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  1. kryptronic

    Tire swap?

    You can get 5 JK take-offs around here, tires on rims, for around $400 a set on CL or FB. Typically 2000-3000 miles on Bridgestone Duelers or Goodyear Wranglers is what you see available.
  2. kryptronic

    Rear Window repair/replacement

    The issue is the glass is specific to the MJ factory three window rear slider. Each of the three panes is unique and no longer made. I have plexiglass in the driver side pane on my 92's factory slider. To correct, I've obtained a second factory slider with good glass (but a marginal frame), and will be using the driver pane from that to correct my issue. I haven't done it yet, but that's my repair solution.
  3. kryptronic

    Members, Cab Corners, Rockers PLEASE READ BEFORE RESPONDING

    Rockers at least one set. Maybe two. The demand will never be there to get this to happen in any profitable fashion by a shop doing larger runs. You'd be better off working out a deal with Scar-Fab to have a smaller run made. An MJ enthusiast like Krusty would probably work out the pricing on a run based on the cost of the equipment needed to gear up for the job. Start ups and smaller shops like his will generally work with you. I'm not sure what type of equipment is needed to manufacture the parts you're looking for, though. Could be costly.
  4. kryptronic

    Scavenger hunt! this month: guess my baby's stats!

    Congratulations! He looks just like his dad. Jeep shirt and all.
  5. kryptronic

    COMANCHE Blueprint for body panels?

    I was thining of tracing what I have to save the specs before removal, then to have a local shop measure the tracings and reproduce the graphics when the time comes. I've got the no longer available 91 pioneer stripe package and looking to do something similar (but custom) after paint.
  6. Save the 90, build the 92. Do not switch that 92 from HO to Renix. Whoever said that had to be joking.
  7. kryptronic

    Scavenger hunt! this month: guess my baby's stats!

    Wishing all three of you a safe, healthy birth. You're going to make an awesome dad.
  8. kryptronic

    Known issues? (I think '88)

    I guess I'm a downer too on this one too. OP is 19 if I read right. First vehicle. Doesn't run right. Renix. From the north. An 86 2.5L. Too many red flags for me. A purchase price of $500 maybe, and likely another $400 in expenses easy getting it from IA to GA. Probably another $500-1000 getting it drivable. There has to be a better candidate in GA or close for what it will cost. Probably $2500-3000 to get it and make it reliable. Doing all the work himself. With tools we hope he has and a garage somewhere. And a bunch of luck. No way I could have taken on such a project at that age for a first vehicle. I'd pass on it even if it was free.
  9. kryptronic

    Known issues? (I think '88)

    Hold out for a southern truck. It's an 86, it overheats, and it's in Indiana. I like the 2.5L, but there's that too. There are way better first projects to be had much closer to Georgia. Patience is a virtue. I'd advise that you look for a rust free driver close to home.
  10. kryptronic

    Painted OEM Rear Bumper, Manchester, NH $300

    Can you ship it to PA 17403? If so, PM me, please.
  11. kryptronic

    Android help needed

    You're idea about using different screens to group the PDFs is very good. Just hold down onto a home screen shortcut and drag it to the screen you want. When you get close to running out of screens, Android will begin to create you additional empty screens.
  12. kryptronic

    Android help needed

    You can do each PDF file this way: In the My Files app, browse to the folder containing the PDFs. Press down on one of the files and hold it to switch the list to selection view. Make sure only one file is checked. Click the menu (three vertical dots at the top right) and choose to add a shortcut. When a dialog pops up asking you where to put the shortcut, choose your home screen. There will be a confirmation and the shortcut will be there where you want it afterwards. Repeat for each PDF. I can't see any easy way to do a directory.
  13. kryptronic

    Android help needed

    Ok. I assumed it had 4G capabilities. I wouldn't advise using untrusted wifi for anything either, even if it's secured. Good tip there. Hook the tablet up to your laptop and copy the files over using USB to the device itself, or skip that and use an SD card. Use the My Files app to read the files in the field from the device or SD card.
  14. kryptronic

    Android help needed

    Pretty sure Google Drive and the whole Google apps suite is available via the Google Play store for free for just about any Android "tab"let. These things have so many names these days that at work we just call them mid sized displays, with phones being labeled thin displays, and desktops being labeled wide displays.
  15. kryptronic

    Android help needed

    What you asked for: Click the 'Apps' button, which is an icon that looks like a white box with nine grey dots in it. That will bring up all apps on your device. When viewing all apps, use the search at the top of the screen to search for 'My Files'. Click that app to open it when you see it. On the My Files app page, scroll down to the PHONE/TABLET area and you should see 'Internal Storage'. Click that. There you can browse your files and/or use the menu (icon with three vertical dots at the top right of the screen) to add a folder, etc. Or, you can plug your tablet into your laptop/desktop via USB and drag/drop files into the right folders. Or, leverage Google's cloud and make your life easier: Get yourself a Google account, and configure Google Drive. Use your laptop/desktop to upload all those PDFs to GoogleDrive, then use your tablet's Google Drive app to access them.