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  1. Tamadrummer

    Group Buy on Headliners

    We just order it on eBay? Or are you doing group buys on here?
  2. Tamadrummer

    88 Pioneer Build (Picture dense)

    I have slowly been getting some things done. I was sick of jumping the starter with a screwdriver and I replaced the starter relay and the starter/solinoid. No functioning multimeter so I did both for peace of mind and it’s starting so far. No pictures of that since it’s a straight forward swap. I finished the floor and put the interior back together. Next on the list is to finally install the xj brake booster and zj swaybar+tie rod
  3. Tamadrummer

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    #1 without the roll bar would be cool!
  4. Tamadrummer

    88 Pioneer Build (Picture dense)

    Okay, I was not aware of the years. I just knew a v8 grand cherokee. We’ll find out! Plus the jy is brand new and their prices aren’t set yet so it was only $5 for the tie rod and ends lol
  5. Tamadrummer

    88 Pioneer Build (Picture dense)

    I made a jy trip and picked up some goodies. I got a sound bar from an xj with some cheapo sonys already in it and a dual diaphragm brake booster both from a ‘95 I think. Then I got a sway bar and tie rod from a ‘01 v8 zj. Hopefully I’ll throw them in next week after I finish the floors and get this thing back on the road!
  6. Tamadrummer

    88 Pioneer Build (Picture dense)

    Slowly but surely, I’ve been patching up the passenger floor board. I used 16 gauge sheet metal because my little fluxcore welder blows through the thinner stuff. I’ll be cleaning up the welds with a grinder before I paint. The plan is to use some sort of rust “converter” first. I have some rustoleum rust reformer but I’ll probably end up using Ospho. Then I’m going over that with Herculiner. I also noticed the sticker on the firewall says XJ. Did they just throw xj stickers on all mjs and xjs?
  7. Tamadrummer

    Bleepinjeep quick release hood pins

    Iron jacket MJ on here? I’ve never seen them besides the bleepinjeep guy
  8. Anyone try these flush mount quick releases? https://store.bleepinjeep.com/product/flush-mount-hood-pins-aluminum-quick-release/ They look clean compared to the typical quick release pins
  9. Tamadrummer

    Stock suspension height?

    @Eagle would a SOA give me more than 6” on those measurements I gave? The leafs and shackles look stock
  10. Tamadrummer

    Jeep Beach 2018

    *didn’t notice the date lol. What about for 2019??
  11. Tamadrummer

    Jeep Beach 2018

    I’ve never been! I’m in Sarasota County though. Thankfully, I’m finally back in the Jeep game and I’d be interested if it lines up with work and my Comanche running/driving lol
  12. Tamadrummer

    88 Pioneer Build (Picture dense)

    I started with a wire wheel on the floor pans and I found some rust holes. I guess it isn’t a comanche without rusted through floors.
  13. Tamadrummer

    Stock suspension height?

    I finally measured the ride height and the front is at 10.25” and rear is at 10.5”. I figure it’s a 3” lift in the front? And maybe new leafs in the rear to match? I was going to do SOA but idk anymore with those leafs
  14. Tamadrummer

    Stock suspension height?

    Measured the height from the ground to the fender and the front is sitting at 35” and the rear is at 35.5”. Can anyone out there on stock suspension and 31’s tell me their measurements??
  15. I was good with xj’s but cannot determine suspension height with tire size on mj’s yet. I bought this as it sits now. It’s on 31’s and the coils springs look painted/newer? The truck has almost no rust on the exterior and the leaf springs are surprisingly clean looking but not brand new. I think the suspension is at stock height and want see if anyone else can verify just by pictures.