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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, If it's needed: 1989 with old Renix 4.0 - stock dana 35 I am trying to do a WJ master cylinder / brake booster swap since the old one was rusted out with a leaky booster. In the process of installing it I accidentally crushed the proportioning valve when putting the lines in so I have to replace it. I have put two new proportioning valves in but it leaks from the same two each time I thought I tightened it down without pushing the line in first so I put another in and clearly that wasn't the issue. I bought an XJ proportioning valve and will not be
  2. My clutch master cylinder was at one point leaking on to my fuse pannel. I took it apart does not look bad some corrosion not much. The question is can it be cleaned or do I need a new fuse pannel? If it can be cleaned whats the best way?
  3. Hello fellow members. As some may know I just got my jeep running and driving, and when I brought her back from a spin around the block I saw it was dripping some fluid I freaked out for half a second thinking it was oil, I checked all the spots oil could leak from and they where all dry. I took a second look and my manual steering box is leaking. at first i thought it was from the sector shaft seal where the pitman arm connects after talking to Lee but its leaking from the front of the steering box. How could I fix this up?
  4. I just got an MJ moving after about 5 years of not running. Had to do an AX15 upgrade and tcase output upgrade, modify my xmember, replace cps, change wheels/tires, and do an oil change. Anyway, I'd had it started a couple times in the last couple weeks, but it hadn't been ready to move under its own power until yesterday. So when I moved it, I drove it down the street, turned around, came back, and parked in a different spot. It wasn't until I got back up to the road that I noticed drip drip drip spots going back up the street to where I pulled out, and where it had been parked was a decent s
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