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  1. Love your truck and I have been to Guam many times! Did all the work on your truck take place on Guam? I have two Comanches - one 2WD street and one 4WD for camping. Thanks
  2. Project is still underway. Getting ready for a new head, cam, lifters. Also need to the 2" drop in the front with new ball joints, etc.
  3. https://www.racingjunk.com/Stock-Super-Stock/184046848/Jeep-Comanche-R-SA-Tired-of-HP-Hits-NHRA-1.25-Under.html
  4. I found a Cherokee set for $80, but not MJ. Looking for a "new" replacement set
  5. HI - Does anyone know to obtain a set of factory oem fender flares for a 1989 MJ? Thank you - Bruce
    1. Pirate_Staz


      Oh shoot, if i had 500$ layin around id be all over that but I'm low on funds right now :(

    2. bruceb


      I have been wanting a matching trailer, but no place to store it at this time.

  6. No, I am not pulling the bed for this paint job. It is a California truck, so very little in the way of rust. Also, I am painting the same color as original, so keep the re-paint straight forward!
  7. After a very long year hold on the project and now my recent moving to Arizona, the work has started again on the SCCA retro truck. First the paint, which is underway. Then starting in November, then I will rebuild the top end of the engine, exhaust, cooling system, and then rebuild front suspension.
  8. I am wanting to respray my '89 tan comanche, but told too hot till Oct for any painting in an un-a/c garage.
  9. The trucks were unloaded in the middle of that rain
  10. I have moved to Arizona! Both my Comanche project truck came with me on the transport truck from Northern California. Happy that I can continue to work on them and get them into shape, here in the "dry" heat! 104 today.
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