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Found 5 results

  1. '88 long bed that I built for my wife. Before: It was 2WD with the Peugeot 5 speed and D35. She wasn't a big fan of the manual transmission. I didn't like it either, but for other reasons. :D After: First trip on the trail: It now has an AW4, 231 doubler, TNT long arm front suspension, spring over with 8.8 rear, ECTEDs front and rear, 4.88 gears, 35" Mickey Thompson Baja MTZs, and some other stuff. I've got lots of pictures along the way. I'll add them with the details as I have time. I'll probably start on rock sliders this weekend. Then a rear bumper si
  2. (English not my first lenguage so sorry for the grammar)This is my project MJ 1987 from when i got it until now.(IS GONNA TAKE A WHILE TO UPLOAD ALL THE PICS BE PATIENT :). I bought this MJ in 2011 from a friend in San Bernardino CA was a short bed ,2wd , manual tranny and i brought it to Baja México to start the Project so lets begin :)
  3. I will start with a brief introduction and storyline of my Comanche. I bought it as my first car at the age of 17 to have something that could go off-road with my family. That was 5 years ago and since then, a lot of things have changed. For the first 2 years, I fought gremlins caused by whoever worked on it before me not really having much time to modify while just fixing all the issues of buying someone else's build. About two years into owning it, I cut the roll cage that the previous owner built off so that I could build a better looking and stronger roll cage. It was at that time after cu
  4. So after a long 9months (at my pace) which I hear is standard gestation for the Mj, I can finally call Truck Norris done...ish. Here’s the back story. As with most things it’s either a “no time plenty of money or a no money plenty of time” situation. However, all the planets aligned for this one. I purchased the Mj from a good friend who has been using it as a run around/driveway plow truck. He has swapped everything (engine, trans, interior, door interiors and skins...etc) from a 96 Xj. So what we are left with is a very comfortable 92 Mj with Ac and power everything. What better way to screw
  5. So I started my wheel base mod this weekend. I started off with a 114" wheel base and I'm shorting it up 8" so it will be at 106". Which I think will be perfect. So first I had to get the bed off which is kinda a pain. So I did some measuring and found out I couldn't use a regular front leaf spring mount because it would put the spring to far below the frame and lift my jeep 2". So I decided to do my part and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and reuse the front spring brackets. I had to drill out all the spot welds holding the leaf spring brackets on the frame :bang: . Then I dec
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