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  1. Maybe. So its a red eliminator in Portland Oregon.The guy works at a market up here. Anyway, got to talking to him about it. He made it sound pretty beat,doesn't think it has much value, but I see a project. Its got rust and such, but it is complete and runs haha. He said hes gonna send it on its way soon. Anyway just throw in this up here.
  2. Thanks guys. I really do appreciate the advice. All of it actually. I got where I needed with figuring stuff out on my own, but all input was mulled over. Currently, I'm just gonna get stock replacement components, mostly because I just wanna drive it now, and moneys tight with the holidays. I do like see in the discussions though because a lot if it sparks little things I forgot or missed. The Xj was my first car got her when I was 16 as a gift from family. I'm now 24 so as you can imagine I'm wholly invested in her. One day she'll get all the 'spensive goodies. Hopefully soon, but in the mea
  3. OK I tore into the area. Found that my harmonic balancer piece spun inside of the outer ring. Got into the timing chain and found a roller style chain,like a bicycle has. I don't think that's stock the marks line up on the gears, but I'm curious about the amount of deflection on the roller style, is it still half an inch like the factory chain is?
  4. I'm curious if this means anything significant to anyone. Clearly I have a few timing issues. I'm not discounting anyone's opinions, just trying to gather things I haven't thought of or checked. As far as minimum allowable compression, idk what it is, but I know 120s enough to run a 4.0, at least the ones I've checked.
  5. Compression was 120ish on all. The last thing last night the Xj did fire, ran like total trash backfiring an such but it was alive.
  6. Upon further, more intensive inspection, I'm pretty sure the timing chain jumped. I'm gonna dig into that in the next couple day . I'll update when I know for sure.
  7. Well here's some clarification. Timing mark is at 9 o clock piston is at top of stroke valves are not being depressed. What the heck
  8. Exactly what I was thinking. Was the XJ running before you cannibalised it? When was it running last? How old is the fuel? Did you take the MJ parts and put them on the XJ? Which parts? My 2ยข. In response to all of this^. The Xj ran well before the parts swapping. I removed the distributor, coil, icm, ecm, cps, oil pressure sensor, temp sensor in the head, and recently valve cover to retime the engine for certain. Everything removed was reinstalled with the same part. all of the parts are original to the Xj. except the cps, but I have spark. I put 10 bucks in it yesterday to
  9. This. It's really easy to be 180 degrees off. I suggest: Cut a window in you dist cap at number 1, pull your VC, manually turn your engine over and watch the rockers/valve and make certain you are on the compression stroke of #1 TDC, your rotor should have just swept #1 on the cap. Done an done.
  10. Yes. I have done and redone this multiple times, I suspected issues with it myself. The odd thing I noted, is that it appears my engine hits tdc based on valves and timing mark, but the piston has passed tdc when everything lines up.
  11. I wasn't going to go that route because it has spark. But I will anyway because its one thing I cannot guarantee. Thanks for your input.
  12. Hey everybody. Its been a while since I've been here, mostly because all is well in Jeep land. Well not anymore. My 89Xj will not run. The 90Mj will and I have been parts swapping to trouble shoot. The Xj is a 4.0 auto np242 3.73, power everything. In short its a Waggoneer. Currently the Xj has good spark, OK compression, and fuel, including injector pulse. The timing has been set and reset a bunch. I've been battling this for about a month or so. I'm at my wits end. I've done so much searching that I can guarantee it is not an evident issue. The story though is pretty short, so I've had the x
  13. As far as the plastidip goes. Its all prep really. It sprays, to me at least, easier than spray paint. But it is a different technique. Ive always had good results with it. Ive done wheels, grilles, rally stripes, ive even smoked taillights with it. As far as how to check this place out http://www.dipyourcar.com/forums/forum.php
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