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  1. So my MJ was not starting found out it was the IAC Motor that was bad. Replaced it and now when I shut it off all it does is click rapidly for a few seconds. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for that? Can not seem to locate one.
  2. Head gasket, oil pan, timing cover, rear main, exhaust manifold.
  3. Just finished replacing all the seals and got it back together. I started it to see how it ran. It ran great. Ran is the keyword.I gave it a bit of gas and it died. Not it won't start at all. Checked fuel, spark, timing. What else could I be missing?
  4. I purchased the Comanche from the 2nd owner who did nothing to and it sat for at least 7 years. I purchased it because I love Comanches. It was gonna be my toy. Then reality set in and and I remembered that I have 4 kids. It sits more then I driver it.. Runs and drives great. I Have done a ton of things to it because it sat for so long I wanted to make sure it all worked. A couple of things that need to happen Oil Pan gasket needs replaced(I have the gasket), Timing cover gasket (I have the gasket). I was going to do the head gasket (have the gasket), I planned on doing the exhaust manifold g
  5. I have a 1986 Jeep Comanche X 2.5L TBI. I have a leaking head gasket and I am trying to find new head bolts to use. Does anyone have a part number or can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks and Happy Turkey Day
  6. So I finally got the time to change the harness out and to update all my grounds and the headlight harness. Wouldnt you know it but dash lights door lights all lights finally work. Thanks all for the tips.
  7. I can't dim anything. But i did check the plug and its melted a bit. So gonna replace the plug.
  8. I have rotated the headlight switch still no lights on gauges. I checked all fuses, taillights. I have yet to check ground under the dash planning on doing that tomorrow. If the ground is ok under the dash. Could I have a bad headlight switch plug in. If so can I steal one from any XJ or MJ. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I went for a drive last night in the 86 comanche and noticed that I don't have any guage lights. Checked all bulbs and replaced them still no lights, checked fuses they are good. Replaced the headlight switch. Not sure what else to try. Any suggestions?
  10. Here are a few pics of the pannel
  11. do you still have the headliner?
  12. My clutch master cylinder was at one point leaking on to my fuse pannel. I took it apart does not look bad some corrosion not much. The question is can it be cleaned or do I need a new fuse pannel? If it can be cleaned whats the best way?
  13. So I purchased an 86 Comanche X and as I aas tearing it apart to do the door locks becuase genuis me lost the only set of keys. I found the build sheet from jeep and then I found an envelope that said do not loose with little metal tabs in it. Any idea what these are?
  14. Appreciate the help. I did get one side done now off to work on the other side.
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