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  1. I found it. Thank you all. Just ordered quite a few parts and am looking forward to getting this thing driving.
  2. Anyone know where I can find this bushing? or whatever bearing I can use. Everywhere is sold out, going to cost a fortune to ship to Canada or won't be here until November as far as I can see. My garage is not heated, I need this truck out of there before November for sure. I'll keep looking but i'm having no luck.
  3. Unless I'm looking at the wrong part this is a Bronze bushing rather than a roller bearing, is that correct? The one in my truck now is a roller bearing.
  4. Where can i find that manifold? And which pilot bearing is the one i want? I'm confused on that
  5. Thanks for your guy's opinion on the LP/HP dana 30. That will be one of the last steps as far as putting this truck on the road, so we'll see what pops up for sale and make a decision then. Another few questions. my ax-15 is from a 1997 cherokee. Will this mate up to my 87 Renix 4.0? I read that the pilot bearing would not match up? Will it effect which clutch/ flywheel I buy? my exhaust manifold has a crack in it. It's cracked just before where it joins to the full exhaust pipe. I really don't want to buy another manifold, is welding it a bad idea? How much trouble have you guys had pulling these manifolds off?
  6. My MJ does not have a front diff. I am doing a 4wd swap on it. if i were to sell my LP dana 30 i would need to find a new hp dana 30 with matching gears. Seems like too much work if i don't plan to wheel the MJ, no?
  7. I found a guy selling 4.11 axles from a rollover cherokee. He has a dana 30 and a chrysler 8.25 with a spartan locker. I wasn't planning on doing anything more than 31's and some mild offroading BUT I would love a locker and a beefier rear axle for my 98 TJ. So, my question is, can I swap the current axles from my TJ (dana 30 and dana 35) into my comanche? A few searches lead me to believe I can. Then I'm assuming i would need to make perches for my TJ/MJ (8.25 for TJ and dana 35 for MJ) for both rear axles and simply bolt in the front, Correct? Also thank you guys for the advice about the t-case linkage. The guy with the axles has an azzy linkage for sale as well. I won't drive all the way out for just that, but if i go for the axles id pick that up too.
  8. I need the entire t-case linkage. All I have is the t-case but nothing else. no shifter either. I'm in Alberta so I'm not sure what shipping would look like but I'd be interested to find out. I could find the shifter easily at a pick n pull if the linkage is all I need... I'm not familiar with the linkage on these trucks at all.
  9. Ok, I stopped at the scrapyard today and grabbed a couple of center consoles. I tried grabbing a t-case linkage as well but the bracket that's attached to the body was absolutely not coming off, and I wasn't sure if I'd have to drop the t case or what. I wasn't having the best time rolling around in the mud fighting seized bolts so I left. Maybe I'll try again here soon on a dry day, maybe you guy's will have some tips to help with removal. The consoles are from a 1990 and a 1999 Cherokee. I'm hoping the 99 will work as it comes with a cupholder. I assume I'd identify the t-case by the red tag, but the case at the scrapyard doesn't have one. How can I identify it? Also I removed the transmission by myself last night. A floor jack, 2 jack stands and a lot of patience and it wasn't TOO bad. Installation will not be as smooth I'd imagine. Now that I have the trans off I'd like to order my clutch kit. I'm not sure if I need a new flywheel or not. Do I measure the thickness of it? What's the spec? Apologies for my lack of knowledge here I've never serviced a clutch. I'm curious (and tell me if I'm being stupid) but as I don't yet have a t case linkage or a front 4x4 axle, can i drive the truck with the dana 35 in the rear and the t case in neutral? Will i be able to have a driveshaft made for my dana 35 and replace it with a 4.10 axle later or will my driveshaft need to be a different length for the Cherokee axle... I know it was mentioned that the rear axle does not bolt in. Hope my question makes sense.
  10. I'm very cheap lol. I just realized I have a friend with a motorcycle jack though which should work fine.
  11. Ok. I'll pass on the 3.55's and wait for 3.73's or 4.10's. Hopefully 3.73's as I do a lot of highway and don't plan on hitting many trails. My seat has the little cutout like the one pictured. Does the xj console cut in half look decent? Or does it look like a cut in half console lol. I'm open to whatever suggestions. That TJ console looks pretty nice. I want an OEM look. I've completely unbolted the transmission from the engine, but haven't mustered the courage to pull it. I don't have a tranny jack. Anyone tried muscling one out before? Or recommend any tricks? A floor jack and prayers are the plan for now but I won't be back home to pull it for a few days now so I'll take whatever advice I can get until then Thanks a ton for all the help/advice guys.
  12. Ok. I will plan on staying with 31's with no lift, atleast until i get my mj on the road. I found an XJ with 3.55 gears, would this be a worthwhile swap for my 3.08's? How much trouble will it be to mount the rear axle? I'm of the understanding these do NOT bolt in. Could someone explain? Also, I have the bench seat in my truck, i need to find a t-case linkage as well as the console with the t-case controls. Can i take this from any xj? theres a 1990 xj auto with bucket seats in my local scrap yard. I'm not sure how the fitment will work with the bench seat and am having a hard time finding the info i need if someone could steer me in the right direction. Thanks.
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