.
  6. I've owned this Comanche for almost 30 years now. It has 330k miles and still running strong. after years of use and sitting in the sun, it seen better days. It got to a point where my wife would not ride in it anymore and was bugging me to sell it on a routine basis. I then decided to improve the looks by installing a few bolt ons with a simple paint job. It came out better than expected. The wife will actually ride in the jeep again. Next will be the motor. I will give details of some of the work done soon. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  7. Would like to lift the rear a few inches. Have added a shackle lift for a whole inch. What else is out there? Rearched leaf springs, add a leafs ? Don’t want to do a springover. Don’t want 5” of lift just a couple 2” or so. I know Cherokee springs are shorter so that’s no help. Don’t see much listed for Comanches.
  8. I recently bought an 1986 Jeep Comanche pioneer and have done a decent amount of work on it but I needed new tires. I found some wranglers off a 2007 Sahara and I know they won’t fit. I need a spacer/adapter and a lift kit to make them fit. Any suggestions?
  9. Hello all, I recently picked up my second MJ (1989 Long bed, 4x4, 4.0 auto) and it has the metric ton package. I want to lift it 4.5" (planning on running 33's) but don't want to lose the payload capabilities. I read the leaf spring thread and many people are saying the MT leaf springs were giving them 3 inches of lift. I am assuming those were short beds with the beefier springs but unsure. Any suggestions or advice?
  10. I am a 14 year old that owns a mostly rust free 1989 Comanche short bed 4x4 5 speed 4.0. I would like to put a lift in it, but I have a limited budget. What do you recommend?
  11. Hi, may be a dumb question but is there a way to add some lift to the 3in Rusty’s off-road lift that my truck came with? I would like to have approx 4.5in with 31x10.5 tires. What components would I need to upgrade to accomplish this?
  12. I finally got around to putting the lift on at work today. Since we weren't busy anyway. I pieced it together because I wanted more than an add a leaf but wanted parts that I picked out. 3" Pro Comp front springs, Extended stainless brake lines, some older teraflex lower adjustable arms, Skyjacker M95 shocks and some S10 ZR2 crew cab rear leaf springs. I used all 3 leafs from the ZR2, just cutting the mounts off the mains. I added them to the MJ main and overload. I also replaced all the plastic leaf sliders. I got 3" in the front of course and 3.5" in the rear so far. Once its drivable again I'll flex it and load a bit to see how it settles. But, I'm really happy how it turned out. ​ My front brake lines are weird and needed crush washers at the caliper banjo block so I quit for the day and went to orielly and found a crush washer kit. $13 later I had the 2 I needed and about 50 I don't. Decided since I was having to take another day for the lines, I'd go ahead and put my WJ Booster/Master cylinder and wilwood proportioning valve in also.
  13. So last July I bought a house and as an incentive he was going to include his broken down 89 Comanche.(I was going to buy it regardless but I like small trucks always like the 4.0) Anyways what I got is a 89 2WD 4.0 Manual truck. I would like to get it up and running first and then maybe do a 4WD conversion and keep it a stick. I might do a slight 2-4 inch raise seeing as it'll be a trail/dump runner so need to keep it street legal. I have a little automotive experience but not much in the ways of axels/transmissions and such. I did it get where I can drive it. Had to replace bad starter and bad and wrong battery (probably what fried the starter). So it cranks every time now. I do have an issue on occasion with the transmission not wanting to go into gear opinions? Also I have a brake issue they work but the pedal is pretty much at the firewall and it isn't the quickest response. I tried bleeding them but no air bubbles and passenger front has a stripped bleeder screw that I will have to deal with as well. The brake fluid has not dropped so I don't think there is a leak but again not sure. Also runs a bit hot after shut off I heard this is common and only real way to fix is to convert to open system (already replaced tank, pump, and thermostat, helped a lot) Any help would be greatly appreciated also I will post pictures and video of it running as soon as I get home.
