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  1. Spring 2018: Transfer Case Slip Yoke Eliminator When building out the suspension, I chose to go with Old Man Emu 036R springs at all four corners. These are technically 2.5" lift heavy duty rear springs. Using rear springs in the front with a 4.0L engine basically levels the Jeep providing a bit more lift in the front than true front springs. The YJ uses the same length spring at all four corners. Using four 036R springs is a common mod in the YJ world, and I chose to do so after having several discussions with knowledgeable people at ARB. With the lift, the rear driveshaft angle was not going to be optimal. Initially I thought I'd save money and do a transfer case drop to compensate, but even with the drop installed after the chassis initially came together, the angle of the rear driveshaft was too extreme. These pics show the transfer case drop removed. I chose to solve this dilemma by installing a slip yoke eliminator. I chose the Advance Adapters model 50-7906 for the install. It's a substantial kit containing everything necessary, except RTV and oil. I recommend a really good pair of lock ring pliers as well. I did the install on my workbench, as recommended by other club members. I also watched several videos ahead of time, but mostly followed the Advance Adapters instructions, which were very good. I had never dug into a transfer case before, so I was a bit nervous, but it was no big deal. By this point the transfer case is disassembled and we can see the difference between the lengths of the output shafts. A couple of pics of the AX-15 without the transfer case mated to it, just before it was bolted back on: Here is the end result, with the transfer case reinstalled and the slip yoke eliminator ready to go: The rear axle will need to be pointed towards the transfer case output using proper shims, and a new driveshaft will have to be ordered and installed. Neither of those items can be done until the full weight of the tub and everything else is back on the frame - one of the last steps. Thanks for reading. Next time we'll start the process of cleaning and fixing up the tub.
  2. kryptronic

    Silver Star 1991 Pioneer Build

    Not much going on right now. I'd like to get Silver Star in the garage within the next couple of weeks to treat a few areas of minor surface rust on the tailgate and under the rear window before they are no longer minor. I'll go over the whole truck to be sure everything is cleaned and coated, and will address a quarter-sized rust spot at the bottom of the passenger side rocker as well. I can't have the truck go through the winter without having paint on all it's metal parts. I've put it off too long.
  3. kryptronic

    Thanksgiving traditions

    Me too. Until one day somebody decided it would be way better with fresh green beans, less soup and not cooked to death. I really like it now. I grew up in Maryland and we had green bean cassarole there too. I think it was a Campbells soup recipe all the moms got excited about in the early 80s. My wife is from Pennsylvania and there are some foods here I never had before moving here which she has introduced me to. That potato dish is one of them. I just asked her about it and she calls that potato casserole. Good stuff. That shows up at her parent's house for sure.
  4. kryptronic

