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  1. Sorry to revive an ancient thread guys but I haven’t found an answer to my question. Can the front inner fenders be retained with napier flares?
  2. Finally got around to installing my NOS front and rear mud flaps and vent visors.
  3. I think it was about $1100 out the door with shipping and tax.
  4. I'm kind of interested in this. Maybe by having 4.5" of rear lift and properly bump stopped I could get away with it? From my research it appears that the sending units should be the same as the extra capacity is from the tank being longer not taller. It sure would be nice to get more than 270 miles to a tank and have to fill up every day.
  5. I always wondered why my headlights would sometimes stay on. It took me a couple times to figure out if I turned the ignition off first that the headlights would go off immediately. Nice to know what causes it. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Thank you sir. It really is my pride and joy. I never thought it would end up being my daily driver. 1000+ miles every week!
  7. That’s about it for tonight. I’ll post some interior mods in the next few days. Had a snow day yesterday. You can also kind of see the weatherguard side boxes. This thing is packing probably 600# of tools in the bed and still consistently gets 19mpg!
  8. I’ve redone the suspension on this thing 7x to finally get it perfect. Forgive me for not taking in progress pics, but we’ve all seen lift kit installs on these. I honestly can’t remember what attemp this was but it’s close to where it is now. I’ve gone from a 2.5” superlift coil spring/AAL kit, to adding a 3/4” spacer and General spring replacements with JKS shackles (still rubbed) to 3.5” RE coils (rubbed again after ARB and warn M8000 winch) to RE 4.5” coils and Rusty’s 4” springs (sagged horribly very quickly in front a started rubbing and looked like Joe Dirt’s car) to 1.75” spacer (4.5” springs had no flex left and bottomed out horribly) to RE 5.5” coils and adjustable RE lowers (rode like a Sherman tank and wheel sat too far back in wheel well) to RE adjustable uppers and RE CAD. I think I finally got it right after several hundred dollars and many long nights. Blood sweat and tears went into the suspension of this truck! As it sits now, just to recap, 5.5” RE coils, JKS track bar, adjustable RE upper and lowers, RE CAD, RE extended brake lines, Rusty’s 4” springs, JKS shackles, Fox shocks on all 4 corners. The headache rack is not on there anymore. It caused the toolbox to sit too high. Also have a scarfab receiver hitch I forgot to mention.
  9. Installed an ARB bumper. The grille guard just wasn’t going to stand up to one of these Colorado deer.
  10. Installed dual exhaust flow master super 40 with 45’d 4” tips. Not a mod I’m satisfied with and am in the process of returning to stock with all new parts from manifold back. It’s just too loud!
  11. Scored a weatherguard toolbox off craigslist and a grille guard with NOS KC fog lights. Also a pic of it at work. This thing sees plenty of time Offroad. It was around this time I figured out this truck belonged to Yellaheep, a member on here. I contacted him and dig up a few threads about the truck and learned a bit of it’s history. Random snow glamour shot
  12. Ordered a 2.5” superlift and 31x10.5r15 BFG AT on American Racing Outlaw IIs. Had to test fit a tire (wouldn’t even turn) After lift kit installed
  13. I'm sorry I’m just now getting around to making a build thread for my truck. I’ve been a long time lurker of this forum and am trying to be more active. The wealth of knowledge in here is amazing and I find myself starting to share my own. here's a little background on my childhood dream to one day own a Comanche and how I finally came across the perfect one. Since I was a very young kid, my family and I have always gone to an annual Halloween party near Dallas on a large ranch that belongs to family friends. Our job being the young kids was to round up firewood for the numerous bonfires that would burn throughout the night. We stacked that wood into a baby blue 1986 4x4 Comanche. I knew from that point on that I had to have one some day. Through years of research, I had it narrowed down that I wanted a 91-92, 4x4, 5 speed eliminator, in black. All of my vehicles are black. Many days and nights over several years were spent looking for the perfect Comanche. Summer of 2018 I moved to Eastern Colorado for a pipeline project. While waiting for the job to kickoff, I had ample time to scour Facebook market place, craigslist, and just driving backroads looking. I finally came across my 1991 Eliminator on craigslist near Denver. It fit my criteria perfectly. I rounded up the cash and a car hauler as fast as I could and made the 3 hour drive. Upon seeing the truck for the first time, I was grinning ear to ear. A quick inspection for rust revealed very little. I was surprised, with it being a Colorado truck it’s entire life, it was 99% rust free. It had been undercoated early in its life it appeared. At 259k miles, I was skeptical to the drive ability and dependability of it, and had determined I would send it home to Austin to my collection to await a restoration one day. Then I drove it. You would’ve thought it had 59k miles! Fired right up, no smoke, drove straight as an arrow. No rattles or squeaks or any other weird noises were present. The paint was even in very good condition. Later to be discovered it had once been repainted. I proudly shelled out the $4,600 the seller was asking. Quite possibly a little high, but I didn’t care. It was the only one like it I had ever seen for sale. I was THRILLED!!! Now for some pictures and the transformation so far! The trip home: Had to try pulling the buggy with it (it hated it)
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