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  1. The carribean idea is a really good one. Look at vacation packages to places like Montego Bay, Jamaica. You can get airfare, lodging and all your food and drinks at a resort for a single fairly low price. Not much to do but eat, drink and relax, but that's my idea of a vacation.
  2. That's the outside lip - outer diameter including the little nipple that runs along the top edge . Maybe I should have said that. The actual diameter, excluding the nipple, is likely extremely close to 2 1/2". So if your 2 1/2" elbow can expand to 2 5/8" to get past the nipple, that would probably be optimal.
  3. Just measured 2 5/8" for the outside lip of an HO throttle body.
  4. I heard your blue truck had an issue on the course, but didn't realize it was that truck. I edited my post and tagged it correctly.
  5. More pics from the past weekend. I think everybody had a great time - I know I did. Next year the show is moving about 40 minutes away to Carlisle, PA but we're already planning another Pow Wow in York, PA to coincide with the show. @ComancheKid45 always a show favorite - the Walker Evans Comanche: @Carlos newly acquired, and trusted her enough to drive up from Virginia: Unknown owner: @ComancheKid45 course casualty: @Minuit - High Output goodness drove all the way from Tennessee. Amazingly quiet on the inside, with the best stereo setup you will ever hear in a Comanche: @kryptronic more High Output goodness: Unknown owner: Unknown owner: @87MJTIM, original owner of this beautiful Laredo: Unknown owner: @jdwillys - looking good on Sunday - better late then never: @jdwillys, @Carlos, @Minuit, @kryptronic, @SublimeDom777 all parked together on Sunday: @jdwillys, @Carlos, @Minuit, @kryptronic, @SublimeDom777 all parked together on Sunday: @TheDude used his LWB Comanche trailer for the swap meet: @SublimeDom777 packing up on Sunday to head back home to Pittsburgh: @jdwillys visiting @TheDude and @krustyballer16 at their swap meet tent: @TheDude, @krustyballer16, @Minuit, @kryptronic, @jdwillys accepting the Club Participation Award: Club Participation Award: Below are all pics I am borrowing from other posts earlier in this thread. Thanks to the photographers. Yes, we really won the Club Participation Award. Maybe next year we get our own class instead of being lumped in with the Cherokees: @87MJTIM, @Minuit, @jdwillys, @krustyballer16, @TheDude, @kryptronic, @SublimeDom777, and @Carlos in a nice group shot at the cookout on Saturday night: @87MJTIM, @Minuit, @jdwillys, @krustyballer16, @TheDude, @kryptronic, @SublimeDom777, and @Carlos in a nice group shot (wider angle) at the cookout on Saturday night: @kryptronic, @Carlos, @87MJTIM, @SublimeDom777, @jdwillys, @Minuit in a traffic jam in the driveway at the cookout on Saturday night:
  6. Change of heart: I was looking to sell this truck, however I'll be keeping it. I was able to shed enough other stuff that I now have the driveway space and motivation to do the build when the time comes. I was going to sell off a bunch of stuff I had collected for the build, but aside from a 120MPH speedometer and a D44 being sold, I still have everything else I planned to use for it. Based on the way my 91 is running, I am thinking I'll finish up the YJ this fall, give the 91 a little love to protect it from the elements and turn attention right to Ghost. Stay tuned over the next year or so - this build should go into full swing.
  7. New fuel pump is in my 91 and she's running great. She's dirty, but who cares. Looking forward to seeing everybody. Arrivals start at 7PM...
  8. They piled all the dirt and rocks up at the fairgrounds today for the offroad courses. More and more Jeeps are starting to show up in town as the day goes on.
  9. I'm putting a new fuel pump in tomorrow. No start Tuesday night. Got to love these old trucks. Bummed you won't be here. I guess the no gas thing was good news and bad news at the same time.
  10. kryptronic


    I've always thought about trying to find a component turntable to hook into my receiver. I've just always thought about it too late - with a record in hand, ready to play.
  11. kryptronic


    I have my family's Christmas album collection on 33s. Probably 50 or so albums my parents collected when they first got married. Lately it's been a challenge to find a working record player over the holidays to listen to them.
  12. Sure. No problem. Once you figure out your plans, PM me.
  13. Done. Original post now contains everyone that's coming and should be correct as far as who is coming to the cookout, staying at my place, bringing an MJ, etc.
  14. So glad you're coming. PM me for my address (or you probably already have it, come to think of it). I'm not sure who will be near you for the bulk of your trip, but once you get into northern Virginia, if you run into any issues, you'll be close enough where we can send the cavalry down to help. Yes. There is a club participation award they do at the show, and the more people that reference Comanche Club, the better. We'll likely be beat out by a JK club like Wicked Jeeps, but it's worth noting the club, nonetheless.
  15. Roll call has been requested in the main thread in the Pub (sticky). Please post back to that thread if you're coming.
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