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  1. masimmons25

    3" Lift kit w/o Add a leaf

    They are not installed backwards. This is a common concern with the aftermarket springs (general spring metric ton reproductions, hell creek springs ect.) The spring is designed this way to allow for load in the bed which will compress the spring and move the axle rearward, at least thats what I have read. As an owner of the general spring metric tons I'm not wild about the apperance, but I understand the reasoning behind it.
  2. masimmons25

    Chrome Trim Around Grill

    I have a '87 with chrome trim, grill and gutters, doing a 97 swap so I won't need them. The upper grill trim has two small dents in it, but you have to get very close to see them. PM if interested.
  3. masimmons25

    4bt into comanche?

    As has been said the 4bt is very tall and heavy, it has been done though. Better candidates are VW tdi's (adapters available), mercedes diesels ( both om617 or newer and better om606 adapters are available from mercedesdiesel4x4.com), or if your pockets are a little deeper the new cummins repower crate engines look pretty cool (2.8l, ready to run, just need engine mounts and plumbing, and adapters are available).
  4. masimmons25

    from a WJ

    No, the engine and wiring in mine came from a 91 xj with an automatic and 231, it now has an ax15 and 242, just plugged in
  5. I can't member the build thread or if it was here or over at naxja, but someone swapped in seats from a version of the pt cruiser that flipped forward like this and had a hard plastic back. I don't think it's all pt cruisers but if you found them they are probably narrower and a better fit than captains chairs from a van.
  6. masimmons25

    XJ to MJ

  7. masimmons25

    MJ LB Dual 24gal Tanks?

    I agree the diesel conversion will take care of any range issues. Part of the project is to have the bed able to convert to a mini camper that can be used year round possibly even on a ski trip; so I have a diesel powered hydronic coolant heater, usually designed for preheating engines, but are used by many people building expedition vehicles to provide heat and even hot water with the engine off. The second tank would mostly be to run that for as long as I want without eating into vehicle range.
  8. masimmons25

    MJ LB Dual 24gal Tanks?

    This is the best idea I have seen yet for this problem. I'm looking to do this on my lwb tdi conversion project and had always thought I would find a way to route it over the driveshaft, but even if that is possible it would still require that space at the front for the exhaust to go up, going over the gap between the frame and bed seems a lot easier. Stock 18 gal swb tanks are about 6in shorter than lwb 23 gal tanks, think that's enough of an air gap to prevent excessive vaporization of gasoline? If I end up doing this it will be with diesel so I'll have a little extra leeway as diesel doesn't really like to vaporize but it would still be nice to know about the gasoline.
  9. masimmons25

    3D printed parts

    I looked into making a 3d printed model a little while ago and did find a few digital 3d models that could be used as a starting point. The best one was this hum3d.com/3d-models/jeep-comanche-mj-1984/ But $75 was a little more than i wanted to spend on this project Also found these but they are a long way from being printable. 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=Jeep comanche&searchTab=model
  10. masimmons25

    Overland MJ's

    Wow this is awesome, I too would be interested in more info on the build as I'm considering something similar. I'm specifically interested in the weight of the camper and how close to or over gvwr the rig is, and any modifications to the suspension of other components to compensate for the added weight.
  11. Is this the VNT17 I keep hearing about? No. The VNT17 is a bolt on upgrade to the ALH VNT15. The ALH engine was last used in 2003, but still very popular and reliable. The 1Z and AHU engines are older than the ALH by 3 or 4 years and did not have a VNT turbo (VNT = Variable Nozzle Turbo). The older engines used a wastegated turbo, not VNT. The GTC1549VZ turbo is about 2 generations newer than the VNT-17 and was never sold in North America. The GTD1752VRK is 3 generations newer than the VNT-17, also never sold in North America Both of these turbos support more top end horsepower and spool quicker at the low end than the VNT-17. That means a broad, flat torque curve. As an example, later Audi/VW diesels report peak torque over a range of 1750 to 2750 rpms, rather than at 1900 rpms. The GTC turbo pushes enough air to support 200-210 horsepower. The GTD turbo will support 220 horsepower. Both Turbos require some custom work to mate to the ALH, AHJ, & 1Z engines. For the last 18 months, I have been running a GTC1549VZ turbo on my 96 Passat with close to double the stock horsepower and I have been super pleased with the results. Very, very little turbo lag and smooth power to 4500+ rpm. We had to dial back the power because the clutch would start to slip at 313 lb/ft of torque. The tune is now putting out 285 lb/ft with no clutch slipping. Max boost pressure is held to 26 psi, in the interest of keeping the head gasket in one piece. The 285 lb/ft is at the front wheels on the dyno. The H.O. 4.0 puts out 230 lb/ft at the flywheel, not the rear wheels. With this engine for the Comanche, the stronger 12.9 head bolts will keep the gasket in place for more than 30 psi boost. The AHU pistons are said to be a bit stronger than the 1Z pistons also. The larger Jeep 4.0 LUK H.D. clutch "should" support more torque than the stock VW VR6 clutch. All in all, the thinking is that the GTD1752VRK turbo will be able to deliver the same or more torque at lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures in the Comanche compared to the GTC1549VZ in the much more aerodynamic Passat. Sorry for the long winded response. Digging the progress on your build, could you elaborate a little on the custom work needed to mate a GTC1549VZ or GTD1752VRK to a 1z, I did a little searching over at tdiclub couldn't find anything specific.
  12. I was able to get one side installed today, two things one, the center pin used on these was larger than the hole in my spring perch so I had to enlarge it to 9/16ths. This is on a d35 in a long bed. The new pin appears to be 1mm larger in diameter where it meets the perch. So have a drill handy when installing. Two, The spring produced about 1.5in over the stock springs (86 long bed, d35, 4cyl, 4x4) when comparing it to the other side which is still stock, having the different springs on at the same time may be throwing that off a little but I don't think too much. Hope these don't settle too much. Looks like I will still be looking into a shackle. Took some pics but can't post them right now
  13. Yeah, asked Joe and he got back to me immediately, this one was delivered last night, other one should be here tonight. Anyone started thinking about what shocks would pair well with these?
  14. UPS dropped off something for me today too, .......A spring. LOL, hoping the other one gets here later today or tomorrow so i can mabe put them in this weekend. Knucklehead were your springs connected together for shipping or did they have separate labels?
  15. I have seen pics of a few people installing 97+ xj lights in mj beds, requires metalwork, the euro spec xj taillights would work The wiring will be a bit of work too. Mabe disconnect the brake light switch from the stock wiring and run a separate circuit. connect the stock brake/turn to the dedicated turn signal. run the stock tail light to the low element of the new tail and the new circuit to the high element. reverse should be stock and you could add a switch for the rear fog. The only thing wrong is the low element won't turn off when the brake lights turn on or convert the wiring harness to an xj (had to do the reverse of this when i swapped in a 91 xj drivetrain, used a trailer light controller to make the lights work)