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  1. Mine earns its keep to the tune of .58/mile for work, but this is the only actual “work” it’s ever done pulling the camper to the annual camping/fishing trip.
  2. I’m pretty sure my coworker in Colorado used to own this Comanche. Mine was his inspiration to get one! I guess he just wasn’t as passionate about them as I am. Good luck with sale!
  3. Following. This is looking great! I’ve been scratching my head how to fit a double din in mine.
  4. I bought a set of the regular 4/1 springs from them and they rode fine. Bushings were offset and caused rattling. Fixed that with an air hammer. Only ran them 2k miles then replaced with Rusty’s 4” springs. I wish there was an option for taller springs and still stay SUA. I carry approximately 800# of tools in the bed at all times and even with overloads maxed out, I’m sitting dead level with 5” lift up front.
  5. Check your tail light fuse. While installing my cruise control stalk with the battery connected, I somehow blew the fuse. The next morning I had no dash lights or tail lights. I guess it is some kind of a fail safe to let you know that your tail lights are not working.
  6. Amazing yours made it to 500K! Mine is currently going strong at 310K. I'm hoping to make it to 500K before I have to think about an engine. At 60k/year it won't take me long. Can I ask what your started doing?
  7. If you are lucky and the broke studs are on the front flares, Quadratec sells new mounting brackets.
  8. I haven't measured the depth of the console where we all would like this insert to go, but if it would fit depth wise, all that would be needed is a piece of textured ABS with the proper size hole cut out to go over the cubby. Could be secured with ornamental stainless screws to make it look nice.
  9. That was me that was selling them. I sold them to him.
  10. I have had the same exact idea! I’m in if someone can make it happen!
  11. I run them on mine and I like them. they ride good and haven't sagged too much over 60K miles from what I can tell. I run overload springs to compensate for the tools I carry in the bed. With JKS shackles, I am sitting right at 5" of lift.
  12. Not a problem sir. Depending on when you get them ready to send will determine where I need them sent. Thankfully I'm about to leave Montana and head south back to Texas for the winter!
  13. Finally got around to installing everything the other day. The stalk install was a PITA like I thought it would be but I got it done! Everything under the hood installed perfect but I was disappointed when I tried the cruise and it didn’t work. Ordered a new servo from teamcherokee.com and installed it today. It works perfect! Thanks Minuit for your write up!
  14. I'm still satisfied with mx XJ sending unit in my tank without the pan. I have since installed the bosch fuel pump because the delpihi didn't make is 20K miles, but it reads accurate on the gauge. I have put 16.5 gallons in it before. The fact that the XJ sending unit is a bit shorter than the factory comanche one doesn't seem to make much of a difference. 16.5 gallons is close enough to empty for me. The only complaint I have, if any, is that, without the pan, the gauge seems to fluctuate when going around corners and up/down hills when there is less that 1/2 tank.
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