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  1. I need to put a new rubber boot over the whole above the trans. I am struggling on separating the shifter to do so any suggestions?
  2. My 86 2.5 was a one piece seal.
  3. Thanks for the heads up I will give it a try and see what happens. I have done that but it does not feel like the clutch peddle stiffens up at all.
  4. So my main issue is that I can not get a wrench on the bleeder becasue of how close it is in relation to the line. What i found that works is a 10mm socket but then I'm left with more air bubbles I do have a helper. I am only doing 1 pump at a time.
  5. I have an 86 Comanche x 2.5l. I have installed a new clutch, master cylinder, and slave cylinder. I am having issues bleeding the system. Is there a trick to bleeding the system out. Any help would he awesome.
  6. I am working on rebuilding an 86 Comanche X 2.5. I read in the manual that I must use a stamped steel gasket. Every auto parts store I have found has the molded type. The question is do I have to use the stamped steel or can I use the molded gasket?
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