  14. Hey Y'all! First want to say I appreciate the club. So much knowledge and lots of help! :bowdown: Secondly, I apologize if you feel there isn't a need of a new thread on this. I've spent hours researching and have gotten good info but still feel I need some missing pieces. Here's what I got: '89 Pioneer just past 30,000 miles (yeah, crazy. It was a well kept farm truck. Not driven much off the acreage) 2.5L 4 banger AX5 dana 30/35 (4.10/4.11) Here's what I need help on: "Tonto" is my DD and will continue to be, but I'd like to beef him up a little for a some moderate wheelin'. What would you do?? Goals would be 31's on a good preforming lift for the daily and when I want to have some fun. And I'm hoping to do that without having to change a lot from stock. I'm not building anything huge. And I actually like the 4 cylinder :thumbsup: Again, I know this topic is talked about often but I didn't find any that met my criteria. NOTE: I'm a "do it right the first time" kind of guy. I just want a solid(and safe) set up and would like* to hang in the $1500 range to start with. Plan to do the work myself. Thanks y'all!
  15. Hey Guys, Just got this back from the paint shop and I'm looking to find a good looking lift that doesn't mess up steering and ride performance. I only plan to have 32" tires and I'm looking for either 3" -4 1/2" lift. Which one is what I'm hoping for you to help me decide. I'm thinking something quality and hoping that $2500 or less could handle it. Please give your feedback on what works and hopefully a kit that would also take care of all angle changes for steering and drive line etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I drive in the snow, freeway and light off road. I want to keep this as commuter for a while and would be nice to have all the right parts and do it once, with little regrets. Thanks in Advance
  16. I've been looking to get a lift for my 1990 mj the only options I've seen is rough country rro and runic one express. Ive been thinking about the 4.5" rough country because I don't really wanna go spring over axle mainly because I don't have a good welder but I'm very disappointed with the lofts because they don't come with new leaf springs and the 4.5 rough country doesn't come with a track bar or drop pitman arm or quick disconnects. What are you guys running. Any good lift kits out there that you can't find easy? I have hers people using hell creek but I can't find a kit for the mj when I go to there website it just shows 1/2, 3/4 ton trucks or s10 any advice for a good lift would help me out a lot. Thank you
  17. Like the title says, I'm taking a different approach this issue. I'm in the middle of replacing my spare tire hoist with a different one. I'll take pictures as I move along. I just wanted to start a thread that didn't involve cable u-bolt clamps. I really didn't like the idea of a repair using them. So, I thought I'd find a very common and cheap replacement hoist that would take minimal fabrication to install. I got a free one from a 93 Chevy Silverado K1500 4x4. So far the planning and test fitting has gone great. The hoist shaft just needs a new hole drilled closer to the end and the K1500 pin will fit and won't require any extra work. I've already cut the MJ metal tire bracket and installed it on the k1500 hoist cable. I also opened the hole up to just larfer than the chevy bracket since it has a pressure spring and the center needs to be able to move as the spring compresses. I cut one side of the bracket, installed on the cable and welded it back together. I left the original chevy tire bracket and just cut the ends off and welded it under the MJ bracket to strengthen it since I cut and welded it. The k1500 hoist is larger so I'm hoping it has more cable since I'm planning to lift the MJ. It will drop about 3" lower and the tire will have to be mounted with the bracket on the face of the wheel. I'm using one of my original steel wheels as my spare so I'm not worried about it scratching it. I'm going to make new mounted brackets that will be similar to the original MJ just using thicker steel.
  18. Hello, I have a 1988 eliminator 2wd and I just recently put on 3.5" lift and right after installation I have noticed a loud clunk under the driver and passenger floor boards. All the parts I used: Rubicon express 3.5" front coils JKS UCA JKS LCA JKS adjustable Track-bar JKS adjustable sway bar links Bilstien 5100 Right after finishing putting the lift on I drove it around the block and discovered a new loud clunk that I can feel under my feet while I drive. I checked everything for movement or rubbing and the only thing that I found that seems to have play is where the LCA meet the unibody frame. I re-checked the torque specs for what the bolt should be tightened on the LCA but all my bolts were all torqued. The clunk is really loud when going over little bumps in the road but its goes away when your on the freeway. there are still minor clunk noise on the freeway but you can't really notice it. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem before or if anyone has advise that will help me solve this irritating clunk. The truck is used as my DD and I have learned to live with it but it is definitely annoying when your on a really bumpy road. Thanks.
