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  1. Well yall, it's been a while since i've last been on here, i no longer on a MJ. She failed VA state inspection and died shortly after failing inspection. I was able to sell my MJ for sadly $400. I'm now rolling around in a 96 XJ that i bought on June 10, 2015, Hers both the MJ and XJ together right before i sold the comanche, Redwolf
  2. i didn't get a text bout a bar, and it's just the roll bar, i don't have brackets, guy i bought it off of lost them, but the bar does come with some lights with covers, just shoot me another text, Redwolf
  3. yes yall read that right, i'm seein my MJ, never thought i would but struggle to keep if goin for me is beyond what i wanna deal with, it runs great for everyone else but me. It failed inspetion for an exhaust leak by #2 cylinder and the parking brake, it's even comin with the roll bar, $1500 obo, Redwolf https://norfolk.craigslist.org/cto/5052180120.html
  4. i will when it's not raining and the ground drys out thanks still the crappy 2.8 for my MJ, and does the e-brake have to come from another 86 MJ? Redwolf No, any year will work. Actually, it'd be preferred to not get another one from an '86 because those had a defect that was under recall back then for that exact issue, not staying in place/holding. Bad ratcheting, worn teeth. And NC still has state inspections, but I don't think they're as communist as Virginia. Also depends on where you go hehe. My foot brake was crap when I bought my MJ and never once have they checked it. alright, can they come out of a cherokee if it has a boot brake? and i'll probably end up replacin it if i don't sell is or if it's not the issue schardein stated above, Redwolf
  5. parents are working on moving out to NC and i'll be taggin along, it's all a matter of findin a place within a range and sellin our current palce 1. the tubes that come off the exhaust manifold into a air check valve that leads to a rubber hose jungle, 2. i am not aloud to weld anything exhaust/emissions related other than the exhaust pipes, 3. it ratchets down but ratchets back up 3-4 clicks and it doesn't hold the MJ in place while the e-brake is engaged i just replaced the rear brakes a few months ago, drums, shoes, hardware and wheel cylinders, i even had em adjusted right; i even took it to tread quarters and had it checked to see if i did it right just because i suck at doin drum brakes. as far as the parking brake cable that could explain why from day 1 of owning my MJ the parking brake never stayed on the floor still the crappy 2.8 for my MJ, and does the e-brake have to come from another 86 MJ? Redwolf
  6. i need help, my MJ failed state inspection yesterday for the edmission tubes that come off my exhaust manifold and my parking brake, #2 exhaust leaks and i can't weld it, use tape or puddy. My parking brake pedal comes up 4 clicks, doesn't stay down if tapped and if it's set and you're in 1st and try to go, it's like the brake aint even set. Any ideas on how to fix the 2 issues and if i have to replace the parking brake assembly what can i pull one off of that's a direct fit? Redwolf
  7. well folks i think i found out what my weird sound and why if felt like i had slipage. Last night i was drivin to a bud's house and it felt like my clutch had finally went cause i wasn't really goin anywhere, i turn the corner and stop at the stop sign and all i hear is a knockin and draggin sound, i get out and the rear end of the driveshaft is on the ground, ujoint strap bolts were hand loose, one needle bearing cap was missin and the other needle bearing cap had about half of its needles. Of course my issue would be the only thing that i don't check, Redwolf
  8. Me too. The "cup" was rusty as was the wire contacts, when I got a new (junkyard) tilt column. The horn used to sound like a sick calf. I also pulled the actual horns, cleaned the mounting point and connectors all shiny & tight and cleaned mud and other crap off the horns. Sounds like new. i started with cleaning the connectors on the back of the horn button and it's still off and on, not as much as before though (knock on wood) i just wonder if my 2 spoked horn button bein cracked near the center is causing the issue, Redwolf
  9. so my horn works when it wants to, it all started when my horn button got pulled off, but i've been told check a relay, check grounds, any idea where i should start before i go chasin wires today, it's really gettin up under my skin, it's an 86 MJ carbed 2.8 Redwolf
  10. and that's whats got me thinkin it's the trans, Redwolf
  11. deffently signs of a bad clutch but somethin is makin noise when the clutch pedal is released, its very faint and almost sounds like a throwout bearing, Redwolf
  12. i couldn't even tell ya if it does it at high rpms in 5th gear, my MJ doesn't really go past 55 and getting up to 55mph is a struggle at best (thank you GM 2.8). but i only notice a major lack of "grip and get) in 4th gear and the clutch catch/release point has gotten high on the clutch pedal, Redwolf
  13. so this mornin i'm on my way into work and 4th gear doesn't wanna "grip and go" it seems like its lagging behind but all over gears are not effected as of tonight when i drove it, but however my clutch release point has rised. Could i just be lookin at a need clutch or could it be 4th gears syncro tryin to let go because it only does it sometimes, Redwolf P.S. it is a 5speed manual transmission
  14. fredericksburg is a ways too far for my MJ though, it's only got the 2.8 which is deffently not running the best right now, Redwolf
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