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  1. What are your plans for registration? Are you changing the registration and title to diesel or does CT have emissions exemptions on older vehicles allowing you to keep the current registration, in a grey area way.
  2. Stock backspacing for YJ and MJ is 5.25", the wheels in that ad are aftermarket steel wheels with what look like 33's mounted on them, so I would guess they have 3.75" of backspacing which will make your tires stick out a bit and look a little off with stock size tires.
  3. Is there a difference in the knuckles (or at minimum the caliper mounting) between a 2wd beam and a Dana 30? If not here is an interesting brake upgrade I have seen which would retain your stock knuckles and steering; seems like a fairly decent upgrade for not alot of money. https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f67/17-diy-big-brake-kit-xj-mj-tj-yj-d30-44-a-222937/
  4. I have the metric ton with the military wrap that was part of the group buy a few years ago.
  5. You may need to add a lift shackle to the rear, I too ordered GS metric ton springs and only got 1 3/4 of lift.
  6. I would like to have both a simple jpg or pdf and a vector format if it's available.
  7. masimmons25

    Line Drawing

    Anyone have an accurate Comanche line drawing of the truck from the side? Preferably lwb but swb would work. I know it's out there somewhere as I used to have the file but have misplaced it. I have been searching to no avail.
  8. I'm looking for some advice on the value of the parts I'm removing from a '86 2.5 4x4 with a 5 speed. I'm swapping in a TDI ax15 and 242 so the engine trans and transfer case are going. Not positive on accessories yet but I'm pretty sure none of the original equipment will be reused (simultaneously doing a 97+ swap which should provide everything else) I've been hearing more and more that parts for the early 2.5 are becoming hard to come by and I would like to recoup some cost. I read some posts saying I'll get better returns if I break the whole engine down and sell it piece by piece but this could take a while. Sorry I've been rambling a little, just looking for any advice from anyone who's gotten a good return from parting out their unneeded parts, bonus if it's related to the early 2.5 Thanks Edit* sorry if this doesn't belong in the pub, I just didn't think it fit in modifications and repairs.
  9. Looking for the bezel, retainer and boot from a manual 97-01 xj with the dark gray center console, lower interrior and door pannels. Looking for all pieces, but am most interested in the outer bezel.
  10.  The purist in me says no but for the purpose I want to use it for that would make a ton of sense. My skateboard buddies and I take trips all over and its nice to not section it off from the rest of the crew for those longer drives. If I were to do it I would probably still keep the sections behind the driver / passenger seats and just have a little doorway type of deal. Funny enough, the bracing on the current '78 Hilux it currently sits on just has a steel bar that hooks into two brackets on either side above the driver / passenger doors. Ahh, the simplicity  If sectioning off passengers in the rear is the main concern, and not being able to hop into one of the front seats from the rear, I would just remove the rear window and make a good gasket between the cab and sunrader. Then you save all of the structural integrity and can talk to each other between the cab and rear living area. In an emergency I could see you even being able to shimmy up into the driving position from the rear. Love the idea of this build.
  11. Are you planning to cut the back of the cab out for a pass through? If so I think you will need to add back some bracing due to the cab and front end being unibody.
  12. Anyone ever measure the deflection of the rear frame and bed relative to the cab under flex?
  13. They are not installed backwards. This is a common concern with the aftermarket springs (general spring metric ton reproductions, hell creek springs ect.) The spring is designed this way to allow for load in the bed which will compress the spring and move the axle rearward, at least thats what I have read. As an owner of the general spring metric tons I'm not wild about the apperance, but I understand the reasoning behind it.
  14. I have a '87 with chrome trim, grill and gutters, doing a 97 swap so I won't need them. The upper grill trim has two small dents in it, but you have to get very close to see them. PM if interested.
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