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  1. JeepFanactic

    Carpet Replacement

    Great...can't wait to see how it turns out...
  2. JeepFanactic

    Carpet Replacement

    I have the black vinyl carpet and its falling apart from old age.
  3. Can anyone recommend a decent carpet replacement. I tried doing a search but everything is pretty dated...Thanks
  4. JeepFanactic

    Project Pango

    Nice Truck
  5. JeepFanactic

    Seat Bracket Power to Manual

    Great Thanks
  6. JeepFanactic

    4wd conversion questions

    I just finished up my conversion and it really wasn't that difficult. This was the first time ever doing anything like this. What I did was I asked a lot of questions and read a lot of write ups. There are a lot of knowledgeable and patient people here that are willing to help out as much as possible. A lot of times the same question and topics come up and it must be frustrating to the see the same thing come up but everyone is willing to help out so don't be afraid to ask a question. I upgraded to the AX-15 transmission so it took longer to find all the parts that I needed. If I would of started out with a automatic it would of been a lot quicker since it seams there a lot more of them out there. It is definitely easier to have a donor vehicle in front of you as I always found myself running to the junkyard for little things that I didn't have. It's been a fun project and I learned a lot of things that I didn't know. Good Luck
  7. JeepFanactic

    Seat Bracket Power to Manual

    I got seats out of a 2 door 89 XJ that are power. Is it possible to remove the power brackets and put in manual brackets from a 93 XJ and below. Thanks
  8. Looking at 2 door seats today. Are the brackets on power XJ seats interchangeable with manual seats. Also are the seats able to recline manually or are they power also. Is it better to look for manual seats. Thanks
  9. JeepFanactic

    Interior Opinions

    They are power seats. Do you know if they could be swapped to manual? Will they be able to be adjusted/ tilt back?
  10. Just looking for thoughts and opinions. Going to pick up a center console and bucket seats out of a 2 door XJ tomorrow. Been looking for 2 door seats for awhile now. The seats are in decent shape but are gray and my interior is blue. Should I get the seats redone at a shop or should I go with the all gray interior. Just looking for ideas for what people have done. Thanks
  11. JeepFanactic

    Bucket Seats

    Looking for 2dr buckets seats or MJ seats. Prefer blue in color. Thanks
  12. JeepFanactic

    Rim Question

    Thanks for the pictures. I have narrowed it down to the 16 inch Moab's or the Ravines. Let the search begin. Thanks
  13. JeepFanactic

    Rim Question

    What's a fair price for a set of Ravines? Just so i know what there going for?
  14. JeepFanactic

    Rim Question

    That's with no lift?
  15. JeepFanactic

    Rim Question

    Nice MJ....What size tire are you running?