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    1. Pirate_Staz


      Oh shoot, if i had 500$ layin around id be all over that but I'm low on funds right now :(

    2. bruceb


      I have been wanting a matching trailer, but no place to store it at this time.

  1. No, I am not pulling the bed for this paint job. It is a California truck, so very little in the way of rust. Also, I am painting the same color as original, so keep the re-paint straight forward!
  2. After a very long year hold on the project and now my recent moving to Arizona, the work has started again on the SCCA retro truck. First the paint, which is underway. Then starting in November, then I will rebuild the top end of the engine, exhaust, cooling system, and then rebuild front suspension.
  3. Please keep me in the loop!
  4. I am wanting to respray my '89 tan comanche, but told too hot till Oct for any painting in an un-a/c garage.
  5. Yes work. Faculty at ASU now.
  6. The trucks were unloaded in the middle of that rain
  7. Phoenix, near South Mountain
  8. I was in Berkeley, for 12 years
  9. I have moved to Arizona! Both my Comanche project truck came with me on the transport truck from Northern California. Happy that I can continue to work on them and get them into shape, here in the "dry" heat! 104 today.
  10. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/d/sebastopol-1988-jeep-comanche/6920461912.html
  11. Stopped and took a few pictures today. After looking it over it should not sell for more than $1000, not many straight panels at all, but they may find someone to pay the asking price of $2500.
  12. How much was your front coil cut? 2"?
  13. Not stealing my thunder at all! Love to see what others are doing and sharing what they have found that works.
  14. Cleaned up under the hood by degreasing, reconnecting vacuum and electric wires into the correct places this past weekend. Took it in for smog and failed. There is still one vacuum leak that causes high idle and smog tech could hear it. So I know the area where it is, so I need to track it down and repair. I have been surfing craigslist the past month for bucket seats and also checked at Pick n Pull. Nothing but junk or overprices. Found new race seats on eBay, but the wrong color. The spray on vinyl dyes have gotten much better, so I decided to give it a try. The seats I ordered where black and red, so my exterior and interior theme is tan and black, I prepared the red areas and used the spray color change dye. I mis-taped a couple of spots, so have some respray to due, but not bad for the first time. Next is to make up the mounting brackets and weld them in. Here are the results below and the fast motion 2 hours video in 2 seconds.: https://youtu.be/oqAUxhyKCcM
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