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  1. @Pete M I’m not the biggest fan of either bumper, but for the amount of money and most importantly TIME that’s gone into it, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let an idiot that rear ends me or drives in front of me ruin it. It’s being built as a beach runner and for VERY seldomly driving on ranch property.
  2. Pretty much the way it’s sitting now. There were several tiny areas I wasn’t happy with so they went back and redoing several spots. Forgot to mention the windows were swapped to 97+ manuals as well. Sorry for the massive photo dump, but it’s all there!
  3. So after a long hiatus of posting updates, this next one's going to be hefty. A year and change later, truck still isn't finished. Once we disassembled it, I decided to have the roller worked on. While what I've done to it will probably be considered blasphemy by most, It is coming together the way I saw it in my mind. As far as transmission, I bit the bullet (as with this build, I've bitten ALL the bullets, financially) and went with a new Novak AX15. I've been pretty much buying parts for the block all over the place, as the stuff from the original block wasn't in the best shape. Figured I'm going with a reman, let's do the best we can to put something great together. Pedal situation ended up being a little more convoluted than I was anticipating. Ended up using it as an opportunity to upgrade the brake booster. Need to figure out how to run new lines, but that's the least of the problems I'll have ahead. For the tail lights, I ended up commissioning @Dzimm for a set, as the set I bought from Etsy which took forever to come in, were built like garbage. The quality of the new set is unreal, and I highly suggest that if you want a set, talk to him about it. We've worked on the powertrain a bit, but it's really come down to waiting on the body to be finished. After having dropped it off in May, they're just about finished with it. SUPPOSEDLY it will be done this weekend. What I wasn't anticipating in all of this was an entire career change. I managed to get my CSR, so I'm now certified as a court reporter in Texas. With this change comes new opportunities, but one I won't have is a lot time to really dedicate to assembling the MJ. I need to figure something out, but it WILL get there!
  4. So I'm horrifyingly behind on my '88 Comanche build, I'll be posting all those pics in due time. After 8 months in the body shop, the Tiburon seats are finally bolted in. They sit about 1 1/2" higher than they used to. I'm not a tall guy, so it isn't too bad. I can deal with it. The problem is this: I had lizard skin sound control, lizard skin heat insulation, and raptor liner sprayed on the inside. I had read to use the original point location/buckle instead of the Tiburon seat. With all the stuff I had sprayed, using that original location is not really an option. I've decided to use this as an opportunity to buy new and/or upgraded seat belts. Does anybody have any suggestions for what I can use to mount to the seat location? Maybe a suggestion for a whole new location entirely? I'd like to go with 3-point harness, but if there is such a thing as a comfortable 4-point, I'm not against that either. I'm open to all kinds of options here. Thanks!
  5. Good luck with sale! For anybody interested, this is a SOLID build. I’ve yet to put them on my truck yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post a pic in this thread. thanks for everything, @Dzimm
  6. Any chance you’ve opened up your books again? Got a hold of an AR-7753 and would like to upgrade it or see about swapping with you towards credit for an improved one.
  7. New album just came out today. You might like it if doom metal is your thing.
  8. @Pete M haven’t figured it out yet. Wife found this one but no cupholders. I actually have a couple of bolts of Levi’s denim. Might have my mom get crafty and make a removable bean bag armrest with pockets and cupholders. I'm not rushing, but I’ll keep updating this thread for any solutions.
  9. @gogmorgoi’ll keep a look out. I’m open to different stuff.
  10. @gogmorgo decided to forgo....any center console at all. My wife wants the middle empty in case we ever want to carry an ice chest, she wants to keep a pillow there, and to just have room in the middle. As someone who values space myself, that works out. Still need to figure out a cupholder solution.
  11. Good point. I’m also swapping to tiburon seats, if that makes any difference. It hasn’t been installed yet, so I still have time to change my mind.
  12. 8 inches wide! I went junkyard hunting to look at van center consoles as they’re usually detached from the dash. Pics were taken when I found it at the u pull it. I liked the similar style found in the Honda Pilots, but this one fit the bill in terms of width.
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