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  1. kryptronic

    All Breeds Jeep Show - York PA 2018

    Who is going to the All Breeds Jeep Show in York, PA this year? York Fairgrounds, York, PA July 21-22 2018 http://pajeeps.org/ I will be there all weekend, not showing any Jeeps, though. Last year quite a few guys from the club showed up. Chime in if you're planning on coming. The show is pretty JK heavy, but does get it's fair share of XJs, MJs, CJs, older FSJs and things you never knew Jeep made. Good time every year.
  2. kryptronic

    WANTED: Original short-bed 6' bed liner (JEEP or COMANCHE)

    I'm on the east coast, so I can't help you get one. I'm chiming in with info. I have a couple bedliners, and have seen a few others in yards. I've only ever seen them read 'COMANCHE' in all caps and 'Jeep' or 'Pendaliner' in mixed case. I've not seen 'Comanche' or 'JEEP' stamped on any, although they may very well exist. Based on what I've seen, I think the earliest bedliners produced (85-87) likely were stamped 'COMANCHE' to match the emblem on the truck, and when that emblem changed, the bedliner likely changed to 'Jeep'. I could see them still having bedliners being sold with trucks from the dealer stamped 'COMANCHE' maybe as late as 88 or 89 due to production runs. Just guessing, though. There's nothing out on the web about these. The OEM for the bedliners was Pendaliner, and you will find Comanche-specific bedliners which are stamped 'Pendaliner', and not 'COMANCHE' or 'Jeep'. I believe these were sold in the aftermarket, but absolutely use the same exact mold for both the liner and the tailgate cover as the OEM stamped bedliners, except the lettering. And there were both over-the-rail and under-the-rail models produced.
  3. kryptronic

    XLS and Comanche Emblems - South Central PA

    Oh, man. You'll have fun. She'll have more fun. It's all good. I'm about three miles from the fairgrounds, so hit me up next year. Or one time when you're coming east to visit your dad. Lancaster is only about 30 minutes west of here along US Route 30.
  4. kryptronic

    XLS and Comanche Emblems - South Central PA

    Not much. I'm building a 91 right now and some of the stuff that comes off it will go up for sale here. These emblems came from a local yard. I'm in York, so if you come out this way for the All Breeds Jeep Show in July, we should definitely hook up.
  5. kryptronic

    XLS and Comanche Emblems - South Central PA

    SWB bedliners are no longer available. Edited original post and subject. Emblems are still available. Price drop on emblems.
  6. kryptronic


    It was very nice to meet you and thank you for everything. Stay tuned to CC, I'll be sure to post plenty of updates to her.
  7. kryptronic


    Happy Father's Day! My mouth is watering looking at that brisket. And funny enough, I had lunch with my dad today at Mission BBQ and had it there. Looks fantastic. Grill hard, my friend.
  8. kryptronic

    Rollbar, bushwhackers, some other stuff in New Jersey

    Just realized how old this thread is. Still interested, though.
  9. kryptronic

    Rollbar, bushwhackers, some other stuff in New Jersey

    Chief striping shpped to PA 17403 in a mailing tube please. Please PM me with PalPal info and the total. Thank you.
  10. kryptronic


    I purchased this Comanche from Tim today in Queenstown, MD, and drove it 100 miles north to it's new home in York, PA.
  11. kryptronic

    Silver Star 1991 Pioneer Build

    Time Elapsed: 1 Year, 65 Days Just had to share. Some more pieces of the puzzle arrived today. Two pristine vent windows, and a 4.0L HO badge...
  12. kryptronic

    Sun Visor

    My truck had that bull bar all mangled to hell and back laying in the bed when I bought it. I think it saved the front end at one point from a total disaster.
  13. kryptronic

    Serpentine Belt Replacement

    I'm not sure if the Renix bracket is the same as an HO bracket, but on an HO the power steering bracket is locked into place with three bolts, and if I recall correctly, they are 1/2" and there's one at the front and two in the rear. You have to loosen those before you try to move the pump using the tensioner bolt. It should move, and if it doesn't it's probably corroded together and needs to be convinced to move with a pry bar. I'd recommend a Continental (used to be branded as Goodyear Gatorback) for the belt.
  14. kryptronic

    1990 Jeep Comanche Eliminator SB 4.0 Auto 4x4 REDUCED! (Michigan)

    I didn't see the photobucket pics until just now either. It's not terrible, but it's not going to sell at that price. Around here in south central PA that truck would sell for $3,000-$4,000.