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  1. Would you happen to have the ECU off of that available?
  2. Might be a stupid question, but can cruise control work on a standard? I only recently found out that my truck even had cruise control (has never worked in the time I"ve owned it), and now I'm swapping from AW4 to AX15. Would be cool if I could get cruise control going with it too.
  3. Since I've posted this, I bit the bullet and went with Novak. I'm sure I overpaid for some parts, but overall feel like it was worth it. I did NOT buy their bell housing, but I did get an external slave bell housing and bolts thanks to deadjeep. The rationale was that anything I was going to buy was going to require some rebuilding...that, and I got tired of trying to source things from different places and nothing working out. I appreciate this, but I will continue to be a deadjeep customer; so far, I've bought parts from them in the past and while they ca
  4. I don't need the motor but I would need the transmision/tc, flywheel, shifter, etc. Doing an AW4-AX15 conversion
  5. Would you know if it has the AX5 or AX15 transmission?
  6. Looking to buy an AX15 transmission, bell housing and np231 transfer case with proper spline. The more I can get to do this swap, the better. I have an AW4 I pulled out of my truck that was working okay if you might be looking for one. Thanks for looking.
  7. Fair enough, I just wanted to be able to return stuff if I needed to. Thank you very much for your help.
  8. Would an AX15 setup for a 91 work? If that's the case, do I get a slave cylinder for an 88 or a 91? If you could tell me where I'm right and wrong on this list, I'd appreciate it: Transmission Clutch set Slave Cylinder 1 or Slave Cylinder 2? Flywheel Transfer case Didn't find the bell housing, shifter, boot, or cables I'd need, figure I can look elsewhere for that. If you could tell me if I'm on the right track i'd REALLY appreciate it.
  9. i've just been poring over what parts I need. the transmission setup I was supposed to get I don't think is going to happen because the guy who is selling it randomly stopped responding after I'd agreed to buy it. I looked at autozone today for what I THINK could work but man, I'm scared of order a bunch of expensive crap that isn't going to work. My next option would be novak, but I don't want to totally blow my budget away.
  10. Sorry for the late response, just logged back into my account. The truck is at a friend of mine's place right now, but I'll see about taking a pic for you. It still has the stock pedals in there, haven't mounted the standard ones in yet.
  11. Well so far, I’ve purchased: -Remanufactured 4.0L Renix motor from the powertrain company -various parts to put on new block -Jeep Commander headlights -97-01 Header Panel -97-01 front fenders -Triangle motorcycle turn signals -Replacement LED’s for Commander headlights -3D printed JK to MJ tail light bracket from saltydawgsauto (Etsy) -JK tail lights -91 clutch pedals On the hunt for an AX15 or NV3550 transmission, just need to look more into what would be required for either swap. Lots more parts to replace, I’m sure, and b
  12. That isn’t a joke, the endless amounts of research I’ve done is an obsession in itself, just ready to get more done. today, we out the engine on the stand; clearly it’s been gone through before, and they did a crappy job. Started taking parts off of it. Moved the transmission into the bed of the truck; probably just using the transfer case off of it and not much else.
  13. I'm hoping to do this soon. Doing my damnedest to find all the parts without spending too much money and going to Novak for conversion kit. This is a solid write up.
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