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  1. Hey there guys, Long time, no chat! The MJ was stuck up in the high desert for quite a few months with a bad alternator, and with the issue of having a serpentine belt system in an '86 2.5L, finding an easy replacement is rather difficult seeing as everyone in the world is under the assumption that it was only a V-belt system. Regardless, I was curious about the 2.8L; does anyone happen to know if they also did the same thing with using both V-belt and serpentine belt systems?
  2. Just a single terminal. Here are a couple close ups. But definitely a possibility this is the wrong component because the closest looking temp sender we have found to resemble what this is, is from a '67 Nova.
  3. The instrument cluster does have a temperature gauge. Yeah, there is a temperature gauge; no idiot light. But we are unable to find a single terminal sender/sensor/switch, and we don't have full reference since this one looks broken.
  4. I've got a friend who just snagged a 1986 Chevy K10 Suburban 5.7l carbureted V8. We've been tinkering on it a bit, and it's been a blast. However, we have uncovered this sensor in the thermostat housing that seems to be single-pin and it's housing broken on the sensor itself. With all our scouring across the web, we are unable to find a single prong sensor, to which we are assuming a temp sensor or sender of some kind. Help!
  5. I just wanted to get some extra eyes on this before I throw everything back together. Does this seal look seated deep enough?
  6. Well if anyone ends up going, feel free to PM me! I will be there at some point in the week, and I'd love to meet up with fellow MJs.
  7. I'd say your best bet is the Cummins R2.8. I always wanted to do the 4BT swap in my TJ, but I believe the R2.8 is quite a bit lighter? Some people go wild for the 6BT.
  8. Ha! Same; the MJ is not competition ready. Just attending for the first time. However, I will say the other guy in ATJC, I believe, is looking to compete. Not 100% sure however. Come on out!
  9. Anyone going to KOH this year? I will be attending and I believe I saw someone on All Things Jeep Comanche (via Facebook) said they are also gonna be there with their MJ. Stoked to hear if anyone else will be there!
  10. My check went to paying for a little under 3/4 of my rent. But luckily this can help me afford D30 replacement hubs and maybe a REM unit so I don't have to keep borrowing it from @eaglescout526.
  11. Holy hell, I can finally see it. You're right! Oh...that's not good....lol. THANK YOU PETE.
  12. I snagged my MJ back in 2018, and it's always had a "pop" in the steering; I attributed this to a botched steering box. Well, after finally really looking at the issue, something just does not seem right. Pop continues, but I don't necessarily know if it's the box? I've checked the trackbar for slop/play, a ZJ tie rod (NIB) has been installed, and ball joints seem fine. Does this look like abnormal articulation? The springs are bowing out a tad, and I've had a suspicion that maybe when the previous owner did the long arm mod with adjustable control arms, that maybe the axle isn't fully where it needs to be? Any help is much appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ipypqy31hcVElrb1Nv1ch95pTDBgvwE1/view?usp=sharing
  13. Yes, maybe that is what I was reading; the carrier break. If I wanted to try and find a different carrier, would any D44 carrier work? I'm assuming the best way to go about it is just drop in thick cut gears.
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