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  1. Start saving your pennies! Can't wait to see what you do with it
  2. Thanks! It’s not my daily so all I have is time. The header has been out for about 2 weeks as I replaced the motor mounts and worked a bunch of overtime (to pay for parts lol)
  3. Some updates: I put the interior back in awhile back. I put the sound bar in and it turned out pretty sweet, I just have to watch my head on the speakers. I found the header was cracked and bought a pacesetter on sale on amazon. I successfully removed the intake and header without breaking bolts, one was actually lose lol. With the intake and header out, I replaced the motor mounts. I got the stinky fab motor mount and transmission mount pack. The stock ones were beyond wore out. The sleeve through the bushing was completely separated on both sides. With the motor mounts in, I’ll be putting the new header in this weekend 👍
  4. Maybe you could have some input to justify spending $550+ on Synergy?
  5. I'm looking for a steering upgrade. I'm going for a 1-ton set up for peace of mind with 35's in future. My mj sees the road often since the closest trail is a 40 minute drive and I drive it around town here and there. My biggest hold up is going with heims or the traditional tre. I keep finding that the heims are stronger but the tre's last longer for wear and tear. With all the mud and sand the mj sees here, I'm wondering if the heims will get gunked up as soon as I get on the trail. Input on the longevity of heims? There's several companies I'm looking at, figure I'd start a poll to see what you guys have had the best experience with. I was thinking for heims I'd go with Cavfab and tre's I'd do Ironman4x4. I know Stinkyfab uses aluminum rods but why not throw them in the mix too.
  6. I pulled the trigger on the Pace Setter header. Found it “used like new” on Amazon for $139. I figured it was a good price for the header and down pipe together
  7. What’s your suspension set up? Stock? Small lift?
  8. After some digging, it is a tube for hot air intake. Did you get a header with the port for the O2 sensor?
  9. @coolwind57 thanks for all the info and pictures. I’m still up in the air of using the stock manifold design or buying the more expensive header. I’d add the flex pipe to what ever I do. @Dzimm you have one like this? https://www.carparts.com/details/Jeep/Comanche/Replacement/Exhaust_Manifold/1992/Pioneer/6_Cyl_4-dot-0/J960708.html?TID=gglpla&origin=pla&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjwqLblBRBYEiwAV3pCJvuiHC92pMa-6AarYnLgyTbZMRikARw4vfeOIM_Kkn9B6Kq6fQ0elRoCoxcQAvD_BwE Also what’s the purpose of the added pipe facing the fender on the stock manifold? Picture for reference
  10. I've heard those cheapo ones end up cracking again just like the stock ones. How many miles have you put on yours? Definitely throwing in some brown dog motor mounts at the same time Where would the flex pipe go? after the down pipe?
  11. Maybe a bump on this one will help?? Any suggestions or anyone use the pace setter?
  12. My manifold has some cracks and I’m looking to replace it. I’ll be replacing the manifold, down pipe, and cat, most likely dumping it after the cat. I was looking at the Pace Setter header, https://www.jegs.com/i/Pace-Setter/766/70-1191/10002/-1?ymm=4294829838+4294829873+4294829106 It’s a bit cheaper than the Borla, Gibson, and so on. I’ve found a little info on it. Most reviews say the paint burns off but their website says the black paint is only for protection during shipping/install. No other complaints that I can find, anyone run their header? Or other suggestions hopefully closer to the $200 range. Looks like the Pace Setter in the link above already comes with the down pipe, so that’s a plus
  13. Probably a Dana 44, depends on what I come across. Buddy of mine has a 9” from a F100
  14. Locking a dana 30 and a KJ Chrysler 8.25 on 35's could work? Wouldn't a Ford 9" be worth the extra strength (and width)?
  15. Mines on an unknown 3” lift (previous owner) on 31x10.5x15. Still has stock steering and stock control arms. They fit good
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