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Found 3 results

  1. The starting point for my '89 Jeep Comanche SCCA Retro Race Truck Project! It is a 1989 2WD 2.5L 4-Speed Short Bed California Truck with 243,00 miles. Body is straight and rust free, but the interior is a mess. Engine starts and runs well, expect for a lifter ticking. This weekend's work 1. Change Fluids and Filters 2. New plugs, wires, and distro cap/rotor 3. Check lifters 4. Pass CA smog check...#@$%* 5. Lower back 3" - change bushings to poly - 2" lowering blocks and shorter Cherokee shackles 6. Swap out dash gauge cluster to full gauge cluster
  2. I will start with a brief introduction and storyline of my Comanche. I bought it as my first car at the age of 17 to have something that could go off-road with my family. That was 5 years ago and since then, a lot of things have changed. For the first 2 years, I fought gremlins caused by whoever worked on it before me not really having much time to modify while just fixing all the issues of buying someone else's build. About two years into owning it, I cut the roll cage that the previous owner built off so that I could build a better looking and stronger roll cage. It was at that time after cu
  3. Hello, I have recently became the new owner of a 1989 jeep comanche pioneer. It's 2WD and a short bed. She's got a nice patina on her. And I kinda like it. But I also would like to bring her to her former glory. But seeing its 2WD it wouldn't be a good mud truck or a good off road truck. My plans are to turn her into a race truck. But my first question I have for it is how else could I lower it in the back. For the front I can get some new coilovers for it but in the back I do not know how to get it lower. Would I be able to put a "shim or spacer" between the axle and the leaf spring to make i
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