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  1. Anyone anyone?? Still have this sitting around. A.
  2. Check for vacuum leaks, then check for bad spark. Meaning spark plugs, wires, cap/rotor, or coil may be getting faulty. Could also be CPS, but those are the two things that have fixed this stalling issue for me in the past.
  3. I used 96 XJ visors on my 89 MJ. The difference was the center mount of the visors. This also changed in later MJ's though too. The headliner I got was from a 91 MJ, and it had matching holes with the 96 XJ, so the visors lined up, I just had to drill new holes in the sheet metal in the middle to mount them.
  4. I would make sure the gap on the spark plugs is set properly I found that any plugs I have bought recently all need to be gapped properly. .035 if I remember correctly. I am old-school and ALWAYS confirm the gap on any spark plugs I do, but I know many folks that just put plugs in without checking and setting the gap.
  5. Ok, yes it should definitely go away when braking.
  6. There are these spring clips that go over the "wings" on the brake pad mounts that provide a bit of resistance to the pads so they are not able to float as much. What happens is the actual "wings" that the brake pads ride on get grooves worn into them over time by the metal bracket on the pads, which allows the pads to float more than they should. There is no way to truly fix this besides putting on new outer knuckles, but those spring clips help control the pad float.
  7. Do you notice more when turning? Due to the range of new parts you have done recently, you have eliminated 80% of the possibilities. Do the front brakes have the spring clips in place holding the pads properly? This can cause a light scraping and clunking or clicking sound if they are not clipped in place properly. Sounds very much like something more serious too.
  8. Yes, mine too, and this is the second MJ I have done it to. Ok good I am glad I am not the only one. This can be a "touchy" subject because it is only there to help emissions, but it sure does simplify the vacuum lines, and has no effect on performance.
  9. I want to piggyback on this thread slightly and say that I re-did my vacuum lines on my 89 4.0L 5spd (when I built my own cold air kit) and did not run any lines to the EGR solenoid. Everything is blocked off and all other critical components have vacuum. Seems to have absolutely NO adverse affects on how it runs. Has anyone ever seen otherwise? The biggest problem that I have seen is the vacuum lines get compromised, and it starts running poorly. I eliminated that whole vacuum block at the front of the motor too. It really simplified and cleaned up things nicely too. Don't have pics, but will get some... A.
  10. I still have this, wouldn't take much to straighten it out. A.
  11. I want to extend on what DirtyComanche said about looseness being other things... See your death wobble post where castor was mentioned. This could make the steering feel loose and sloppy as well.
  12. Thats interesting, according to that list ALL 89-later 4.0L 2wd MJ's had an AX-15. A.
  13. Interesting, thanks Eagle. I know I remembered seeing it before on earlier XJ's, just couldn't remember year range. Pretty sure I drove that red XJ at least once too. Rgds, Andy
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