    Thanksgiving traditions

    We absolutely have to listen to Alice's Restaurant at some point during the day. Usually leads to a request for the Motorcycle Song. And watch some football, or a lot of it. The kids like watching parades in the morning. Usually we do a big family thing either hosting about twenty people ourselves, or attending somewhere else with as many people. This year it's going to be a quaint affair here with my wife, son and dad. Possibly my in-laws as well. Usually I grill a turkey to save room in the ovens for other things. We usually do the full boat - a big 20lb turkey, a ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, stuffing (these days outside the bird, but my mom always did both and nobody ever got sick), dinner rolls, corn off the cob, cranberry sauce (from the tube), and definitely pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Other pies as well like apple with crumble topping, and pecan pie is always on the table. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. One thing we make here that nobody mentioned is green bean casserole. It's a staple for my family, and my wife's family, and has been for years and years. It's basically reen beans covered in cream of mushroom soup, and baked with crispy onion bits on top. Don't quote me on the recipe, I'm sure you can find it online. Everybody likes it and it's an easy to prepare dish. I hope everybody has a great holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.
  5. No problem. Glad to help. I jusr re-read my post and I guess the only thing I didn't mention was that I ran the HVLP gun at around 20PSI to shoot the outside of the frame. Good luck.
  6. First, If you've got rust inside your frame rails, you've got to get it out before doing anything. I'm dealing with that on a 2004 TJ myself right now. The process is to use a cleaning wand for a pellet stove with small chains attached to the end, run with a drill. Basically a DIY tool for ripping rust out of frame rails. Also, make sure you drill four drain holes in each frame rail at the front, back and near the skid plate to ensure the rails drain right and doesn't clog up with dirt and mud, causing more rust. I thoroughly cleaned the inside and outside of the frame rails with xylene and allowed to dry before painting. All surfaces were clean and grease free. My process to clean the inner frame rails was to use a sponge soaked in xylene tied on a long rope and pull it through the rails to clean them up. This was after all the blasting and cleaning and blowing out of everything to be sure I had good clean surfaces to paint both inside and out. With that said, for the actual painting: I used a Walcom Shutz Gun, which you can get here from Monstaliner. It's used for spraying undercoating and bedliner. I attached a 3M Rust Fighter-I Application Wand (PN 08998), which you can get here from Amazon. I used a basecoat of Chassis Saver in Satin Black by Magnet Paints, which you can get here from Monstaliner. For the topcoat on the frame (not inside the rails) I used Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black in Satin, which you can get here from Eastwood. Four applications of basecoat. Where topcoat is used, three applications. The Chassis Saver is not UV-resistant, so it needs a topcoat or it will fade. That's not necessary inside the frame rails, but you will want to topcoat the frame if you paint the outside of the frame rails. I cut the Chassis Saver with 10-15% xylene. Both Chassis Saver and the Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black are xylene/xylol based paints. Do not buy special reducers like the Chassis Saver X8 reducer - it's just xylene. You can get the xylene at Home Depot or Lowes for around $18 a gallon in the paint thinner section. I painted in my garage, and used a heater to get the temp in the garage to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I ran the Walcom shutz gun with the 3M wand at around 35PSI off my 60 gallon air compressor to shoot the Chassis Saver cut with xylene inside the fram rails. It worked very well. The amount of paint sprayed wasn't as much as I would have thought looking at the setup - it took multiple passes to ensure full coverage - but it sprayed well. I used a cheap purple HVLP gun, which you can get here from Harbor Freight, for the applications of basecoat and topcoat to the outside of the frame rails. A minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 18 hours between coats. The only other thing I have to add is that both the Chassis Saver and Eastwood paints are air cured. It will take 1-2 weeks depending on temperatures for the paint to fully cure. It will be very, very slightly tacky to the touch until fully cured, and it takes a while. In my experience it cures faster in cold weather than warm weather. Once cured, it's nearly indestructible. The Chassis Saver product should be considered as an alternative to something like Por-15. Do not try to topcoat it with anything that is not xylene based. I repeat, do not try to topcoat it with anything that is not xylene based. Also, either block off any bolt holes with something like earplugs, or be ready to re-tap any bolt holes that get paint in them.
  7. kryptronic

    Rear Window repair/replacement

    Yes, the stock slider glass is curved and matches the body lines of the MJ. I have an aftermarket four-panel slider on my 91. I'm not sure if this is the Lawrence slider you're referring to, but I believe it to be the commonly available four-panel aftermarket slider: It does not sit flat against the body, as can be seen at the top and bottom edges when viewed from the side. It's frame is flexible enough where it bends somewhat to conform, but not quite right: I have a factory slider on my 92 that has plexiglass on the driver side. Here is the factory slider, it is three-pane. Mine is missing the rubber gasket that surrounds the window. Presumably discarded when the plexiglass was put in. As mentioned, I have good glass for that side now, and I have an original gasket too. Just need to get them on, but not for a while. Here we're looking at the passenger side glass. You can see it's curved to conform exactly to the body lines. Really shows without the window gasket: Here are a pair of factory sliders in storage in my basement. They show the curve well. The bottom one has the window gasket on it, the top one doesn't. Sorry for the dark pic. It's from my basement. I hope that shows the difference between the four-pane aftermarket slider and the three-pane factory slider.
  8. kryptronic

    One Week Anniversary Today

    Thanks for that. I want to quit cigarettes altogether, and using vaping as a way toward that goal. I'm dependent on, and psychologically and physically addicted to every aspect of cigarettes. I'm slowly coming to the realization that I need to cut the cigarettes out pretty much cold turkey because one leads to another every time. I've decided I don't really want to die early of a heart attack or cancer. Cigarettes aren't worth that price, and I've realized at some point I will be paying that price. This thread is inspiring to me. No offense to Don, but if he can do it, why can't I?
  9. kryptronic

