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  1. I'm trying to find a female seat belt buckle for a 87 MJ with bench seats. I've seen sets online for all new belts and buckles, but I'd rather not spend that much. Anyone else know of any better solutions, or would it just be better to go to a junkyard?
  2. I honestly don't know. A friend of mine who does some rock crawling gave it to me a while back, it's got drum brakes on it. Unfortunately that's all I know about it. I was thinking of finding out what it came off of, cleaning it and servicing it, and just selling it. Doing a full 4x4 conversion is just too big of a project right now. I just really want to get the lift done and enjoy that for a bit. Maybe once I get a different daily, I may delve into more projects and conversion like that.
  3. Mine is a rear wheel drive. I have a Dana 44 front that someone gave me. I just haven’t done a full conversion.
  4. Alright man. That was honestly a lot cheaper than I thought. I’ll probably roll with that then. Thanks a lot.
  5. Ok, so if it’s really that much not worth it then, how much roughly would it cost to get an axle and get it fitted? If just seems so much more expensive to get an entirely different axle rather than regearing one? Especially considering I won’t be doing any serious off-roading.
  6. Even if I keep the Dana 35 and got it regeared, what ratio would be good for the 32 with a 4.5 lift?
  7. Good to know. I was pretty set on 32’s I think. Honestly, this thing is my daily, and won’t be seeing any crazy off-road. Mostly mild stuff. I’m definitely not looking for a crazy heavy duty off-roading kit. I just wanted something budget friendly that still maintained some drivability. That’s why I was looking at the rough county kit. Not horribly expensive, but not super capable, and I’m mostly ok with that I think. I don’t have an issue with regearing my diff, but I’ll probably take it somewhere and have it done professionally.
  8. Alright. If I get a Dana 44, will I need to regear it?
  9. I just talked to someone I know and he has 31s on his Cherokee and he told me he would have gone with the 4.5 lift, but he said something about having to get this yoke thing to put on the driveshaft so it wouldn't spin in an oval when the lift is on. You ever heard of something like that?
  10. I'll probably pay a pro to do at least this since I will need to get it done ASAP.
  11. Ok, so if it will be that bad, how hard is it to regear the diff? Is it a big project? This is my daily driver, so I want to keep downtime to an absolute minimum
  12. I wasn’t planning on regearing the axles. trimming maybe. I’m just curious what I could get away with with minimal down time and too much complications. If 32 will be good on this kit, then I’ll probably run with that. Will I need to do any regearing?
  13. I'm getting ready to install a lift kit and new tires on my 87 MJ. I'm looking at installing the rough country 4.5in lift (linked below), and was wondering if 33s would fit decently. I know it says 32s, but what is the play on it. Also was wondering if anyone has ran this kit and would recommend it or not, and if there are any other parts I would need that I don't know about. Any info helps. 4.5in kit: https://www.quadratec.com/p/rough-country/4.5in-suspension-lift-kit-jeep-comanche-mj-62630
  14. That's a shame. Thanks for letting me know.
  15. Its been a while since I heard about this, but I remember hearing about a large Comanche Meetup somewhere in the New England area. Now I'm assuming it's not going as planned due to the current state of the country, but I was curious when it was, and if there are any updated on it.
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