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  1. Thanks @Jesse J and @89 MJ! I've been trying to find that information and I couldn't find anything on it.
  2. I'm probably gonna sound pretty ignorant, but how do you put your wipers up for when it snows?
  3. Got the most essential mod for a vehicle today! Picked up 3 from https://www.ebay.com/itm/333640590992 Got some swag coming from @Pete M, so pics will be going up once those get here.
  4. yeah that figures. seems so crazy to me as its biggest production year, but I guess Chrysler cared more about going forward with the jeep name than preserving the past.
  5. I had seen that you were able to find selling dealers on these sheets, but I also heard that many 86's don't have that information. Any luck?
  6. Southeast Wyo added to the map, and fairly late as well.
  7. I'm half hour outside Cheyenne Wyoming. Guess we shouldn't be surprised the least populated state has the least members in the forum huh?
  8. Thanks! I'm sure it'll be a ton of fun despite all the cursing
  9. Thanks. I love Wyoming, and I hope I can grow old and die here The Wrangler is a pretty great store, and there's so much history here. The truck might be slow going, but it'll definitely be worth it. Ill be documenting the whole way
  10. I've started talking to him, and I'm hoping that I can either get one from him or see if he can refurb/modify the one in the XJ. I know he's really backed up so I'm not trying to be impatient lol
  11. The radio that's in mine now is aftermarket, so I'm not sure what to expect when it comes to plugs and wiring. The XJ has the factory radio, but it's climate control and radio area look different. (I may be a filthy millennial, but id like at least a cassette player if I can't get an aux input😜)
  12. Went to the local mechanic and had some of the items on my list taken care of. oil change ✔ brake flush ✔ spark plugs checking drums ✔ fixing the parking brake replacing bulbs getting a dash cover (minor cracking) installing new carpet and headliner The engine apparently leaks like a sieve (of course) but it doesn't leak onto the ground. My pads and drums have about 30% life left, so I figure I can get some miles out of them before I have to replace the pads, rotors, and drums. The parking brake definitely needs a new cable,
  13. Ohh ok thank you! I just ordered a service manual from your link so I'll be sure to get on that once I start wrenching.
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