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  1. I ended up buying a hydraulic tool from amazon that can do both the inverted and bubble flares, I also bought the copper-nickel brake line. I'm going to try to flare the steel line on the MJ just because the tool can do it but more than likely I'll end up running the copper-nickel lines. Tool price is definitely expensive but I'll be converting another MJ to the WJ brake system sometime this year. Plus it will be nice to have a tool that can properly flare lines. I've found it's usually better to invest in tools that make the job easier. Anything for the hobby that makes 2020 less miserable
  2. Looks like 3/16 is the same as 4.75mm so as long as I get a tool that does a bubble flare for that size it should work out okay for the master cylinder. I think this will take some practice but at least copper will be easier to flare than those steel lines. Thanks for the help, just have to wait on the slow corona mail now.
  3. Thank you for the recommendation and info ghetdjc320, just looking for/researching the size of the bubble flare now that goes into the WJ master cylinder so I can replace that top line. The bottom line that goes to the back and is also an inverted flare, I checked last night so at least it's the same type.
  4. I like the idea of the copper lines but in that case, I would need to rerun and flare two lines for a total of 4 perfect flares needed. The bottom line which goes to the rear (and behind the gas tank, unsure on what type of flare is back there). The top line which goes to the master cylinder which has a bubble flare (I can't find what size this would be).
  5. Are you saying to double bubble flare the two that aren't working? I think all the others are standard inverted flares?
  6. Hey guys, If it's needed: 1989 with old Renix 4.0 - stock dana 35 I am trying to do a WJ master cylinder / brake booster swap since the old one was rusted out with a leaky booster. In the process of installing it I accidentally crushed the proportioning valve when putting the lines in so I have to replace it. I have put two new proportioning valves in but it leaks from the same two each time I thought I tightened it down without pushing the line in first so I put another in and clearly that wasn't the issue. I bought an XJ proportioning valve and will not be
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