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  1. kryptronic

    interior lights

    If you elaborate just a bit I'm sure somebody will have a suggestion/source. There are a bunch of interior lights and bulbs. What exactly are you looking to fix? Instrument cluster lights? Under dash lights? Dash accessory lights? Overhead dome light? B-pillar lights?
  2. kryptronic

    Possible "91 YJ find

    It seems like over the last two years or so the pickings are getting pretty slim out there for YJs. Good ones pop up every now and again, but they are getting scarce - and getting much pricier as a result. Around here a rust free unmolested 4.0L YJ with under 100k on it sells for $8k and up. Scratches, dents and torn seats included. Only a few show up for sale each year in that kind of condition, though. Mostly we're seeing $2-3k rusted out modded trail rigs that have been beat to hell listed locally these days. Good luck.
  3. kryptronic

    Members Map... New and improved and functional!

    I was hoping members would step up and clean it up just like you did for BC. Thank you.
  4. kryptronic

    Belt chirps

    I've seen references to 'laser alignment' as the way to do it, but I used a 24" square metal rule, and eyeballed it for the most part. Look for the belt being further forward/rearward on opposite sides of each pulley, then trace the issue once you see it. You're basically looking for the belt travelling diagonally in some fashion across one or more pulleys. Everything has to be straight on each pulley, and being just 1/16" off on any pulley will cause the belt to chirp as it slips over the pulley. It took me a couple tries. At first I thought I fixed it after moving the power steering pump pulley back, but the chirp came back a week later. I was thrilled to no end. I noticed when looking at it the second time that the alternator pulley was sitting out too far, so I had to move that too. In my case, the PO swapped in a newer motor before I bought the MJ. I'm assuming they installed some of the original motor's accessories without lining everything up properly. Sometimes I feel like a detective when looking at these old Jeeps and trying to figure out what was done, when, and why (too many times).
  5. kryptronic

    Black interior

    I know man. Just giving you a hard time. I'll probably have a few black pieces available in July to sell/trade here for the show as well.
  6. kryptronic

    Black interior

    Say it aint so, brother.
  7. kryptronic

    Members Map... New and improved and functional!

    I did some research on this. The original post linked to a ZeeMaps map where members have been adding their location for a few years. Inexplicably following the the footsteps of PhotoBucket, ZeeMaps decided in 2018 to start charging to display any map that had been viewed more than 100 times in it's lifetime. ZeeMaps usedGoogle Maps as a foundation for it's service, but unfortunately maps created through ZeeMaps are only accessible through their site/API, and that's been cut off. So we lost access to all the existing map data. In an effort not to be beaten, we did it better. There's now a new Google Map with which we've loaded all the public member location information for any members who have a valid location entered, have over 10 posts, and have their profile public (location is presented in their profile). Here is the new link: Comanche Club Members Map (Google Maps) This is a publicly accessible map that anyone can modify. If you see your location on the map, and don't want it there, remove your marker. Going forward, if you would like to be added to the map, add a marker for yourself. If your marker is in the wrong spot, or too close to another marker - move it. Basically the same game as before - now we're using Google Maps instead of ZeeMaps. As of today, the map has 1,819 entries.
  8. kryptronic

    Belt chirps

    Spray some water on the belt when running. If it stops chirping you've got a belt slip issue probably due to pulley alignment being off. I ran into a similar issue and my solution ended up pretty simple. I had to remove two spacer washers from the alternator to get that pulley in line, and I had to move the power steering pulley back about 1/8" to situate it very close to the pump. Beyond that, I used a gator belt (now named Continental) and tensioned the belt properly. I bet you have one or more pulleys slightly off. I chased the chirp for about 4 months. Good luck.
  9. kryptronic

    Black interior

    Well howdy, neighbor. I'm in York, PA. Consider coming to the Jeep show this year here in July. A bunch of members show up with MJ parts each year. Pretty sure Krustyballer16 is headed out again from Indiana and is usually willing to haul heavy stuff out here for us. Mean Lemons is close too and I'd think the dude, Dom and a bunch of others will be making the trip too.
  10. kryptronic

    Members Map... New and improved and functional!

    This is what I think the members map was using as a foundation. I'm looking deeper into it to see if that's the case and we can get the map back.
  11. kryptronic

    Spare parts and pieces

    PM sent for MJ black visors. Thanks.
  12. You've done so many things in this build thread that are going to help me out with my own. Thank you for your verbosity, and attention to detail. Always a great read.
  13. kryptronic

    One of our own is down

    Thanks for the updates! Let him know we all miss him dearly, and please wish him a Happy New Year from all of us gearheads.
  14. kryptronic

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!
  15. kryptronic

    One of our own is down

    Saying some prayers here too for a speedy recovery. I've been missing his commentary for a week or two now. Thanks for posting up, Eagle.