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  1. **** SOLD **** - 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer LWB, 2wd, 4.0l – 5speed. Original Interior in really good shape. Body and frame are good. The cold this winter cracked the block…  All the work listed below has been completed since May of 2013. I am not interested in parting out, here is what the package consist of: Price $1750.00 OBO. Location – South Atlanta, Newnan Ga, 30265. • New Paint – Dark Blue • 5 - Rubicon Wheels w/ New Tires < 200 miles • 4.5” Rubicon Express Lift • Cooing System Upgrade – Just say “No” to Renix • New Front Bumper and Rubber • New Front Fenders • New Front Wi
  3. I added the Hellwig spring helpers and have been very satisfied with the improvement in load carrying and handling. Super easy install. http://www.amazon.com/Hellwig-1250-Level-Helper-Spring/dp/B001UFXS26/ref=pd_rhf_ee_p_tnr_5
  4. If you are ever in Georgia - the beer is on me. Thank you for your help.
  5. Celebrating a new master cylinder fixing my clutch... Happy - Happy - Happy
  6. I bought one of these at WalMart for $32. It has a built in lock and you can add additional pad locks if needed. I mounted it in the bed w/ two stainless bolts an lock nuts - not tighten all the way down. I cut a channel in the bottom of the box for each bolt to ride in so I can slide it up tight against the bed or slide it out for full access. The dimensions are around 32" long x 13" wide x 15" deep. I haul a mountain bike so I couldn't fit a regular tool box in the bed. This allows for easy removal if needed.
  7. Well I checked the floor boards and really couldn't find much evidence of a leak. I figured maybe things had dried up since I only drive the MJ once or twice a week. So, I pumped the clutch good checked again around the rubber boot inside the cab right before it connects to the pedal. It was moist but, not like it had a noticeable leak. I will just replace the master cylinder and go form there. The good news is I went ahead and replaced my wheels - I am very happy. Before: After: Now I just need to be able to ride......
  8. Probably the master cylinder. I changed a fuse last week and noticed it was a little grimy. I will verify tonight. Thanks again for the help - you guys are awesome!
  9. It is a 88 Pioneer and I am not sure which tranny I have - probably the less desirable one. I will check the locations mentioned for leaks. I haven't seen anything on the driveway and its a new a driveway so I would have noticed. I will check the floor boards tonight. The fluid was a little low but filling it did not help. This sucks... I have new wheels and tires from a rubicon, just got the adapters and I want to cruise... Thanks, Gentlemen.
  10. My clutch has gone soft and barely engages, it has to be pushed all the way to the floor to engage. Is there a way to determine whether the Master or the Slave clutch cylinder is bad or could there be another culprit to consider? Its 88 Pioneer, 5 spd w/ 4.0 not sure w/ tranny I have. Thanks,
  11. These may be of interest.... http://atlanta.craigslist.org/antidisestablishmentarianism/pts/4025388240.html
  12. I purchased a new front set from JC Whitney.
  13. I tried to order a new set of hold down brackets. They were on back-order for 3 months and I gave up. Hoping to find another option for the brackets...... Wish I could weld? If you find or know of a source for new brackets - I am interested. I guess I have more money than skill and not very much of either. Verified "Tinkerer" , preferably in the shade. :cheers:
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