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  1. Thanks for that. I got one from Amazon for around $35 a few months ago, and it does make a big difference. That might have been the turning point.
  2. A bunch of stuff has happened since my last update on this build. I've been kind of distracted working on other things around here. I have done a little, though. I've been working on the tub as I get time. I stripped and blasted the underside, and fixed a busted body mount. Then I got stuck fixing a pair of holes in the floorpan. It's taken a while to get my technique down for butt welding sheet metal. I was stuck for a bit. I'm just about finished with the welding on the tub. After that's done, I'm going to cover the underside and inner tub with Chassis Saver a
  3. Excellent. Thank you. If you need any help at all, reach out. I'm in York.
  4. If you want to do the PowWow/Cookout at your place, that sounds awesome to me. We can schedule it there. If you're OK hosting the whole crowd for an evening, that is. I'd rather travel and help then host this year. But I'm willing to do whatever. It's your call. You can stay at my place again. No problem. Anybody that stayed at my place in 2019 is welcome to stay again. @Minuit will be here, if he can make it. That's the only person I've talked to so far about it. I guess I can count you in, too? What about Dom? Hoping he can make it again, too.
  5. I've been looking at new Challengers lately, and recently visited the local dealer here in York, PA and test drove a T/A with a 392/T56. I almost bought it. They gave me the build sheet and it listed Zone 35 - Washington, just like the Comanche sold in VA. So, if you're interested in what the zones are, I don't think they've changed, and you can likely get the list from Chrysler, if you ask them for it. Just found this, figured the registry was a good spot for it:
  6. No electrical issues stated, no loss of fuel pressure, no RPM loss. It doesn't sound like you lost power at the engine - it sounds like you lost the ability to move forward, meaning you lost power at the wheels. This sounds to me like the torque converter in that automatic transmission may be going out. I think the issue is with the transmission or behind it, so some other members will have to post in here to help. I have almost no experience with automatics, and I could be wrong in my assessment. Good luck. Hoping others chime in.
  7. I just re-read the OP and the 'high whining revving' does not sound like a fuel issue. Missed that. Can you define what power loss means to you? Did you lose RPMs, or just the ability to move forward? Did you have your foot to the floor and the engine at high RPMs without the vehicle moving?
  8. You gave a little info there, but not much. Sounds like a fuel delivery issue to me, as you didn't mention any issues with cranking, and didn't mention anything electrical like no lights, no voltage on your voltmeter, etc. Are you low on gas, or out of gas? Can you check the fuel pressure at the fuel rail just to see if there is enough fuel in the fuel rail? Unscrew the cap, cover with a rag, and use your key to push the pin in. If gas sprays out, you have pressure at the rail. If it drips out, or none comes out, you don't. Pic for reference: If you
  9. Anecdotal evidence suggests this crush in the pipe was present on 4.0L MJs and XJs when they left the factory. As far as the clearance argument, there's nothing to clear in that area. As such, I can't see clearance as the reason for these crushed pipes from the factory. As far as the emissions argument, I find it very hard to believe that Jeep's answer to improved emissions was a guy on the assembly line with a hammer crushing downpipes. If there needed to be a restriction in the pipe for emissions, they would have manufactured that into the pipe for the 190,446 Coman
  10. I think you're referring to the YJ pic, and that's just the angle of the pic making it look like a big difference between the two. They're really close in size. It's a 2.5" collector on a Banks revolver header funneling into 2.25" exhaust.
  11. I recently replaced my exhaust downpipe when I noticed it had a crush in it just above the O2 sensor. The truck is a 1991 Shortbed 4.0L AX-15 4WD. I compared this to my 1995 YJ 4.0L AX-15, which uses an almost identical downpipe (differences are on the catalytic conveter side). The YJ pipe was straight and uncrushed. I assumed the MJ's pipe was damaged at some point in the past, so I replaced it with a new Walker unit. I wrote about this in my build thread, to which I received numerous replies stating that people believed the do
  12. Based on recent responses, I may be mistaken about the crush in the factory downpipe. It sounds like the truck could have shipped that way from Jeep. I have no idea why, though. Maybe to restrict emissons. My idle is smooth 100% of the time with the new Walker downpipe (no crush). Thanks for all the feedback. I opened this thread to discuss the factory downpipes, and get more info on these mystery crushes:
  13. From the exterior the crushed area didn't look too bad, and wasn't really noticeable. It may have been like that since I got the truck, but am surprised I missed seeing it before now. It's kind of easy to miss. I think somewhere along the way the downpipe suffered some kind of impact, and that's likely the weak area where they fold. Likely the same scenario for yours. Here's a pic of the inside of the pipe. These downpipes would have never come from the factory like this. The exhaust is supposed to be 2.25" from the exhaust manifold to the tailpipe. Anything smaller would li
  14. 2020 Update This is just a quick update on Black Aggie. She's been running great and just turned 60,000 miles on the odometer. I had two issues this past year with her. She started throwing ODBII code P0128, so I had to replace the thermostat. It was stuck open. The other issue was with the right rear axle seal on the D44 - it was leaking. Both items were fixed, and everything else is great with the truck. She just passed state inspection and is good to go through January 2022. I had a soft top on it for a brief minute during the summer. My little dog thinks he'
  15. Winter 2021: Cutting The Bedliner Silver Star came with a Pendaliner over-the-rail bedliner without any hardware. For a while I ran a Comanche stamped under-the-rail bedliner, but sold that to @Pete M in 2019 as he really wanted one., and I had a spare. I switched back to the over-the-rail liner, but it has never worked well for me. The lacking hardware presents a safety problem, limiting me to small slow trips around town. That's somewhat overcome by keeping a spare tire in the bed, but the real nagging issue was the drainage. Most of the year the MJ is covered in the drivewa
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