    Rear Window repair/replacement

    No, not yet. I'll post pics in my build thread when I do, but it won't be for a while.
  10. kryptronic

    Group Buy on Headliners

    The pics don't really don't do these headliners justice. They are molded, multilayered, and extremely well adhered. The backer material is flexible and is the correct shape, and correct fabric. I took them out of the box, smoothed them out on the counter and snapped the pic. SMS spent time making this what it is. The engineering here is remarkable. I love it when people care about their work, and take pride in it. It shows here.
  11. kryptronic

    Group Buy on Headliners

    My headliners were delivered on Saturday. I was on the fence about recovering my own factory headliners (which aren't in bad shape), or going with SMS. While more expensive than recovering what I had, I feel like it was money well spent. After seeing these in person, I am blown away by the quality - they are better than factory. Thank you SMS! I bought two black headliners, one for each MJ. Pic shows both (I didn't fold one in half). When I took them out of the box they pretty much flattened out themselves with no creases or any issues due to shipment. Also included enough material for the sun visors.
  12. Gjeep operates on a whole other level. Between his build and yours I've got tons of inspiration once I get to the MJs. The plan is to do them the same way (at the same level) as the YJ, so keep an eye on those build threads when they heat up at some point. Hopefully soon. Already making plans. I thought everybody re-blued their axles. I have a handgun that I had to re-blue a while back, and had what I needed on hand. So after I cleaned the axles up, I figured what the hell. It took all of 20 minutes and they looked almost new when done. I did four axles, but only took pics of the fronts - before: After:
  13. kryptronic

    One Week Anniversary Today

    I started vaping a couple weeks back in an effort to cut down on cigarettes. I was inspired by this post as well.
  14. Fall 2017: The Drivetrain I ended up working on my 1991 MJ, Silver Star, over the spring and summer quite a bit. When I first bought the truck it was a basket case with a bunch of issues. It took a few months to get to driver status, which took focus away from Old Blue. In the early summer I had swapped the 4.0L High Output engine, AX-15 manual transmission and NP231 4WD transfer case as a single unit from Old Blue over to the new chassis. The drivetrain sat there until the fall, when I decided to break it down and clean and refresh it. Due to the low mileage on the engine and other components, the plan was to refresh everything, as nothing needed to be rebuilt. I broke everything down and cleaned the engine thoroughly. Then I painted it with Hemi orange engine paint from VHT. I would have done AMC blue, but the YJ is practically that color already, so I went with orange for contrast, and picked a Chrysler color. I really liked how it turned out, and will probably do the MJs the same way. I also blasted all the aluminum brackets, valve cover, intake, etc. and then cleared it with Diamond Coat HT Clear. Same treatment was done to the AX-15 and NP231. Everything was properly sealed up before blasting to prevent any damage to any and all areas which needed protection. The engine got all new Felpro gaskets all the way around, a new AC Delco water pump, new thermostat and housing, a Banks revolver header for the exhaust manifold and a new distributor and wires. And then the electrical harness was gone over and put into perfect shape again. With all the wiring set and other items like the fuel tank and skid installed, everything looked like this: That pretty much took then entire fall up until the holidays when it's always tough to find time to work on projects. In the winter of 2018 I took a short break to build out my 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JKUR). Might post a quick build thread up on that at some point. Then I came back to the YJ in the spring of 2018 to do an SYE on the transfer case (instead of the previously installed transfer case drop) and to start work on the tub. More on that in the next installment. Thanks for reading.
  15. It's the square headlights. Plus I've got a really awesome period correct Minuit Enhanced Radio for it and new speakers for the dash and soundbar. So there's that, too. Thanks. I've really enjoyed following yours, too. Means a lot. I'm a software engineer, so I can't help but label and organize everything. I've got issues. Ask my wife. Actually, don't. It's bad. I just realized that if you watch the garage over the course of the build you'll notice more and more shelving and shuffling around of things to optimize space. It's a two car oversize garage, and I have room enough in it to line both sides about 30" deep and still get an MJ and the separated tub and frame for the YJ in there. It's not big enough, though. If I ever move, I dream of a setup like Alexia just built.