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  1. Forgive me if already posted Nine Line headquarters near Savannah September 25, 2021 FWIW - Awesome Black Rifle Coffee/pastry shop and awesome Nine Line apparel/stuff for sale.https://allevents.in/savannah/jeep-meet-at-nla-headquarters/200021196638347
  2. Why yes it did. Actually a couple of days early. Got my carpet and headliner too! Right now I’m running down my wiring issues(who knew that taillight bulb holders, turn signal bulb holders, etc. corroded and caused the craziest problems?? (Oh yeah, I guess y’all did, lol) After that I’ll button down the rest of the dash, install some dynamat, install the carpet, headliner and freshly cleaned up plastics. Still waiting on back ordered door window/weather strip kits to get the door panels back on 😡. Tonight, I’m cleaning up the door handle surrounds and repainting them with a chrome paint. Found a neat chrome paint pen at hobby lobby to touch up the outline of the ac vents and bezel. Daughter is gonna cricut me a vinyl chrome /black Jeep logo to go inside the black square of the door handle surrounds. I’m a couple weeks out on all of this, but after that, it’s off to paint and body.
  3. Just reacquired the first truck I ever purchased. 4.0 auto Asin tranny 165k but starts every time(with a jump). Previous owner parked it because transmission wouldn't work in DRIVE. He took it to two different shops, had the transmission completely serviced, and now one ever gave a second thought to the TCM, so he parked it the last 5 years. I threw caution wind and ordered a TCM for $25 off ebay, plugged it in, and transmission works like a champ! Freshly serviced transmission, engine not using any oil and running strong, so it's time to put it back into service! So far I've: Replaced the TCM - Transmission shifts perfectly now Replaced battery cables -(The + and the - cables ran into the same sleeve, shorted each other out and melted. After replacing, battery is now charging! Bled/checked brake lines, etc. Replaced vacuum lines (took a few turns to start before but now starts on first turn of the key) Started degreasing engine. Slow process and son is beginning to hate me. :) Ripped out old dash, after market stereo, etc. (found immaculate cherokee dash and working factory radio at junk yard along with ashtray and a few other interior pieces. Ripped up vinyl floor removed badly damaged bench seat and headliner. Repaired driver's floor pan, sanded passenger, sanded, primed, every inside metal surface, now about to add a top coat to whole interior for good measure. About to install Fatmat everywhere. Going back with 807 gray oem color carpet. Seat is being repadded/recovered - due July 31. Carpet ordered, due July 16. Deciding on headliner. May do myself. More to come.
  4. Salvage Jeep Parts & Service - Home | Facebook Located outside Statesboro, GA Lot of xj and a few mj. Found several trim items there. Owner is knowledgeable and helpful. Call before you go.
  5. Mods: Stock radio and speakers replaced Sliding rear window added after accident in 1988 4.0 Auto 4spd 4x2 RWD cloth bench Vinyl floor Manual windows Manual locks Purchased NEW July 12, 1988 Reacquired June 5th 2021 for restoration(in progress)
  6. 1988 Comanche Base Sport Truck Purchased new July 12, 1988 - not May 20th 1988, from Martin Ansley Jeep/Eagle in Statesboro, Georgia. Sold to my dad back in 1994. Just reacquired Saturday June 5th, 2021. July 12th it's 33 years old! Working on restoring it. Wish I had some new pics from 88.
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