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Found 9 results

  1. I'm getting ready to install a lift kit and new tires on my 87 MJ. I'm looking at installing the rough country 4.5in lift (linked below), and was wondering if 33s would fit decently. I know it says 32s, but what is the play on it. Also was wondering if anyone has ran this kit and would recommend it or not, and if there are any other parts I would need that I don't know about. Any info helps. 4.5in kit: https://www.quadratec.com/p/rough-country/4.5in-suspension-lift-kit-jeep-comanche-mj-62630
  2. I used the search function and didn't find the answer, so here goes. Ordered a 3" spring pack from Hells Creek suspension. Staying Spring Under Axle. What height front lift would work to be level or slightly raked towards the front still? My go-to place for my XJ suspensions is DPG offroad and Dirk's awesome 3.5" OME kit. https://dpgoffroad.com/product/3-5-hd-ultimate-xj-old-man-emu-hybrid-kit/ Will this sit too high in front or should I go down to his 2.5" front kit? Plan is 31" tires and Napier fender flares. Jeep will be daily driver, with mild desert overlanding and camping use. My TJ is for the rocks! Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hello all, After numerous searches I am looking for some advice on replacing all 4 shocks. I'm just replacing to restore ride quality. Couple questions I have are: Is there any thing to look for before starting other than how rusty they are(thanks to lovely Minnesota)? Any procedures or certain ways to do things to save time and/or hassle? What most commonly breaks while removing the old shocks? What to do if I break a upper rear shock mount/stud?(looking pretty rusty have been soaking in JB-80) Please link any other posts or diy's I may have missed. Appreciate any help, and thanks in advance! -Cody
  4. I just recently purchased a new Comanche. Elated at the find as it's in great shape with a V8 swapped out apparently by the CEO of Novak I bought it sight unseen. Got her home and was loving on her when noticed that the clearance on left side from tire top to bed wheel well is almost 1.5" less on left side. I know that the lift is fairly new, but it is add a leaf. Am I to assume that the originals have lost shape and creating sag? The add a leaf isn't doing its job? Or could there be something more nefarious that I don't know about. Crawling underneath the truck shows nothing twerked. Its a 4" tera flex lift. Order a whole set from Rusty's???
  5. Swampy


    Hey looking for anyone that has a used set of longarms w/ crossmember or a 3 link setup? This is alittle bit of a stretch but trying to see whats put there
  6. Looking to replace the original front suspension components for my 88 comanche daily driver . Want to keep the stock ride height but increase the ride quality! Need to know what parts I need and if anybody has done this already and have any suggestions or tips. Only looking to replace the coils and shocks and maybe add a new steering stabilizer in the process
  7. alright guys I've got a 88 mj project truck. love my little manche but I've ran into a bit of a pickle. now I have read through these forums and some have halfway answered my questions but like to have them all answered before getting parts. I have a 3.5 lift I'm pretty sure bought the truck with the lift. its got the control arm drops in the front, larger coil spring and added leave in rear. i want to go about around another 2-3 inches higher. in the front i plan on just getting new coils or adding pucks if i only get 2 inches on the rear, with new track and control arms. the rear is my real deli-ma i figured i would just cut perches and put it on the other side of leaf springs or if there's another axle out there that the perches already line up would be nice!????? otherwise maybe longer shackles and pucks up front? I'm alspo running 31's if i get this lift done should i bump up to 33's or stay with 31's. hope you all can answer these question thanks -Connor
  8. Hey guys I'm new to the group but i just have a question i have a 1992 comanche elimiator my dad bought brand new. He drove it until 2007 and then parked it for five years. We got it all going and jt runs like a champ my daily driver i put a 4 1/2 rough country suspension lift on it, but I'm looking for more lift. I know they don't make mj body lifts but can i have some suggestions on other ways to get another 3 in of lift. I was thinking about a coil spacer jn the front and shackle lift in the back but let me know what you guys think. Also I'm looking for a visor! I think they look mean as hell on manches but i can't find one! Any if you have info on these topics lmk please!
  9. Got a question for the suspension experts here in the forum: As you may know, my son recently converted his 89 MJ by performing the 99 conversion. In that conversion we swapped a Dana 30 into his front end from the 99 XJ. As we ran short of time rebuilding the axle was placed on hold...we changed the fluid, greased the ball joints and tie rod ends and had it aligned. As he is home from college for a week, we ripped it apart and replaced the following: Ball joints Sway bar links Track bar Hubs U joints Steering link (from Pitman arm to passenger knuckle) Tie rod ends Steering dampner We used all MOOG parts. Now the problem: When we took the truck for alignment, the front tires are both toed out - about 1.75 inches on the passenger and 1 inch on the drivers side. The tie rod ends are completely turned in without any more threads available. We thought Rock Auto sent the wrong tie rod ends at first, but my son went to two different parts stores and measured the ones we have against their stock - all were identical in length (we even tried the ones from WJ's and Wranglers...the lengths are all the same with only small differences in diameter). When I retrieved the old ones from the scrap pile - they are both 1.5 inches shorter in overall length but the thread end length is still the same length @ 2.5 inches - meaning the neck of the ball joints are different. We can find NONE that are the length of the old parts. Then, we checked the 87 MJ's setup. The tie rod sleeve is 36" on both axles, and the tie rod ends are the same part number as the ones we received for the 99! That vehicle still has about .5 of threads available for adjustments. How can this be? The knuckles are identical on both trucks... the ONLY difference is the axle on the 87 is 2WD and the 99 is 4WD...the hub is different but that is it (we had already rebuilt the axle on the 87...I went back and checked part numbers - they are all the same but the hubs). We finally found a tie rod sleeve at O'Reilly's for (no specific year) Jeep XJ that measures 34 inches long but the salesperson could not explain why that exists as all the others we have are 36 inches... Has anyone had a problem such as this? There are no marks or part numbers whatsoever on the old tie rod ends to identify them. :hmm:
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