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  1. I wonder if this skid plate would work with a front receiver hitch? This is the only one I’m missing to have a complete set of factory skids.
  2. You’re a gentleman and a scholar sir. Thank you. That’s the only creature comfort I’m still needing in my Comanche.
  3. I’m going to have to add this to my to do list. from what I gather, purchase a stalk, install and plug it in, get the actuator and plumb it into vacuum system, bracket and cable need to be sourced used? Is this a complete parts list or did I miss anything?
  4. Interested in the 120mph speedo. Would you happen to have a pic?
  5. Yep. Has to be a tank without the pan in the bottom for the sending unit to fit correctly as the pickup is pointed toward the front vs toward the rear on a Comanche sending unit. JP5B on autozone.com.
  6. I just ordered a fuel tank without the pan in it from autozone along with an xj sending unit from my year. Fit in the tank perfectly and I’ve put 16.5 gallons in it. It is a little shorter than the mj sending unit but 16.5 gallons out of 18.5 is close enough to empty for me. Gas gauge works perfect too! $150 shipped to my door.
  7. Sorry to revive an ancient thread guys but I haven’t found an answer to my question. Can the front inner fenders be retained with napier flares?
  8. Finally got around to installing my NOS front and rear mud flaps and vent visors.
  9. I think it was about $1100 out the door with shipping and tax.
  10. I'm kind of interested in this. Maybe by having 4.5" of rear lift and properly bump stopped I could get away with it? From my research it appears that the sending units should be the same as the extra capacity is from the tank being longer not taller. It sure would be nice to get more than 270 miles to a tank and have to fill up every day.
  11. I always wondered why my headlights would sometimes stay on. It took me a couple times to figure out if I turned the ignition off first that the headlights would go off immediately. Nice to know what causes it. Good luck with the sale.
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