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  1. I read something about the rhd Jeeps fans being a drop in for the “passenger” side
  2. What spring rate did you end up using in the rear? I know I saw on fb this truck is done now
  3. Then this happened! Ebay $96!! The black marker is the a/r specs on the first turbo.. the blue pen is the t04b that’s my current setup...it’s size is near perfect for the 4.0 imo and I'm 99% positive that with my planned mod it will be perfect... I think I can improve flow to and from the turbo and clean up the charge pipe flow a bit.. as well as the internal mods that will be disclosed as they get installed ... stay tuned for that... in the mean time enjoy these photos till I get time to upload moreb
  4. This system taught me never use junkyard turbos... it lasted maybe 2 hrs before it started billowing smoke and dumping oil
  5. It kinda worked... I found that the fuel pump was junk right away got another in it for free
  6. Phase one was just for proof of concept used a swap meet $12 Buick turbo and some summit u bends and connector pieces...very little money was invested initially I ended up doing some measuring and the trailer bed idea was born... Sears Roebuck utility trailer sacrificed its last as a trailer and got welded on
  7. Then I got a really good deal.. one I couldn’t pass up.. and that’s when I committed and researched my face off and found out it could be done and it was on!!
  8. Then I got room and time and got it in the garage to start figuring out a more forever fuel tank location... got a set of stock hpd30 and non c clip d35 installed and a customized 3.5” lift .. zone lcas rough country springs and rancho oil shocks sua in the rear w/ stock 70s 2wdChevy front shocks on custom upper mounts in the rear rises and drives amazing on 31s
  9. So here it is... long time buddy had this guy for a while and wasn’t doing anything with it... It belonged to a few friends, I kinda always wanted it... one day it fell into my lap for next to nothing so I decided to do something w/ it.. got it some un broke axles and got rid of the bull$#!& cobbled lift that was put in owners ago... then got it running...
  10. Here’s my 1988 turboed 4.0 5 speed “parts truck” got it bedless couldn’t find a decent local swb bed and didn’t want to bob a long bed and had an old sears-Roebuck trailer sitting around... and...
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