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Found 3 results

  1. The starting point for my '89 Jeep Comanche SCCA Retro Race Truck Project! It is a 1989 2WD 2.5L 4-Speed Short Bed California Truck with 243,00 miles. Body is straight and rust free, but the interior is a mess. Engine starts and runs well, expect for a lifter ticking. This weekend's work 1. Change Fluids and Filters 2. New plugs, wires, and distro cap/rotor 3. Check lifters 4. Pass CA smog check...#@$%* 5. Lower back 3" - change bushings to poly - 2" lowering blocks and shorter Cherokee shackles 6. Swap out dash gauge cluster to full gauge cluster with new oil and temp sensors 7. Remove the six wires "not connected" to anything, just hang out from under the dash. Or maybe that is why the radio does not work? Starting point video: https://youtu.be/L-XMvcR01sg
  2. Hi Comanche Club, I am new to the club and I thought I would share my latest project. The purpose of this build is to build the best performing street only Comanche that I can. I have owned several Jeeps throughout the years, and have never been without a Jeep ever since I could drive. Most of which were lifted, but for this one I decided to go a different direction. For a little while I was looking at buying a sporty car, something turbo. But I just couldn't find the one for me, and all my wife kept telling me is that I wouldn't look right driving one of those cars. Then one day i came across the Grassroots Motorsports Jeep XJ-R and knew right then that I would be building another Jeep. So after a little more research I saw one of the Archer Racetrucks and I immediately started the search for a good Comanche to start the build. After almost a year of searching everyday on craigslist for the "right" one, I came across this... ...A 91 Comanche 2wd, shortbed, 4.0L, ax-15, 103K miles, almost no options. It's manual windows, no carpet, no intermittent wipers, no tilt, no passenger mirror, ect... pretty much no options except it has the 4.0L with a/c. It dosen't hurt either that it's already red. So after a few hours of the ad being up I was driving it home. The only things the truck needed was the parking brake fixed or replaced, the windshield washers didn't work, and the dash was cracked (which the previous owner already purchased). I just had to put it in, which is always fun. I brought the truck home on March 25, 2014 and I have done alot to this truck already, so I'm going to try to catch up. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have. Here's a horrible teaser pick from across the yard, of whats to come.
  3. Posting this because sooner than later the bumper will change. I'm fairly certain I'm over the lowered Comanche thing. Currently collecting lift parts. Anyway here she is. Miss Kay is the Comanche Lexy is the chopped Wagoneer.Will post more pics if yall want.
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