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  1. Is the lower dash in good shape?
  2. shipp_m


    1989, Sportruck SWB 4.0 / 5 speed Manual / unk axles Build date: 1/89 Current Location : North Idaho Status: Still on the road and used as a farm truck. Notes: Cloth bench seat, grey interior, fuel tank skid. Current owner: My dad.
  3. I'll take a couple sets.
  4. Looking for Dana 44 Brake Backing plates. DFW area. Thanks in advance
  5. What are your thoughts between the two? Who has experience running both and what would you suggest? Fox or OME. Thanks in advance. Matt.
  6. I'm in need of the wing windows are they still available?
  7. I meant the actual full harness not just the connector. Sorry I'm not sure why I called it a connector. But I will take a complete unit. Thank you.
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