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  1. Correct. You're welcome to stay at my place again. I'll be there.
  2. I had no idea there was a Jeep wave for non-Wranglers. Not a thing around here unless you're in a CJ/YJ/TJ/JK/JL. So the new Jeep truck gets no waves here.
  3. kryptronic


    Here's a good shot of that graphics package on my 91.
  4. 4WD has a good relationship with BFG and will usually have the best deals on them. You can get up to a 10% additional forum discount if you join one of the bigger Jeep forums and contact one of their reps that way. I picked up 5x 31x10.5x15 BFG KO2s from them last year for around $700 shipped, and I got 5x 35x12.5x17 BFG KOs for $1300 shipped. Best deals around at the time.
  5. This truck has been showing up on the local CL on and off for the last three years. I bet the owner would take just about any offer on it at this point.
  6. This. Do not weld spring perches as your first welding project. You're going to have to burn them on hot and need to be able to trust those welds. They may take more stress than any other welds on the vehicle.
  7. It should bolt up just fine, but I'm not sure if there would be interference with the track bar or sway bar links during uptravel. My though is that Jeep engineered them differently for a reason. I've considered this switch myself but don't really see any benefits.
  8. In 95 the YJ got larger u-joints on the front axle shafts. 95B designates an updated D30. That's the only change made to the D30 in the YJ run from 87-95. All YJ D30s were vaccuum disconnect style.
  9. Thanks, @Dzimm. Exactly what I was looking for. Things that make you go hmmmm....
  10. Has anyone ever considered/seen a MJ cab extension using just 2 door XJ doors to gain extra cab room? I don't mean four doors or extra seating like the Cheromanche concept. Just more cab room for a tall guy like me. The seats could be relocated rearward a few inches. I assume to do this right, the bed could be shortened at the front to make room for the longer cab. With possible gas tank relocation. Perhaps a LWB or bobbed LWB MJ would be the best candidate. I'm just pondering this with no real intention of doing it unless I go crazy. Really wondering if it's been
  11. It's really cool to see everything coming together so nicely for you. The level of detail in this build is inspiring. Reading this thread gives me some drive to get to the same point sooner rather than later on my truck. Everybody likes different things. Some of what you'ce done with your truck is contrary to my own tastes, however I really appreciate your craftsmanship, which makes me really like the build a lot. It's like you made some very different choices, but pulled them off so well, I really respect and enjoy what was done. Awesome work. All that thinking a
  12. Sold to @hedbutter on 2019-11-02 and moved west to Pittsburgh, PA. The right person, who intended to do right by the truck, came along and made a good offer. I'm looking forward to following this build, and am confident the truck will be done right. Good luck!
  13. Sold to @hedbutter on 2019-11-02 and moved west to Pittsburgh, PA.
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