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  1. YJs with the 2.5L engine and an automatic transmission will have 3.73 ratio gearing as well, however this is a rare combo to come across.
  2. Thanks for all the comments. I haven't had any time to drive it yet to try to produce a failure, so I'll post an update at a later date when that happens. Coil and/or distributor seem to be the most likely culprits. A couple of other things I thought about: - When the distributor was installed, I could not use the TDC mark on the harmonic balancer to find TDC. It was as if the harmonic balancer had rotated on it's own (it should be replaced - the inner seal is blowing out). I had to find TDC using cylinder one. All indications are that timing is correct. - There m
  3. Woodbridge Jeep / Eagle / Subaru in Woodbridge, VA
  4. Thanks for chiming in, brother. Coil is OE. Not sure if it is original to the truck (1991, 231k) or engine (1991, 140k XJ swapped unit).
  5. I guess it's going to have to get driven. I'll take it a few places over the weekend.
  6. The truck has now been running at idle for two hours in the driveway. The sun came out and it's hot out again - around 90 degrees. Engine temp is up around 225-230 degrees and (for the first time ever in my ownership) the aux fan has kicked on. The engine bay is hot. No signs of failure, idle is perfect... How can I go for a three mile drive one night and have a total failure to start until the next day, then have the vehicle run like a champ standing still while under vigorous conditions for hours on end? This makes no sense to me. I understand this is symptomatic of a bad c
  7. I've run the truck again in the driveway at idle (800 RPM) for another hour. No variations in idle, no problems. Engine temp is steady at 220 degrees. All sensors look good via OBDI diagnostics. Under the hood is hot. The coil is hot - but no hotter than the distributor cap. I wouldn't call it excessively hot, probably normal for the conditions in the engine bay considering the load for the past hour.
  8. Thanks for the input. The only other thing I thought to add was that I tried last night in the driveway after the tow to get it to start, and it wouldn't. It had to sit overnight before it would start this morning (see OP about that). So there was nothing that the tow job did (like rattle something loose) to fix the situation. The truck started up this evening, and I ran it for 30 minutes without issues - 20 minutes of which I had the throttle open, and the engine running at 2800 RPM. I just tried again this evening and ran it at idle for 30 more minutes, and no problems - it's
  9. Thank you. I replaced the entire distributor six months ago. The 'ring' is the camshaft position sensor (CMP). All good there. Properly indexed. Just ran for another 30 minutes. Temp steady at 220 degrees or so. No issues. Also ran OBDI diagnostics and found no issues. No codes. It's like last night didn't happen.
  10. Long story short, my son in Florida is in dire need of a vehicle. As such, as much as I hate to let go of the MJ, she needs to be driven, and my son loves the truck, and will do his best to take care of it. I'm in Pennsylvania, so he's going to have to drive it 950 miles to Florida in about a week, and then intends to daily it for the next year or two. I'm pushing him to get a membership here, as it will prove invaluable to him through his ownership of the truck. Anyway, the truck has been running perfectly since some work I did to it last year. Last night I took her out to ens
  11. @89 MJ: Here's a better shot of the High Output (91+) Pioneer Livery. My truck has Chief striping on the hood and header panel, so that 3/4 view isn't the best example. From the side it's all 91 Pioneer, though:
  12. Correct - thanks for pointing that out. My 91 Pioneer had a low speed front end collision in NC prior to my ownership. It had one of the smaller factory bull bars, which protected it pretty well, but the header panel was damaged, and had to be replaced. The owner prior to me sourced the header panel on the truck from an older Comanche Chief, and got the matching hood because he liked the hood striping. The paint on the hood and header panel is a lighter silver than the rest of the truck. @SandMountainJeep: Here's a better shot of the 91 Pioneer livery. Both sides are identical
  13. Thanks for that. I got one from Amazon for around $35 a few months ago, and it does make a big difference. That might have been the turning point.
  14. A bunch of stuff has happened since my last update on this build. I've been kind of distracted working on other things around here. I have done a little, though. I've been working on the tub as I get time. I stripped and blasted the underside, and fixed a busted body mount. Then I got stuck fixing a pair of holes in the floorpan. It's taken a while to get my technique down for butt welding sheet metal. I was stuck for a bit. I'm just about finished with the welding on the tub. After that's done, I'm going to cover the underside and inner tub with Chassis Saver a
  15. Excellent. Thank you. If you need any help at all, reach out. I'm in York.
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