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  1. Oh god who let you on this forum I'll try and have it ready sooner than later, but no promises.
  2. I thought about it. But I don't want to be taking tools on and off all the time when I fold the table down. My tool storage is also pretty good right now, lots of empty spots in my large roller toolbox (which must mean I don't have enough!)
  3. I've been wanting a big table for garage projects for awhile. This engine rebuild gave me the perfect excuse to design and build one. I wanted to maximize the area of the table but currently only having a two car garage really limits me on space. I decided to design a table that uses a full 4x8' sheet for the table top, but collapses down to be pushed up against the wall when I'm not using it. When folded up, the base doubles as a workbench. So even though it is taking up space along the wall, I can still use it as a bench. Here are the drawings for the table if
  4. Glad to hear you guys think its not too far gone. I think you're right and I'll finish tearing down the bottom end. I really need to find a machine shop up here. The only one I know of is like 3 months out before they will even look at your engine.
  5. Shortly after getting the Jeep home came the first bad news. A loud knock (LOUD) started emanating from the bottom end of the engine accompanied by very low oil pressure. Around this time I figured it would be fun to undertake rebuilding an engine so I set out to find a HO to rebuild and swap in. The BA10 was also shifting poorly and is just all around bad so when I stumbled upon a HO/AX15/NP231 combo for a good price I jumped on it. Without asking too many questions or looking very closely at the pictures I was on my way down to Nevada to pick it up. The kid had told me on the ph
  6. Plenty of cool trails up here! (Although I am a southern desert guy myself) I'll try my best to keep everything up to date! Lots of high quality pictures will accompany everything! I'm currently finishing up the last few months of school so it might be a slow start here.
  7. I figured as much. I just need it for personal use but was trying to avoid modeling as much as I could. I will just start modeling the bits and pieces as I go and try to make them available to anyone who needs it.
  8. Hey guys, Wondering if anyone knows of a solid model of the MJ frame. It would be super helpful for modeling bumpers and stiffeners and such. I did some digging and someone had mentioned they were making a model but that was like 6 years ago and the thread seemed to die off. Figured I would ask before spending a few weeks trying to model it myself. -Hunter
  9. As all Jeep builds tend to do, this Journey started off in a highly compulsive jump off the deep end. But first, some back story. 'Way' back in 2015 I started my obsession of throwing cash at a old crappy cars. After selling my perfectly good Toyota Sequoia I got my very first XJ. I developed a love hate relationship with it but fell in love with its ability to never leave me stranded despite abusing it through thousands of miles of California mountain and desert trails. When I moved to Utah for school it was the car that came with me to get me through the Northern Utah winters an
  10. Huntr


    Nice! He will definitely be able to hook you up with something then. I'm finishing up my last few weeks of Mechanical Engineering up here at USU. Can't wait to be done. Buying two jeeps just means twice the headaches... I am probably sacrificing the XJ to build the comanche though. Going to take the long arms, axles, etc. out of it. I can't really have 3 cars while I'm moving around the country.
  11. Huntr


    Not sure on your situation but most colleges offer student licenses for programs like Solidworks. If you are going to school I would poke around and see if you can find an educational license offered by your school. If you aren't in school then I'd try and find a friend who is who can get you a copy! Thanks! I figured I needed at least one of my jeeps in it.
  12. Huntr


    That's why I've got the RTT I definitely don't plan on taking more than about 8 or so inches off. It's not so much the dragging the a$$ it's more about disliking the look haha. Just download a CAD program and get drawing! I've had 2 years of CAD classes and honestly you learn much more doing personal project then they can ever teach you in a class. There's also tons of awesome free lessons online. Goengineer on Youtube has great free resources for Solidworks. If you ever have any questions about Solidworks just shoot me a message and i'd be more than glad to help
  13. Huntr


    Planning on shortening it? Not right away, but eventually. I need to get it running and all my suspension moved over from the XJ first. I'm up against a time crunch because I might be moving in the next 6 months so realistically it'll be a year or two haha
  14. Huntr


    Awesome to see some other people with Comanches so close! Might have to meet up one day after I get my truck further along and driving again. Any plans on cutting down your bed at all? I am highly considering it before I paint mine.
  15. I definitely know of a couple more MJs in Logan. I'll see about getting them on here.
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