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  1. I’m located down in Corsicana Texas where are you located, I would give some for it
  2. Hello guys, hope everyone is doing well! My motor is on the way out, I check the engine compression and three cylinders are at 90 psi and idling rough . thought about rebuilding but going with remanufacture instead, what are you guys thoughts on ATK and sure fire engines ? I heard really bad reviews and what do you guys recommend ? (still wanted to keep small 4 cyclinder instead going 4.0 ) The MJ is my daily driver, details in my MJ are 1987 base 4x2 2.5 L Thanks for the reply !
  3. Thank you guys for the infor keeping the same 2.5 L
  4. Hello guys, I have 1987 2.5 2wd standard Jeep Comanche and the engine gave out on me, I was thinking of dropping a new engine in it, my question Is what engine do y’all recommend or should I just stick to 2.5 L and would like to know what you guys have Under the hood. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply but I have 2wd 2.5 L, also you think I will have the switch the TCM?. I was wondering if my wiring will change as well
  6. Hello I wanted to know if any one switch their manual Comanche to an automatic, I have 1987 Comanche, or would any body happened to know if I can change transmission from a XJ
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