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  1. Outright disrespectful.
  2. How long of a drive did you do when monitoring? I suppose I need to familiarize myself with how the EGR is supposed to operate when functioning properly, but I recently did a smog test and absolutely crushed the test, so I'm assuming mine is operating at optimal capacity. I say that because when I monitored my EGR via REM, I recall seeing it staying open and closed for long periods of time.
  3. She's been sitting in the garage for a couple weeks since I've been waiting on an OEM 4.0 PS pump to come in the mail due to the initial 4.0 pump pulled from a donor being somewhat seized. It arrived a couple days ago, but finally got to the upgrade today, and I must say, she looks so much better with the 4.0 pump. Steering seems to be much smoother, but the main reason for the upgrade is for the PS belt tensioner. Since mine is an '86, the only way to tighten the belt is with the alternator/ac bracket, but NO MORE! I will never have to touch that bracket again (hopefully) now that this bad bo
  4. Back in the day (circa. 2008/09), I had a '97 Chevy Geo Prism and I had my driver side front tire decide to fly off at 70mph. Luckily, it happened when it did, and if it had happened about 50 yards later, I would have flown off an elevated curve, and who knows how that wouldn't went. Gotta love it.
  5. Listen to @eaglescout526. He added a/c from scratch to his rig and has also sourced a/c systems for other members. He is the a/c and cruise control king.
  6. How much we talking for that pair of LWB rails?
  7. No doubt! Ha, she definitely has more days full of shaking ahead of her.
  8. Yes, it is magnetic and pretty neat. I don't even think the PO knew it was there either. I can't believe it didn't fall until now, because there was one incident where I got sucked into some black sand and it was a pretty hard bang and stop.
  9. Had throw my old coil springs back in for the time being because PO said it had a specific lift height, and it was clearly not that. Anyways, I had to use my hi-lift jack on the front bumper to remove the last jack stand (long story), and those of use that have worked with hi-lifts, they can be hectic. So as I was letting her aggressively drop the truck back down to the ground, this fell down on the ground. How neat! This key is the only key I have that has the AMC logo, and i have no idea where it popped out of because my hands have been all over the underside of the front end.
  10. Well if you ever make it to San Diego, you've got a place to stay!
  11. Well, it was also simultaneous plagued with a fuel pump relay issue that magically fixed itself; I'm assuming it was because of the C100 cleaning.
  12. We're 52% humidity here, but being on the coast, I think we're just acclimated to that span of humidity. You don't even notice, honestly.
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