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Found 17 results

  1. 1986 Jeep Comanche • 2.5L TBI • 5-Speed • 4x4 • Big Ton • AMC 20 Rear Axle • Long Bed My Comanche must have been made on a Friday, because there's two different VINs present. This truck has been flying under the radar since it landed on the shores of Kansas way back in 86. When it was due for insurance renewal I noticed inconsistencies across the board. After a full month of rigamarole, a patient Highway Patrolman got this truck on the straight-and-narrow with the state of Kansas. Back in the day this truck was driven all around checking oil wells on rough limestone country roads. 2nd owner used it like a truck, but had it garaged for the 20 years he had it. Under its current owner she remains garaged, and is slowly being taken to its next level. I personally go with the dash VIN, but Kansas has the engine bay VIN as their favorite When looking closely, another VIN plate is riveted underneath A full month of leg work, and all I got was this sticker: The previous owner got the seat reupholstered Redlinegoods.com made this custom shift boot. It looks great, but their stock Comanche sewing template is too long. In the future I may reorder this boot with 2 or 3 inches of height removed. In the shop for a much needed transmission overhaul A full-size spare snugs right in to replace the old doughnut 157,500 miles on this 2.5L
  3. Tramp


    1986 Jeep Comanche LWB Command-Trac, 2.5 litre 4x4. Body ia a little rough but sound. Runs good. Has a leak in the clutch slave cylinder so you have to pump the clutch up a few times before you take off if you haven't driven it in a while. 2.5 litre Iron Duke 4 cylinder All New brake system, master cylinder, braided lines, rotors, pads, EVERYTHING! New Ignition Module Recent tune up with new plugs and wires too New Starter Spectre water cooled air filter 4" lift kit Zone Shocks
  4. I'm looking for suggestions about gear ratio. I just bought a 1988 Comanche. 4cy, 2wd, manual 5speed. I got 31 inch tires for it. I will be using it as my daily driver on highways and city streets. I will NOT be using it off road. I think the stock gear ratio will not need to be upgraded. I was wondering if anyone had an informed opinion on this. Thanks
  5. Please help, I've got engine oil in clutch reservoir (?) I recently became a proud owner of a 4WD 89 Comanche 4.0 paired to a Peugeot transmission, but the previous owner lost the clutch while delivering it to my house, making clutch-less shifts. We added fluid to the master cylinder reservoir, pumped the clutch, and the fluid turned black. Now the clutch has some pressure, but quickly loses it as it drips from where the rear main seal would be. The seller mentioned that the rear-main seal was most likely bad, and it explained the oil leak that I saw when I test drove it. The master cylinder doesn't seem to be leaking, nor does the line leading to the internally located slave cylinder. The engine oil is pitch black and very low. My best guess is that the slave cylinder blew and is ingesting oil from the rear-main seal leak? Has anyone encountered this? I tried to find videos on how to replace the slave cylinder when it's internally mounted, but had no luck. I wanted to get it running myself so I could plan out what the build would be, but now I'm wondering if I should send it out, swap to an AX15, replace the clutch, and convert to an external slave cylinder. Any advice is much appreciated
  6. I've got a 1987 Jeep Comanche Pioneer RWD with a 4.0 I6. Just as a little project for fun, I was wanting to convert it from automatic to manual. I am interested in converting it to 4 wheel drive as well, but that shouldn't be too terrible. The only issue I have is that my truck is a column shifter. Would it be extremely difficult to pull off this kind of a conversion, or is it somewhat possible?
  7. Hello guys, hope everyone is doing well! My motor is on the way out, I check the engine compression and three cylinders are at 90 psi and idling rough . thought about rebuilding but going with remanufacture instead, what are you guys thoughts on ATK and sure fire engines ? I heard really bad reviews and what do you guys recommend ? (still wanted to keep small 4 cyclinder instead going 4.0 ) The MJ is my daily driver, details in my MJ are 1987 base 4x2 2.5 L Thanks for the reply !
  8. Hello fellow members. As some may know I just got my jeep running and driving, and when I brought her back from a spin around the block I saw it was dripping some fluid I freaked out for half a second thinking it was oil, I checked all the spots oil could leak from and they where all dry. I took a second look and my manual steering box is leaking. at first i thought it was from the sector shaft seal where the pitman arm connects after talking to Lee but its leaking from the front of the steering box. How could I fix this up?
  9. Hey everybody, my name is Dan, and this is my first post. I've been lurking a while now and I have to say, this is one of the best forums I've ever come across. The vast amounts of information and inspiration are very helpful to new owners. And there is a shocking abscence of bickering, oversensitivity and internet tough guys that seem all too common on other forums. With that said, it's about damn time to start talkn bout Comanches... I've had my eye on getting a Comanche for a couple years. Started seriously looking last January, had a few slip through my fingers, but finally got one in March. Got lucky and found an 87 SWB 2wd 5spd with just under 130k and completely stock. Picked it up for $1800. ;) It had some water leaks(carpet was wet) and needed tires. When I went to leave after sealing the deal, the starter stopped working. So the seller gave me back $60 for a new starter. So for the next day I had to give the starter some love taps to get her going. Turned out to be a loose signal wire. Score! Also, I forgot how much I like driving midsize trucks with a manual trans. Here she is a few days after I bought her: Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics before I started wrenching on it.. Was just really excited. I installed a tool box that I had on a couple other trucks and bought those wheels/tires on craigslist. $70 with pretty worn BFG A/Ts. But they weren't dry rotted like the tires that came on the truck, so that's something.
