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  1. This sounds like the most plausible sitiation. No way two keys fit in the cylinder at the same time, and the cylinder is only open on one end.
  2. Spray water on the belt when squeaking. If the squeaking stops, it's either a bad belt, or pulleys are out of alignment causing slippage, or both.
  3. kryptronic

    Mirrors- SC

    PM sent regarding early style mirrors.
  4. kryptronic


    This community has taken interest in this not so much because a writer reached out for our input, but because in return some members decided his request was likely a covert attack on their life, liberty and/or pursuit of happiness, and decided to act like a-holes themselves. Most of the discussion here has been concerning our collectively poor reaction to what (as far as we know) was a genuine, sincere request. I think there is a comprehension issue at play here. We've got some extremely smart people on here, and I don't think anybody is really following your train of thought. The discussion moved rapidly from censorship to sponsorship to commercialism with virtually no transition, and with no apparent correlation. We don't follow you. The jumps you're making during the discussion may seem perfectly logical and related to you, but they just don't make sense to the rest of us. It's like you know so much more than us, and struggle to bring yourself down to our level to fill us in. I don't think our understanding of how things work is as complete as your is, and as such, you're talking on a whole different level we can't comprehend. So please - bear with us, and dumb it down a bit so we can follow you.
  5. Look at that bracket on a YJ. The alternator mounts under it, and the a/c compressor is on top. Just like what you're doing, but with the accessories inverted. If Jeep did it from the factory, I'd say the block is plenty strong enough for your application.
  6. kryptronic


    I agree. In your initial reply, you made what I thought was a very good suggestion. If members were to post their comments to that thread in response to question posed by the writer, he would have a wealth of information to pull from for his article. When looking at the history on the thread, I think your post may have been inadvertently removed when a bunch of others (off-topic, questionable content) were removed. I couldn't say that for sure, but that's what it looks like to me. And beyond that, my opinion doesn't matter anyway. Just to be clear... I am an administrator for this site because of my technical skill set. I assist with technical matters only, and do not moderate these forums. My opinions are my own, and in no way should be construed to be the opinions of Comanche Club proper and/or Pete. Pete is the boss, and he makes the decisions and the rules. It's his forum. If you've got a technical issue, I'm your guy. If you've got a problem with something else, see the boss. Regarding sponsorship, a while back I spoke with Pete and the moderators concerning obtaining sponsorship for the site, and making efforts to drive more traffic to the site. I was seeing the same opportunities you are. I learned that's not really the goal/mission here. The mission is to catalog and share information about the Jeep Comanche freely without relying on corporate sponsorship or advertisements. This is achieved by keeping operating costs minimal, and relying on member support (via PayPal donations, and donations of time/services). The community is self-sustaining and growing organically - so it's hard to argue against using this methodology to achieve mission goals. This place just isn't a business, and never will be. People like me (and I'm guessing you) have a hard time grasping the non-for-profit concept. It's a noble one, though. And in this instance - with Comanche Club - it works. I believe that's because of the overall positive experience members have here. So I think we should all keep that in mind. People come here, and come back, because it's special. Anyone who has participated on many of the other related forums understands how special this place is.
  7. kryptronic


    We're all playing in Pete's sandbox here, and have to play by his rules. That pretty much means you need to act like your mother is in the room when you're on here. I love that about this place. We have something special here - a place where we can act like ladies and gentlemen with each other while sharing our common passion. My mother used to say, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Why? Because people don't want to hear it. You're not that important. The world does not revolve around you. That's why you're supposed to keep your mouth shut. Out of respect for others. You bite your tongue. That was all before the Internet, but still applies today, and definitely applies on Comanche Club. So that's the rule I try to live by here. Be nice and courteous. Always. If you have trouble with this on here, picture my mother - a strong Italian woman with a rolling pin in her hand - saying that to you. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Concerning this writer's inquiry, with the new Jeep Gladiator being released, he's probably doing a piece on it's roots or Jeep or offroad culture. Smart to reach out to us, if you ask me. He'd have a good angle for his story. Any speculation about his true intentions is just that - speculation. When presented with a problem, the most likely solution is usually the correct solution. A little reason is in order, here. The tinfoil hat comment I read earlier was spot on. Come on man.
  8. Replace the bulb. That's most likely your issue. Welcome to CC!
  9. Sounds like the multifunction switch is bad (you called it a signal lever).
  10. Not sure. Looks like the first time it was posted on CC was by Pete M in 2009 - so we'll give him credit. Predates it's entry in the informative picture thread by a year. Can't find any earlier references to the image on the web, which was originally uploaded to the picturetrail.com site. Seems to be the go-to image when anyone doubts perch width differences between MJs and XJs. Ref:
  11. I found these in the 87 dealer brochure. The pic of the red truck posted earlier is from the same brochure.
  12. I have the switch. I'd like to get $100 for it, including shipping. Maybe somebody else has one they'd let go for less. Bottom switch in the pic. Been watching your build. Great work.
  13. @Dzimm, @JMO413: The problem you've run into is the result of a limit being added for uploads that wasn't set previously. Forum settings were (incorrectly) set in a fashion that would allow a user to upload massively large images without checks. I put in a limit of 10MB per form submission about two weeks ago thinking that would be sufficient. Based on your comments, that's now been increased to 40MB. Images uploaded to CC are resized to 800x600 pixels, so the upload limit is really in place to make sure massive file submissions are not allowed, and the resizing server-size reduces the images to a usable file size. So the new 40MB setting is safe for CC. Thanks for the report. @Jeep Driver: You probably didn't have an issue, because, if I'm not mistaken, you typically post URLs for images hosted on Imgur rather than using CC image hosting. If you had been trying to upload images to CC (rather than plugging in Imgur image URLs), you likely would have run into the same issue.
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