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  1. I like your plan and the ingenuity behind it. If your willing to listen to a suggestion, I have an idea that may make them higher clearance and stronger as well. Instead of making the rocker a rectangle, I would change the boxing piece so it tapers up to the outside, making the rocker more high clearance. Bring the 3" dimension up to 1.5", and change the bends to line it up the way you planned. I also think 16 gauge (.0625") is a bit thin, but understand why your using it. I am afraid that you will bend it if you land hard on them. I dented my 120 wall DOM tube rockers on my XJ with a hard landing.
  2. Just looked, and found either Dana 44 listed, or 10" brakes listed on the Q-tec website. None of the parts are cheap, but are available. I have built numerous XJ/ MJ D44's as well, and just so happen to have Q-tec close by where I live. I mostly use the site as reference, then figure out how to obtain the parts other ways. According to the site it looks like Crown Auto also has them too. Not seeing backing plates, but it seems the hardware is available.
  3. Believe it or not, Quadratec may be able to help you source these parts. Take a look at their website, and look under the Cherokee tab. They used to have a good breakdown of parts for the XJ D44.
  4. I'm interested in a set of 4. PM sent with zip code... Rgds, A.
  5. An inline connector is intended to pass current, voltage and power (watts) unimpeded. If there is a poor contact, or for some reason a stranded wire is broken and only a few strands are still connected, the power draw from the device the connector feeds does not change. It still requires 12 VDC at 3 watts. The poor connection (or broken wire with only a few strands connected) cannot handle this power (watts) the device draws, so it melts the connector, or burns the stranded wire completely through. Connectors have a multitude of failure modes. The wire could be compromised inside the connector, a contact could be loose, or the contacts could have some oxidation on them causing a poor contact. I'll give you an example-- I was trying to diagnose some electrical problems in my MJ recently. Had power to the fuse block, fuses were NOT blown, no power coming out of the fuse block. I replaced the fuse with a new one, and it worked. The fuses had a buildup of this white oxidation on the connection tabs, and they were no longer making good contact with the contacts in the fuse block. Hope this helps...
  6. Sorry, I really want to get rid of them as a set. And I am not able to reasonably ship a whole seat.
  7. Are you coming up from Georgia to pick them up? Better looking one has a small rip. I suggest getting on a computer and taking a closer look at the pics. Dropped the price to $130. This is a steal for MJ buckets. Want them gone, they are in my way.
  8. Still for sale, send me your cell# and I can send you pics. A.
  9. This is for a set (drivers/passengers) of factory bucket seats from an 89 MJ. Brackets are in good shape, a bit rusty but solid. Seats need some slight adjustments but are solid. The fabric needs replaced and the seats need a very good cleaning, but foam is good, and they can easily be used with minor tweaking and seat covers. Sliders could use some lube, but work fine. $130 OBO NO SHIPPING!! Come pick them up, or I can meet you somewhere within an hour if that helps. PM me and send me your cell# and I can text you pics.
  10. Got it, and put in as well. Works great, thanks for your help! A.
  11. Oh man, I knew I should have hit the PA Jeep show this year. Could have used a few parts from you, and probably traded you a few things too. Any nice gray headliners or cente4r consoles? My daughters MJ has buckets. How about the switch assy for the right side of the steering wheel? A.
  12. Just sent the paypal over, thanks so much for your help with this!! WHen you get it sent, please send me over any tracking info. Rgds, Andy
  13. Great, thanks for confirming that. I couldn't imagine how it would be different, but I am not the first set of hands (or the second, or third...) under this dash. Yes, if you could dig up that part number that would be great. Mine is non-existent at the moment.
  14. This is going to sound crazy, but in my efforts to solve some electrical gremlins with my 90 MJ (manual 5spd 4.0L) I think I have realized that the fuse block is mounted 90* off what schematics show. My Hazard Flasher is upper right, and my wiper/washer circuit breaker is middle/bottom. Turn signal flasher is lower/left... Everything seems turned 90* counter-clockwise... Is this possible?? The underhood connector does not look like it was messed with at all. Also one more thing... I need to replace the wiper/washer circuit breaker, does anyone know what part number I need? Thanks!! Andy
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