  19. So, the time has come to make a decision to run CAD brackets or not. Has anyone here had a GOOD and RECENT experience with RRO? AS they are the only company that makes the most complete CAD bracket for our MJ's. I want the better ride that they offer for the price. But, I do not want to end up being one of RRO's very unsatisfied customers that wants to go "GTA" on their butts because they failed. In a way, I kind of want to wait till after I swap in my WJ 30 and my set of adj. LCA's and see how that goes. On the other hand, I do not like doing things twice. Yes, I know that if I go long arms at some point after it would kind of be along the same lines. I know that, ultimately, it is my decision. But, if I get enough positive reinforcement that I will most likely order the RRO MJ CAD brackets. Thank you for your time. Side note: Anyone here running an MJ Longbed AX-15/NP242 (non-SYE) with an F8.8+ flange adapter. What length is your rear drive shaft?
  20. Yes, i know this has been talked about 1000 times everywhere. it is a dead horse, that has been be at and beat and beat. Yes i looked around a lot, but i still am confused. I can't find any exact set ups that answer my questions. So I'm going SOA in the back. I know what to do there, new shocks, spring perches........ but I am confused about the front. I'm not really sure if i know everything thats needed to do front end up to the same height as the back. I know SOA will give me 6inches about, after i take out my old 3 inch lift shackles, but what do i need for the front? I found alexia's kit, but a lot of the parts are no existent on the websites he posted. I know i need springs, shocks, control arm drop bracket or long arms, new track bar, brake lines. Is that it? any recommendations? thanks y'all, and sorry for all the posts.
  21. alright guys I've got a 88 mj project truck. love my little manche but I've ran into a bit of a pickle. now I have read through these forums and some have halfway answered my questions but like to have them all answered before getting parts. I have a 3.5 lift I'm pretty sure bought the truck with the lift. its got the control arm drops in the front, larger coil spring and added leave in rear. i want to go about around another 2-3 inches higher. in the front i plan on just getting new coils or adding pucks if i only get 2 inches on the rear, with new track and control arms. the rear is my real deli-ma i figured i would just cut perches and put it on the other side of leaf springs or if there's another axle out there that the perches already line up would be nice!????? otherwise maybe longer shackles and pucks up front? I'm alspo running 31's if i get this lift done should i bump up to 33's or stay with 31's. hope you all can answer these question thanks -Connor
  22. I have a short bed with 5.5inch lift on 38s atm I have a drives haft from a long bed I know the splines match but will the length fit?
  23. I have a 92 comanche eliminator 4.0L and it has a 4 1/2 in rough country suspension lift on it. I want to lift it two more inches and i was wondering if i would just be able to fit a two in coil spacer on there and an adda leaf and be good? Or will i need more to go along.. If theres an easier cheaper way please share. Just wanting to clear 33's
  24. Hey guys I'm new to the group but i just have a question i have a 1992 comanche elimiator my dad bought brand new. He drove it until 2007 and then parked it for five years. We got it all going and jt runs like a champ my daily driver i put a 4 1/2 rough country suspension lift on it, but I'm looking for more lift. I know they don't make mj body lifts but can i have some suggestions on other ways to get another 3 in of lift. I was thinking about a coil spacer jn the front and shackle lift in the back but let me know what you guys think. Also I'm looking for a visor! I think they look mean as hell on manches but i can't find one! Any if you have info on these topics lmk please!
  25. Here is a pic of a homemade RTI ramp lol. . :MJ 2: .
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