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  1. Thanks guys! My intention was to try to make it look like it came there from the factory, makes me happy to hear an objective opinion that it looks that way. Lot of zip tied stuff I plan to clean up. 6hr round trip this weekend and could not be happier. Has motivated me to give it that last 10% of love it needs to drive like new. Ordered some new shocks, rebuild steering gear, add some sound deadening.
  2. Turbo installed. Drives much better. Averaging 29mpg on my commute.
  3. Nope, no AC. Never had it. Seats and console done. I adapted to MJ boot to the auto shift cover but found the boot is too stiff where it’s located and makes shifting difficult. Bought a leather boot on eBay. Also bought a blank for the t case shifter hole.
  4. About 1200 miles so far, averaging 28.5 mpg. Really needs a turbo with the 3.55s... soon enough. Grabbing seats and console from a 99 2dr XJ this weekend.
  5. I am pretty much committed to keeping manual steering. I have what I believe is a 20:1 or 5 turns lock to lock box. Looking for a 24:1 or 6.25 turn lock to lock box. Hoping someone has one laying around after a power steering conversion.
  6. In CT, anything 25 years and older requires only VIN verification if it was registered out of state. No safety inspection on anything. I got the VIN verified and transferred the reg from the Mercedes to the truck. The title from TN didn’t even mention fuel type. I know, we have it easy. Don’t have much else going for us in this state :)
  7. 5th looked perfect. I put two small tack welds between the snap ring and 5th gear so it can’t come off. Bushing and seal replaced. The slip yoke has some wear too, but it is much tighter now and drives noticeably smoother. May replace the slip yoke at some point. I was having vibration issues from the diesel swap and had no headliner so it was really hard to tell if the issue was isolated to 5th while being shaken in an echo chamber. Got a headliner in and vibration issue sorted and it became more clear that the issue was not isolated to 5th gear.
  8. Very close to DD status. Before doing a complete configuration change on the motor mounts, I decided to try stock Jeep mounts. They didn’t change much, but... I found the motor side bracket was touching the unibody side bracket and took significant force to pry apart. Pulled bracket, sliced in half, bolted each half back up, tack welded in neutral position... BAM! Vibration that’s about 15% over what it was in the donor car. That made a huge difference in driveability. Slip yoke bushing a seal are shot, tomorrow’s job. Stereo working with 4 new speakers Sweet headliner (fatigue mat, idea stolen from ComancheClub) Lots of misc interior assembly LED instrument lights H4 conversion Needs tires balanced Have bolts to replace door pins No dome lights Rebuild manual steering box w fresh grease 3.55s and .85 OD are useless. 3.73 would put me identical to where I was rpm/speed wise in the Mercedes. I think that’s going to need to happen, even with a turbo.
  9. Are you saying you had a sort of rhythmic rumbling that was due to a bad output slip yoke bushing?
  10. Guessing a lot of you are on the "All Things Comanche" FB group where I already posted this, but figured I'd post here too... 86 2wd I just swapped a 4cyl Mercedes diesel in. I did not drive the truck at all before the swap, but I suspect this issue is unrelated. Rumbling only present in 5th gear, fades in and out roughly ounce or twice a second. I had initially suspected tire balance, but I believe I have isolated it to 5th gear specifically, regardless of road speed. I see lots of talk about c clips falling off and either causing partial engagement of gears that damages teeth or a complete loss of 5th gear. As I kept reading, I came across a couple people saying earlier AX5s used a crimp style lock nut to hold 5th. Can't get a whole lot earlier than 86 so my question is... is it likely that my transmission has the nut rather than clip? Are the 5th gear issues mostly isolated to the later AX5s with the c clips? I suppose its possible the gears are damaged, but seems less likely to me on a stock 4cyl 2wd truck if they never became only partially engaged. I found my slip yoke wobbling more than what seems acceptable to me with a leaking seal, so I ordered a bushing and seal and plan to pull the rear extension housing to replace both of those parts. I will inspect 5th at that point.
  11. Test drive tonight!!! Cooling system isn’t doing much. Only idiot light that never came on but hot radiator top and cold lower hose. Will pull thermostat tomorrow and run again. Needs alignment, will do that tomorrow. Once those things are done, it’s ready to put some miles on. Powermaster starter cranks like a champ. Super happy with it. Mounts pictured significantly reduced vibration but I don’t see them lasting long. I think I’m going to adapt the stock Mercedes mounts. 5spd is smooth and fun but 3.55s aren’t going to cut it. 3.73s in 5th would put me identical to where I was with the Mercedes in 4th, will have to give some thought to those or 4.10 especially with a whirly boi in its future. It’s loud. No headliner and muffler doesn’t muffler as much as I’d hoped. Going to be fun turning this into a comfortable DD over the coming months.
  12. Machine shop checked, Mercedes flywheel is neutral balanced... just like the one in the Jeep. Called Brown Dog. Started laughing as soon as I said the word diesel. Said they’ve been there and done that - nowhere near enough rubber for what I need.
  13. Lots of progress in the last couple weeks. Friday 3/22 was the last day for the old Mercedes. Sad day, but I discovered the rust underneath was even worse than I realized. It was time. Modified flywheel with MercedesDiesel4x4 adapter. Buddy and I had it out in about 90min. Flywheel installed. Surfaced and balanced to zero. Modifications to upper oil pan to fit stock Jeep starter. There she is, in all her glory. I did not realize until I tried to bolt the adapter plate to my engine that the oil filter housing interfered. After some thought and researching a few options, I chose to just relocate the factory filter. Throttle cable bracket also fabricated and functional, no pics. Nothing special, extends Mercedes bracket to proper location to use the Jeep pedal cable. Glow plugs are now powered with a momentary switch on the dash that operates a typical starter type solenoid. Got it running Saturday and the vibration at idle is intense. It seems like the idle is lower than it should be for some reason, not sure why it changed since it idled OK in the car last week. Little concerned about flywheel balance as there is a lot of speculation about internal/external balance on these motors. Nathan Koch who owns MercedesDiesel4x4 advised me to neutral balance so that's what I did... not ready to jump to that conclusion yet though. I will turn up the idle and get a few miles on it. Left before it's ready to drive (aside from sorting vibration issue): Vacuum shutoff solenoid Accessory belt Install cooling system parts and fill Clean up wiring a bit Plan is to take it on the trailer for VIN verification Friday morning and get it registered Friday afternoon.
  14. Yeah, TDI definitely makes more power than a 616 and would likely get better fuel economy. I didn’t consider because of how cheap and simple the 616 swap is. Updates from this weekend: fuel pump delete to fuel sending unit - Mercedes diesel has a lift pump at the engine. Took Darren’s advice and got some real motor mounts. Steering, trackbar, and coils are installed and jack stands moved from chassis to front axle. Needs brakes and swaybar bushings before the front wheels go back on. Few odds and ends final fitted and a few things painted. Needs a new slave cylinder installed and heater hoses figured out. Not much left after that until motor is pulled from the car. Which is going to be a sad day. Flywheel should be back from machine shop this week.
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