  10. So last July I bought a house and as an incentive he was going to include his broken down 89 Comanche.(I was going to buy it regardless but I like small trucks always like the 4.0) Anyways what I got is a 89 2WD 4.0 Manual truck. I would like to get it up and running first and then maybe do a 4WD conversion and keep it a stick. I might do a slight 2-4 inch raise seeing as it'll be a trail/dump runner so need to keep it street legal. I have a little automotive experience but not much in the ways of axels/transmissions and such. I did it get where I can drive it. Had to replace bad starter and bad and wrong battery (probably what fried the starter). So it cranks every time now. I do have an issue on occasion with the transmission not wanting to go into gear opinions? Also I have a brake issue they work but the pedal is pretty much at the firewall and it isn't the quickest response. I tried bleeding them but no air bubbles and passenger front has a stripped bleeder screw that I will have to deal with as well. The brake fluid has not dropped so I don't think there is a leak but again not sure. Also runs a bit hot after shut off I heard this is common and only real way to fix is to convert to open system (already replaced tank, pump, and thermostat, helped a lot) Any help would be greatly appreciated also I will post pictures and video of it running as soon as I get home.
  11. Hey guys I really need a manual 5 speed tranny quick and if anyone else has the small triangular vent windows with the locks lmk. Willing to pay good for both items. I'm located in central Florida but don't mind driving to wherever the parts are even if it means heading up a couple states.
  12. So I haven't been on here in ages but I've finally had a chance to poke around with my old MJ (1991 Pioneer that I did a motor swap with a 2000 wrangler) Both 4.0 HOs. Ran fine years ago when I parked her until I had a high dollar Viper alarm put on. Finally finished taking that off and trying to start her up and shake her down (last ran in 2009-2010) and successfully pull started her with tractor on first try (started wouldn't work until after running for a few minutes). My starter problem makes me think it's possibly the crank position sensor since it's an intermittent problem but I am certainly out of my league and hoping for help. The MAIN reason for this post is the fact that it ran fine in reverse but the moment I tried to start out in 1st or 2nd gear (didn't try 3-5) it would instantly stall out no matter how high I had the RPMs. I literally drove it back down to barn in reverse with no problems what so ever yet when tried forward gears again it stalled out. Please help! (Before anyone gets upset before posting this I did forum searches for this problem, as well as, google search to see if something popped up on forum that I couldn't find from within. Thank you in advance for your help!
  13. Hello all, I'm looking for a Jeep Comanche 89 - 92 with the 4.0 and a 5 speed. Ideally located within a few hours of PA. Let me know what you have, Thanks.
  14. Hey Hey guys I am back after an absence of a couple years. I have found another Comanche, in much better condition than my current one, that is being used to hold down 4 patches of dirt under its tires haha. Any ways this one will be mine as of tmrw! Plans in the works/pipe dreams are to swap in a 4wd system, a new back bumper, new front bumper, lights, some stereo equip, lights, random tweaking of stuff lol. For the 4wd swap I will have to check out what my tranny is and compatibility issues and model and what I will have to get for the swap. After the 4wd is in I want to put a bit bigger tires on, but this is going to be a "capable utility truck" so 98% on road. So that means Extremely light new front bumper and rear, thinking building my own custom tube bumper? Anyone have experience with that? If I feel really rich I may be inclined to throw some lockers in depending on what I will be riding on for axles. Floor boards are clean frame is clean, somewhere along the lines this has had a undercoating sprayed on it, corner cab surface rust starting, I will deal with that immediately. Bench Seat is coming out, getting some buckets from somewhere not sure yet, I felt like I was going to sink while I was Test Driving it. Has an aftermarket exhaust system that sounds awesome :P All in all this is probably the cleanest Comanche I have ever seen this far north the price tag was $2000 Canadian, it may seem steep but I see more corvettes up here than I do Comanches as most have long ago rotted away.
  15. Anybody know if a 94-99 ax-15 shifter will work in a pre-94 ax-15?
  16. Hi all. New and hopefully posting to the right place. I just bought a 1990 Jeep Comanche about a month ago, 2WD 2.5L 4 cylinder. Has been running and cooperating great. Yesterday while driving home on the highway, I went to change from fourth to fifth and could not get it into gear. Changing gears had been feeling a tiny bit more "tough" the past couple days, but nothing that seemed really notable. I'd just been able to feel it kind of get into gear where a couple days prior it seemed totally soft and fluid. Anyway, I then tried to get back into fourth and couldn't. I slowed down, pulled off the highway and tried all gears as my speed dropped. None would go. Off the side of the road I idled a bit, and was able to put it into second after a minute. I got it home driving slow but had to really push it into third and fourth (no grinding, just very tough). In the driveway while off it goes into gear very easily. Once I've started the engine, however, it's difficult to impossible again. I have a very minor (drop a day or less) oil leak in what I believe is the main rear seal and valve seals. Otherwise nothing wrong that I know about. Is this a clutch problem? I'm not a mechanic but can certainly troubleshoot / perform repairs with a little direction. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Hi guys, I've read the forums for a few years, but I haven't posted before. I'm in the middle of an engine & transmission swap in my 89 2 wheel drive pioneer mj, longbed. It came with a ba-10 from the factory and I'm upgrading it to an Aw-4. The original I-6 seized and I swapped in a 87 I-6. I have the new trans & engine in the truck now. Just have to connect everything up + buy some misc parts for the auto conversion. :wrench: Then I can crank it over and see how it sounds. :driving: I have a question about the speed sensor. Any advice appreciated. This: My Aw-4 came with an electric speed sensor but my truck uses a manual speed sensor. Is it really as simple as plugging the manual sensor & gear into the trans (maybe I need a new gear with a different number of teeth?), or am I missing something?
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