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  1. You could also do this, which is what I'm doing on my '88.
  2. Cool, i'll let you know once I've sorted through the mess and put it back together again. Currently hunting for interior trim. Upholsterer of previous owner made a gigantic mess of things.
  3. i'm removing my cruise control. swapping to ax15, and I didn't really use it, even when the truck was rolling.
  4. In disassembling the interior of my MJ, I found (1) a small area with several rust, (2) a very poor job done by an upholsterer which involved driving NEW holes/screws through the plastic trim AND the cab (and glued carpet to the back instead of reupholstering the now discarded rear panel), and (3) most panels are broken, cracked, and a variety of different colors of gray. My initial plan was to have all the panels painted, but after seeing some broken, cracked, discolored, and...reupholstered...I really don’t want to put them back in. I had the idea of no carpet, just l
  5. I’m hoping he’d ship, that factory black interior is worth the hassle.
  6. i'm probably getting rid of mine, but I'm trying to figure out a more compact console solution first. Bought a mini console for a cherokee off eBay, and trying to figure out how I can mount an ice chest/cooler as an armrest. Keep in touch and I'll see about selling it to you if you're still looking for it.
  7. Might be able to get away with going to a junkyard and pulling the trim off an 84-96 Cherokee, since they both have the triangle windows.
  8. If you decide to sell the black interior trim, I'd be interested. Awesome find at the junkyard.
  9. I just bought what I think (might be the wrong part AGAIN) from deadjeep for $100. might be interested in buying a couple more for “just in case”.
  10. KoopaKid


    Aron '88 Laredo 4.0 AW4 (soon to be AX15) 4wd Harlingen, TX In for the bottomless pit rebuild!
  11. I’d DEFINITELY be interested in this. Would be great not to mutilate my truck any more.
  12. I have my much more qualified ASE friend "helping me" (I'm helping him, really) and he's got an idea what to do based on the explanation from CC members.
  13. I’m considering everything. After reading that the 96 XJ booster has like double the braking power, I became super interested. Just weighing my options is all. I’ll keep you updated!
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