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Found 9 results

  1. 3" lift pucks MJ/XJ new never used Gas shocks for 3" lift MJ/XJ new never used Lower control arms MJ/XJ new never used HD rear shackles MJ/XJ new never used rear springs to match lift... used about 3 years (one bad bushing) new never used spring pads new never used bump stops long tie rod end ( used about a year) Adjustable track bar up to 4" of lift (needs new end) used about a year Control arm relocation kit for XJ can be modified for MJ New in box 4.0L unknown miles, 1990ish ran great w/no oil usage head/tail lights 2000ish Grand Cherokee Fairly new tires around 30" on 16" wheels Tired of tripping over this stuff .... The Comanche I bought most this stuff for died I'd like to sell the lift stuff together.. (pucks, shocks, shackles & springs) ..... $200.00 seem fair? Control Arm relocation Kit .... $200.00 ( just bought it... still kinda stings that I can't use it now) 4.0L $150.00 wheels/tires ... $200.00 Please feel free make offer on these & other items in the listing or swap possibilities! I am restoring a 1990 SWB stick shift with a grey interior. I need: Steering wheel (Grey) 4wd lever tail gate latch door panels w/power windows (grey) fog light switch with pigtail Cowl vent mesh (the black thing under the painted vent cover) Temp sensor (behind frt bumper) Drivers tail light housing (I have a good lens) Door handle assy's with power window switch (both sides) Tail light connector pig tail on cab side Front Fender flare mounts (both sides) Just about any CJ7 stuff Tools Just let me know..... Thanks
  2. Swampy

    Tire sizes?

    Hey guys. Been looking at tires recently. I wanted to get a set of 33x12.5x17 or 305/70r17. I know according to manufactures they should be close to there actual specs at max psi but we all know they mostly run a tad smaller. My question is if I am looking for a set of 33-34" tires that are as close to that measurement, should I run a bigger size (for example a 35x12.5x17 bfg km2 because it'll actually be a 33) or should I just stick with the sidewall number (33x12, 285/70, 305/70 etc.)?
  3. Hey Y'all! First want to say I appreciate the club. So much knowledge and lots of help! :bowdown: Secondly, I apologize if you feel there isn't a need of a new thread on this. I've spent hours researching and have gotten good info but still feel I need some missing pieces. Here's what I got: '89 Pioneer just past 30,000 miles (yeah, crazy. It was a well kept farm truck. Not driven much off the acreage) 2.5L 4 banger AX5 dana 30/35 (4.10/4.11) Here's what I need help on: "Tonto" is my DD and will continue to be, but I'd like to beef him up a little for a some moderate wheelin'. What would you do?? Goals would be 31's on a good preforming lift for the daily and when I want to have some fun. And I'm hoping to do that without having to change a lot from stock. I'm not building anything huge. And I actually like the 4 cylinder :thumbsup: Again, I know this topic is talked about often but I didn't find any that met my criteria. NOTE: I'm a "do it right the first time" kind of guy. I just want a solid(and safe) set up and would like* to hang in the $1500 range to start with. Plan to do the work myself. Thanks y'all!
  4. I have the Rusty's 2" lift and it looks good with this size tire. There is a very small amount of rubbing in reverse at full steering lock and that's it, so not a problem. I drove in 4 inches of fresh wet snow, the stuff we call "Cascade concrete" around here. I was barely able to climb my driveway, and it really struggled to hook up on hills in my neighborhood. I has 265/70/15 snow tires on after market wheels. I have a stock set of 89 Cherokee wheels with snow tires coming my way, not sure what size yet. My father in law used them one season and put them in his shed. My guess is the tires are no good. So, I think I will buy some tires. I am thinking same height as the 265/70's that are on it, but I would like to go narrower. I think a 245 or 235 80 would work, if I could find such a thing. I would like to get a pretty aggressive tread for it. With the 265's, it feels like the truck is too light and floats on the top of the snow. The 2.5 isn't exactly a powerhouse, so it doesn't have the power to spin the snow out of the tread (at least that's how it feels) I think smaller tires might be the answer. I am not going to go wheeling in this Jeep other than necessary type stuff I encounter living in the woods, like muddy forest service roads when I cut wood. Any suggestions? Anyone got pictures of tires they like of their MJ? D.
  5. I have a 92 comanche eliminator 4.0L and it has a 4 1/2 in rough country suspension lift on it. I want to lift it two more inches and i was wondering if i would just be able to fit a two in coil spacer on there and an adda leaf and be good? Or will i need more to go along.. If theres an easier cheaper way please share. Just wanting to clear 33's
  6. Here is a pic of a homemade RTI ramp lol. . :MJ 2: .
  7. Hello. I have a quick question. I have an awesome 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer, 4.0 4x4. I recently 4 purchased used tires with Jeep rims. The four tires vary with usable rubber remaining. I am thinking the 2 best rubbers will go on the back and the 2 less rubbers will go on the front. The question is do you know which rear tire I should put the best rubber on rear driver or passenger? Would you recommend any method of putting them given the rubber remaining? Thanks very much. I am always a fan of your forums.
  8. I've got two sets of aluminum rims that I will need to change tires on. When changing tires on aluminum rims once before, they became scratched. Anyone have any advice or know of tire tools that won't damage aluminum when mounting/dismounting tires on aluminum rims?
  9. Hi guys, I live in Alaska, just a little north of Anchorage. My question for you all is; does anyone know a good brand and size of tire to use in snow, keep in mind I'm looking for skinny, aggressive tires to use, preferably good in deep snow, and preferably studded. I run a paper route in Eagle River, and a couple times per winter it likes to snow 2+ feet of snow in a few hours. My truck has a 4.0 5spd, and will have a 3in lift by winter. I know some of you are super fans of skinny tires, so I thought you might have a clue.
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