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  1. Everybody appreciates it. If you can catalog the dates with VINs and SWB/LWB with model (Base/Sportruck, Pioneer, Laredo, Chief, Eliminator) as you go in a spreadsheet on Google, share it with me when you're done. I think with that data and a little creative scripting we could get some really good summary data together based on Jeep's published production numbers and our registry data. I'd be happy to handle the programming piece if you provide the data. We'd be able to fairly accurately estimate things like the number of SWB Pioneers built in 91, if you catch my drift. Engine and trans data would be the icing on the cake.
  2. Thank you for doing this. Can't wait to see you go through the 92s. I've really wanted to know how close mine (which I could only narrow down to March 1992) was to the end of the production run.
  3. Where are you getting the actual day of the build from? I would have updated my entries if I knew where to get the info.
  4. No problem. I enjoy reading his stuff quite a bit. Every year he goes through hell getting a sub $1000 rust bucket Jeep together for that trip. The comments are usually hilarious too.
  5. I'd love to have a MJ/XJ key hanger with a bunch if hooks on it - 8 would be perfect. I hope you've been following David Tracy's Postal Jeep odyssey on Jalopnic. If not, check it out. He just wrapped up a wild 2000 mile trip to MOAB in it.
  6. I've got a 95 XJ parts vehicle here. The seats are nowhere close to the same. I'd say definitelt not.
  7. This could simply be because Luk is the de-facto replacement, and that's what 99% of Jeeps run.
  8. Are you going to be changing your springs? 4WD springs are different, but not absolutely necessary. Assuming you keep your 2WD springs and get a $500 XJ for parts, I think you could do it for around $900 total. You'd want to replace the rubber bits in your front suspension, and will want to get new rotors and brake pads at a minimum. Plus fluids, alignment, etc. all add up. If you start getting into new springs, shocks, control arms, etc. you're pushing $1500. Just read your original post again and see you mention having the transmission rebuilt so add a bunch for that too.
  9. Luk is the only brand clutch I've ever seen recommended for our Jeeps.
  10. Beautiful MJOTM! Congratulations. This has given me a ton of inspiration for my white truck.
  11. kryptronic

    Dust Cap

    Like this?
  12. I'm pretty sure we'll be hanging out at my place Friday night after Brandon arrives in town. Nothing major happening, but somewhere to relax and talk MJs for a bit. I'm about three miles from the fairgrounds. Probably will have some pizzas and drinks on Friday.
  13. Registered my 91 to show it. All ready to go now...
  14. Right after you paste a CC link into a reply, check the bottom of the reply input area. There is a notice saying your link can/will be embedded a nd you have the option to click to paste as a plain link instead. Use that option to paste a plain link instead of embedding it.
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