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Found 6 results

  1. I'm getting ready to install a lift kit and new tires on my 87 MJ. I'm looking at installing the rough country 4.5in lift (linked below), and was wondering if 33s would fit decently. I know it says 32s, but what is the play on it. Also was wondering if anyone has ran this kit and would recommend it or not, and if there are any other parts I would need that I don't know about. Any info helps. 4.5in kit: https://www.quadratec.com/p/rough-country/4.5in-suspension-lift-kit-jeep-comanche-mj-62630
  2. With a 3” lift what size does my front adjustable upper and lower control arms need to be set at on my 1986 jeep Comanche?
  3. Tramp


    1986 Jeep Comanche LWB Command-Trac, 2.5 litre 4x4. Body ia a little rough but sound. Runs good. Has a leak in the clutch slave cylinder so you have to pump the clutch up a few times before you take off if you haven't driven it in a while. 2.5 litre Iron Duke 4 cylinder All New brake system, master cylinder, braided lines, rotors, pads, EVERYTHING! New Ignition Module Recent tune up with new plugs and wires too New Starter Spectre water cooled air filter 4" lift kit Zone Shocks
  4. So I recently purchased my first Comanche and for the most part its still well kept other than interior like most 30 year old vehicles, like many, I started to buy parts for it like lights, mud flaps, etc. And I’ve never restored a car but I know basics and I can follow instructions well with that being said I went out and got me some 33” and was wondering whats a good “lift kit” for it, everyone says that rough country is trash, that’s better to put together one, but from Individual experience what has worked out for y’all, like I’ll like to know a complete set for maybe a 4-1/2 lift or 6 inc
  5. Hey just bought an 88 Comanche Pioneer yesterday. Just wondering what brand lift kit is best. Looking for a 2-3 inch suspension lift. Also is there anything i need to buy in addition to the lift? (Brake lines, sway bar links, control arms)
  6. I have a 2WD, 1989 MJ it's basically stock at the moment and i'm looking into possibly putting a lift kit and stock Jeep Rubicon Rims and tires. (17" rims and the BFG Mud Terains 255/75R17) Basically just for show for now until I can come up with the money to swap her to 4x4. I'm not looking for anything major just a 3" to 4.5" decent riding lift. I was looking at the Rough Country, Rusty's Offroad Etc... But I was curious if anyone have had any good/bad feedback with those lifts or suggestions on what I should do. Thanks, Ja
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