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  1. Short or long bed? The topper from 3rd and 4th gen rangers with the 6 foot bed fit short bed Comanches ok, just need a 3/4in spacer between the bed rail and the base of the topper. Could be made to look even better with some basic fiberglass work.
  2. Looking for one or two canyon Wheels to replace one I just damaged. Located near Charlottesville, VA will pay to ship if the price is reasonable.
  3. Pulled the trigger on a 6ft topper for a 3rd gen Ranger off craigslist. Fits better than I expected, way better than the S10 toppers I have seen on Comanches First pic is the topper mounted shortly after picking it up. The length is about a half inch short at the base/bed rail. The width is almost perfect where it meets the bed but is a little narrower than the back of the cab as you move up the fiberglass. The height is about 3/4in short. The profile of the top corners is close but obviously does not match the Comanche. The profiles start to match better
  4. Anyone have experience with how well a topper for a 2nd or 3rd gen Ford Ranger (93'-12') will fit? Anyone have a pic; Combed through the Comanche's with toppers pic thread and didn't see one that said it was a Ranger.
  5. I have a dream of one day getting a LJ and then extending the rear of the tub to the same length as a scrambler.
  6. Passenger side in the process of being acquired, anyone have a drivers side?
  7. I'm looking for a set of tail lights with broken lenses. I am trying to come up with a way to produce reproduction or modified taillights for those of us that need a set and I want to be able to access under the lenses without destroying a set of good lights.
  8. What are your plans for registration? Are you changing the registration and title to diesel or does CT have emissions exemptions on older vehicles allowing you to keep the current registration, in a grey area way.
  9. Stock backspacing for YJ and MJ is 5.25", the wheels in that ad are aftermarket steel wheels with what look like 33's mounted on them, so I would guess they have 3.75" of backspacing which will make your tires stick out a bit and look a little off with stock size tires.
  10. Is there a difference in the knuckles (or at minimum the caliper mounting) between a 2wd beam and a Dana 30? If not here is an interesting brake upgrade I have seen which would retain your stock knuckles and steering; seems like a fairly decent upgrade for not alot of money. https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f67/17-diy-big-brake-kit-xj-mj-tj-yj-d30-44-a-222937/
  11. I have the metric ton with the military wrap that was part of the group buy a few years ago.
  12. You may need to add a lift shackle to the rear, I too ordered GS metric ton springs and only got 1 3/4 of lift.
  13. I would like to have both a simple jpg or pdf and a vector format if it's available.
  14. Anyone have an accurate Comanche line drawing of the truck from the side? Preferably lwb but swb would work. I know it's out there somewhere as I used to have the file but have misplaced it. I have been searching to no avail.
  15. I'm looking for some advice on the value of the parts I'm removing from a '86 2.5 4x4 with a 5 speed. I'm swapping in a TDI ax15 and 242 so the engine trans and transfer case are going. Not positive on accessories yet but I'm pretty sure none of the original equipment will be reused (simultaneously doing a 97+ swap which should provide everything else) I've been hearing more and more that parts for the early 2.5 are becoming hard to come by and I would like to recoup some cost. I read some posts saying I'll get better returns if I break the whole engine down and sell i
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