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  1. Any progress on reproducing one of those factory brush guards? Sure would like one of those... FYI almost ready to install the sliders . Was a busy winter haha...
  2. Yup I got your PM, just replied. No, never had it off. Not sure about the bolts, tank itself looks pretty rusty on the outside...
  3. I have a LWB gas tank skid plate on my truck maybe you can check it out when I stop by.
  4. I really liked the old front bumper/winch set up you had. DO you remember what that originally came from or what brand it was?
  5. Crazy to see where this thing started and where it is now!
  6. Nice! Got the same lift on mine. Love the way it handles now. Can you post a pic of the modified exhaust and the way it fits around the spare? I currently have the stock spare underneath the bed, but starting to worry on the trails about getting a flat at some point so planning on getting a big spare to match. But wondering is there's a way to run it under the bed still rather than having to make a custom mount for the bed, take up bed space, yada yada yada...
  7. Copy that thanks! Although it's kinda weird how the OEM cap is like permanently sealed on there with those metal tabs. Do you have to pry it off to replace it?
  8. Hey quick question for you: I noticed in your signature you have the HO 4.6L engine. I read on cherokeeforum.com that 91-92 Comanches were available with a 4.0L I6 MPI "Power Tech" HO (High Output) - 190hp @ 4750 rpm, 220 ft lb @ 4,000 rpm. Is there any way to tell this engine apart from the regular 4.0L EFI? I'm assuming yours is not stock but thought you might know...

  9. Yeah I don't how the hell those holes got there! Anyway, replaced that, Napa had the part for $25 easy fix... Pushed it hard on the trails yesterday and it's only reaching near the red zone (about 250 degrees) under the most extreme climbs. Had to kick the heat on again from time to time. New res tank seemed to help some but not completely. The radiator cap is sealed tight so that's not the issue. All the hoses look okay so that's good news too. What I think it is actually is the engine fan clutch is bad. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when the engine gets to normal operating temp and you shut t
  10. Damn that roll bar in Silver is beeeyuuutiiful! Exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the info B.
  11. I've been overheating the last couple days as well. Checked my Haynes Manual for trouble shooting, but it says that Comanches/Cherokees have a closed system with the reservoir cap acting as a pressure cap as well. My truck definitely does not have that system. In fact, it has two, possibly even four small holes in the reservoir tank that fluid leaks out of now when the engine is turned off and coolant flows back into the tank. Engine fan is running, coolant is filled to "fill" line. A very recent problem, just started the last few days. Any ideas? It almost looks as if holes were d
  12. Fixed my drivers side door lock last week that was broken from a screwdriver break-in that happened many years ago. The old one was just sitting in the bottom of the door when I pulled the panel off, clearly beyond repair. Cheap fix with a standard Chrysler $10 door lock from eBay. Was kind of a pain in the @$$ to get everything reattached, took a zip tie and some rubber bushing to replace some of the plastic pieces that broke but got it working! Then had an alarm put in for extra security. Finally, ready for some sound! 11 years I've been drivi
  13. Ran some trails in Arapahoe National Forest south of Idaho Springs yesterday. Devil's Canyon, Old Little Bear Creek Road and Barbour Forks. Devil's Canyon is a fun little 5-6 mile loop off CO 103. Fairly easy dirt and rock roads with only one fairly steep, very rocky section that you can go around if needed. Great views of Mt. Evans and down range from the top. After that I headed down to Echo Lake Lodge, had some lunch and then continued on 103 which turns into Squaw Pass Road. Took the shortcut north back to Idaho Spring
  14. Hey I gotta ask just curious, what is the reason for this truss on the axle?
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