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  1. Oddmodman


    I want like a million acre junk yard. Another man's trash...
  2. Oddmodman


    My neighbor just had a mini-stroke and I think he's realized he'll never get around to all his junkers in the back before he kicks the bucket. So yesterday these guys show up and start pulling cars out on a dolly. There goes an El Camino, don't really care; and then out rolls a 67-72 Chevy pickup. Sure the rockers are gone and the grill needs replacing, but otherwise it's pretty darn good. Went over and talked to them, they were indeed pulling things out to take to the crusher. It had a 4-speed manual, t-case, and good axles. Absolutely a crying shame. Discarding vehicles like that should be a
  3. EXACTLY why I will not swap my bench out for buckets lol!
  4. Honestly I don't think it's terrible. It'd be hard to keep that finish alive though, methinks.
  5. Heat isn't hardly a factor here in Alaska, but I find that curious that all the 4.0s I've seen haven't had shrouds. :dunno:
  6. Oddmodman


    Well thank you that means I won't have to do any research :thumbsup: ; mostly I was just remarking upon his stupidity, especially for thinking bigger rims are bigger tires. I'll tell him about the lift, chances are he won't get it. I wouldn't know if I'd want to install it anyway for JeepcoMJ's reasons.
  7. Did they really come with shrouds with the mech fans? I have 2 MJs and just sold an XJ and none had shrouds. Is that a common thing to rip out then?
  8. Oddmodman


    So there's this guy I know that is another member of my church. He reminds me of C-3PO SO much it's sad. Anyhow, he's had a couple new Jeeps. He was telling me today that when he had his Liberty he was trying to ford a creek and hydrolocked his engine. In the middle of this story he's like, "Yeah, it's nice I don't have to dumb down my words for you; you know Jeeps." - (Referring to having hydrolocked his engine). So I was thinking, "Well that was stupid; don't you know where the intake is on it...??" He goes on to say how now that he has his new Patriot, it needs at least a two-inch lift, and
  9. There are two golden torx bolts which hold down the seatbelt latches to either side of the middle of the seat. If I were to add a lap belt, those bolts are what I'd put them under. Shouldn't be hard at all.
  10. Same here man. Sorry that happened.
  11. There's no way if I owned your truck that I'd pervert it with a Ford engine. It all depends upon what you want the truck for in the end.
  12. I've got to say, this stuff you're making is clever! I especially liked the artistic fire rings I believe they were.
  13. Well, right off the bat I'd do a full tune-up. Immediately after I would do the seafoam-in-TB-and-brake-booster trick. Just did that to my buddy's chevy, huge difference! You already said you were getting better injectors. You can do a better exhaust, but you won't get its full gains without a better intake, and you won't get full gains out of either without porting your head. Also, Cruiser's tips are ALL worth doing, especially the CPS overbore and advance mod. The overbore should make it more reliable and the advance should net you free power. Electric fan as well, as has been mentioned. Ful
  14. No that clears everything up. I kept looking at rockauto and there were clearly two options, a 1pc and a 2pc, and everyone kept telling me there is no 1pc. So, your explanation makes more sense. Thanks.
  15. Says it's a rear crankshaft seal aka rms.
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