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  1. Well the entire AC system is in, it's sitting under vacuum right now and appears to be holding. A couple notable mentions. 1st, the AC heater box has a drain spout in the bottom. The Non AC MJ does have a plug for it you just have to remember to remove it. Luckily all of my cussing getting the heater box in didn't damage the box and pushed the plug out of the way. 2nd, The drier has this fitting cluster F... attached to it. It does not come with the new hoses or the new drier. So there's an Oring I didn't get to replace it's inside the fitting and requires a dental pick. New steering box and pump are in, engine harness is back in. Just need to reinstall the dash, interior wiring, and cooling system.
  2. My friend uses his taco rack for a tent but his is way taller. This thing eliminates a lot of your bed usage.
  3. Just saw a nickintime video on it, he used some newer lines too so I'm sure it'll work out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaIEI7u8vGg
  4. Here you go https://comancheclub.com/topic/59069-88-chief/?do=findComment&comment=606725
  5. The drivers side rust came from both the clutch MC and the roof leak. The first picture is a massive hole right over the fuel lines I had to weld up. I wrapped them in welding blanket, removed them from their clips and pulled them away with a strap as much as I could. Nothing exploded so we're good. I didn't get a picture of the rust from the MC but it was everywhere the sealant jeep used on the floors did a good job of holding it underneath so it couldn't drain away. I'd be willing to bet anyone that had to replace their fuse block/c100 has hiding rust holes. Passenger side before and after patch, I should have ground it more flat but I was impatient that day. I kept burning through the floor with .30 wire, I'm sure being weakened by rust wasn't helping. I wirebrushed/flap disced everything to metal and sprayed it with rust reformer.
  6. I've thought about it, it's never really had a home thread. There's just so much to cover. I might if I get bored.
  7. Ac is on hold until I finish with the steeringbox/pump since It's really easy to get to right now. Today I deleted the C101 I highly recommend doing this one wire at a time and paying attention to which ports they come from. Some change colors, some terminate in the connector. No sense in leaving room for error. I'm surprised anything connected through this mess.
  8. The rockauto ones are listed from 80-90 the jeepairs are listed as 91+ though I've seen them posted here as fitting renix. I'm not a huge fan of going blindly off forum posts but we'll see.
  9. I purchased an 89 parts xj from what I've read in other AC posts Evap cores for MJs are impossible to find. The Heater box fit right in but the but the evap core didn't quite fit I had to cut away some of the plastic the hoses pass through and cut the foam seal. The hoses on the evap core are vertical instead of angled like stock jeeps. Also the AC switch probe has a hole for it on the stock core the replacement does not. I wrapped it around the side and pushed it through the middle. Not really too much to talk about here, I'll need a vacuum diagram or maybe I'll just go to the JY since my MJ didn't have the vacuum reservoir I need to know where things go. Other than that there's a crap load of wiring to deal with.
  10. AC Swap I’ve looked thoroughly through the AC and non AC systems. The only thing Jeep left of any use in my non AC MJ was the hole drilled in the relay bracket for the AC relay. If you’re looking at doing this I’d swap the entire wiring from an AC’d XJ ( MJ Evap cores are different). There’s about a foot of AC wires on the engine side of the chassis harness before it terminates, these wires have nothing to connect to on the interior side of the c100/fuse block so it’s pretty worthless. AC Parts List Rock Auto UAC EX9449C Expansion Valve $9.89 UAC HA11332C Suction Hose with muffler (compressor to evap) $27.79 UAC HA111331 Discharge Line (High Pressure: Compressor to Condenser $18.87 UAC RD9086C Drier $13.50 26758 Four seasons Oring set $5.69 Optional-ish 93024 Heater Core Spectra Premium 30.79 Jeepair.com Cherokee Liquid Line Drier to Condenser 27-5551 1 $43.99 Cherokee Liquid Line Drier to Evaporator 27-5552 1 $39.99 Amazon UAC EV 4177ATC A/C Evaporator Core 70.00 Spectra Premium 7-4173 A/C Condenser for Jeep Cherokee $77.57 Four Seasons 58580 Compressor with Clutch $175.00 RedTek oil $15 RedTek refrigerant (formerly known as R12A) $30.00 Total $529
  11. The only thing stock on my XJ is the trans. I'll post a little on it before moving on with the MJ. 87 XJ 2door, 4.6L, aw4, Atlas 2, D60 ARB , 10.5 Detroit, 5.38's, 41" Iroks, 14" swayaway coil overs, Hydroboost brakes, PSC pump/box , Nickintime REM sensor monitor (Can't stress how essential this is), stuff. Here's the stroker parts list for anyone interested https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xTunJzocDmT51AIPQOVKN-plp82W3o7mqS9_Ko1n_K8/edit?usp=sharing
  12. I’ve owned my XJ since I was 18 and always wanted an MJ, 16 years later I’ve finally purchased one. The MJ will be a mall crawler only I won't do anything more than some logging roads. I have the XJ for rocks. The truck didn’t look horrible but maintenance wise it has been neglected. Previous owner put a full traction lift and fox shocks on it before I bought it. My initial plan was to swap in AC from a parts XJ and paint it. As I’ve progressed I’ve ran into a number of issues. PO stuck an antenna through the roof and never sealed it which caused floorboards to rust out. -FIXED Clutch MC was leaking which caused more floorboard rot, surprisingly no visible damage to the fuse block but I’m replacing it anyway. --FIXED Power steering pump is toast, PS box leaks like a sieve -FIXED Tcase output seal Motor mounts trans mount Chassis wiring harness had melt spots -FIXED Interior wiring harness was cut up/ ghetto wired in multiple spots. - FIXED Radiator reservoir (all metal) was smashed in on one side. Remove ghetto Pushbutton Start - FIXED In addition to fixing these issues I’ll also be swapping to HO open cooling eliminating c101 --- DONE and upgrading the headlight harness. --DONE
  13. I was thinking about putting that together, I'll see if I can get to it today.
  14. It's a pretty large project, I'm in the middle of it myself. Probably $500 in new AC parts and $200 in a parts jeep for the heater box and wiring. It can be done cheaper if you trust the rubber on 30 year old hoses. There's also the condenser and evap core that are parallel flow now instead of serpentine. You can also skip the heater core if you want to risk having to pull everything in the future. Personally I wanted a system that worked well and I wouldn't have to recharge because parts jeep parts didn't work. Might aswell get a parts jeep and swap everything to a 4.0.
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