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  1. So i bought my Comanche last year, and when i got it the wipers moved really slow. All a the sudden they completely stopped working? don't really know what to do and don't wanna take it to a mechanic. Anything would help Thanks.
  2. Ok so I got new tires and rims and they rub... just wondering if I should cut the fenders myself or have it professionally done?
  3. just check them and they all look fine.
  4. just check them and they all look fine.
  5. Ok, I did that then I took out the ignition switch, and it turns out the connectors that plug into it were melted. i just put in new connectors but all the lights still aren't working and now I'm not even getting a spark
  6. do you think it could be the ignition switch?
  7. Ok... so I was out late and was gonna leave for home when I realized my head lights weren’t working. I then proceeded to check the other lights on the truck and nothings working. The brake lights, blinkers, hazards, headlights, and interior lights are all out. I check the fuses and they all look fine. As I went to pick it up the next morning, it stalled on the freeway. Had to have it towed home, but right when I got it home it started up right away. I’m not handy with electrical and am wondering if you guys know what’s wrong.
  8. I'm looking for a toolbox that I could lay across the bed of the truck anyone knows where I can get one?
  9. Does anybody know where I can find a glove box latch?
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